Your Lovely Face😍

Peace and Love everyone.

In this post I wanted to give you more options on what to use on your face. I did a blog post for homemade facial products in February. If you’d like to check it out click here. As time goes by I add new recipes to my repertoire and take away or reduce the use of chemical products. Of course the goal is to keep the same youthful look, which as we get older becomes more difficult. This week I want to introduce you to 4 new products that I’ve been using for my face.


The 1st one will surprise you and I think it’s the best of all. Yogurt. Yes, that’s what I said. It’s not just for eating anymore. 😲 Some of you may have already heard of it. I just learned about it a few months ago. As I’ve been on my chemical   yogurtland_yogurt_high_res free kick my mom has joined me to an extent. She realizes that many house hold items can be used in the home  to avoid extensive use of chemicals.

Now mom had this recipe that included other ingredients but when she ran out she just used yogurt. For what you wonder? Your face. 😱 All you need is about 1/2 to a teaspoon of plain yogurt. You rub it in your hands to smooth and spread it and cover your face. As with any other mask you leave your eyes out. Now some masks you can put on your neck, I’m not sure about yogurt. I’ll hopefully try it before this post and let you know. Let it dry. If you can take 40 mins go for it. Your face comes out smooth, and dewy. The cheapest face mask ever. I didn’t even buy separate yogurt. I just took out a spoonful (which was too much) before I mixed my Fage.


This next trick I’ve been using for a little while. Are you realizing that as you get older your eyelashes tend to disappear. They get thinner and thinner. If I had known that would happen I would not have pulled at my lashes so much as a kid. Now, we buy all kinds of products to make it look like we have. We even use the glue on lashes. In reality you look great but you are reducing the lashes you have with each use. Here’s a trick to get those lashes growing again without the expensive products. Use castor oil. 😳 This totally works. I’ve been using castor oil on my lashes at night and they have thickened back up.


Here’s what you do. Take a drop and I mean a drop and rub your two ring fingers together to spread it on your finger tip. Then close your eyes and smooth the oil on the end of your eyelids. You want the oil to get on to the roots of your lashes. Don’t tug at your lids. They should barely move. If you need another drop you can. Now look up and smooth the oil under your bottom lashes. Again get as close to the roots as possible and don’t tug at the skin. You can use a washed out mascara bottle and brush to spread the oil over your lashes. Make sure it’s only a little on the brush. You don’t want to get the oil in your eyes.  Within a few weeks of doing this every night you will notice a difference. It does take a little while.

Next up, setting spray and make up remover🤔 Don’t know if you’ve struggled with it, but I have. I didn’t want to buy the chemicals in the store but that’s what worked the best. I tried other oils poured on a cotton circle, but I either had too much and got it in my eye or too little. Then the pulling of the eye lids to get off the make up😖 I decided to find a few recipes on Pinterest and try them out.


Recipe:        2tbs glycerin, 2tbs rose water, 2tbs witch hazel, 4tbs water, 4 drops of an essential oil (lavender). I substituted aloe vera juice for the rose water.


At 1st I wasn’t happy with this 1. I figured it was the cheap bottle I bought. But on the 3rd try the bottle finally sprayed a fine mist and I felt like my face was covered. It did help the eye makeup last. That usually disappears on me. I wonder if my substitution has anything to do with how long it lasted. img_4136


Recipe:      2tbs witch hazel, 2tbs jojoba oil, 1tbs aloe vera, 2 drops of lemon essential oil. Again I substituted. This time instead of jojoba I used sunflower oil.


img_4141Now I like the remover. At 1st I kept it in a bottle with a cap so that you can just squirt some on a cotton circle. After the 1st use I decided to keep it in a bottle stuffed with cotton circles. That worked well. It removed my make up including the masacara.  I did have to use multiple circles 3, if I had on foundation and blush. It did make my skin moisturized and soft even after I washed it.

Make sure that if your cotton or cloth is saturated you either add more cotton circles or squeeze out excess solution because it can get into your eyes as your clean off the make up.

Below, is my latest picture. I am all set and ready for bed. My nightly face routine is paying off. Fewer wrinkles😉

fullsizeoutput_2b93Now what to do about the gray? 🤔

Well, those are my 4 new recipes. Feel free to let me know which 1 you tried and how they worked for you.

We’ll chat later. Next week, the latest chapter of  ‘The World of Dreamers’.

‘Til then😊

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