NYC Magic Lab🤨

Wanna spend money to take cool selfies?

I still have mixed feelings about the almost $50 I spent for 2 tickets to the Magic Lab. Leaning toward cute but could have saved my money.

I saw these images on Instagram and thought it may be a cool place. So I took my daughter to the NYC Magic Lab. I should have done more research before I paid for it. But all in all at least I got to hangout with my girl.

We arrived and I wondered if this was all there was. The sparkly top hat, the large cards and giant dice. Okay. So we walk further in and there’s a ball pit and pillows that can attach to the wall. They look like the science chart. In the back there is a room with lights and an attempt at an infinity room. Downstairs there is a room with silver streamers hanging through the entire room. The I think the best room had the lights in the floor that make it seem like your walking over glass. Each tile with different color lights. My daughter didn’t want to wait to take a picture there.

I know it doesn’t sound like much. Still it was cute. Just not worth a $21 ticket for a child and $26 for an adult, plus tax.

What would have been cool? For a few more dollars you have someone take professional pictures for the customer and as they go around they can record what is happening. Before you leave have someone print out a few pictures or pay a few dollars more to get a flash drive of all your images. But I guess in the age of the smart phone that seems unnecessary. I’ll do my research next time before I spend.

Of course, it started a great adventure with my daughter and I  on a Friday evening. Anyone with children knows that every minute with them is important. This Friday we found Insomnia Cookies and brought home a box. Yum. With the help of Yelp we discovered a great pizza place called Rosemary’s Pizza. Great people and great pizza.  Probably the best pizza I’ve had in a long time. We took a detour on the way to the train station. Washington Square park was buzzing in the evening. The view from the water fountain was beautiful as we listened to the live musicians. She was happy with our adventure and that’s all that counts.

Next week, Chapter 5.

Peace & Love!

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