Bathing in Chemicals 😱

As you may know I’ve become very weary of what I use on my skin and what I bring into my home.

Now I’ve seen all the beautiful colored bath bombs. They look lovely and smell wonderful.  We hope they make us feel better. Maybe they do. Let me ask you a question. Are you worried about what you eat? Then you should be worried about what you put on your skin. Our skin in the biggest organ we have. It absorbs almost everything we touch and sit or soak in.

So when you take a bath to relax and take a moment to luxuriate in peace and quite, you absorb whatever chemicals are in the water. Unfortunately, many of the bath bombs sold can cause medical problems. Those with harmful chemicals are doing more harm then good.

In previous articles and in my youtube videos I talk about palates and how they effect the body. Phalates  lower sperm count, it can change estrogen levels and cause infertility and genital defects in babies. The different phthalates vary in their ability to produce the following effects in animal studies: testicular injury, liver injury, liver cancer, anti-androgenic activity, teratogenicity and peroxisomal proliferation. Even if you don’t know what each effect is, we can be sure we don’t want it. Androgen is a hormone that helps with the maintenance and development of male characteristics. Teratogenicity and peroxisomal proliferation has to do with the development of tumors.

Ah, why do we want to bath in any of this?😖

I’ve attached an article by Dr. Axe that includes a video on the poisonous bombs that litter the stores. He even gives advice as to what to look for in the stores. I’ve included links to some of the bath bombs I saved on my pinterest page so that you can experiment and enjoy. If that’s not your thing, check out the Body Natural page on this website where you can purchase a few bath bombs.

Sinus Relief

Lavender & Coconut

Moisturizing Milk & Honey

Bath Fizzes

Rose & Milk Bath Bomb

Until next time.

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