❄️Happy Holidays❄️

Peace and Love everyone. Hope everyone’s is well. This had been a busy week for me. I’m operating on a few hours sleep.

With all the Holiday prep I haven’t finished editing chapter 10. I’ve been creating my Christmas presents.

Since we only give gifts to the children, I decided that instead of just getting the adults a card I would make exploding boxes. I thought 6 boxes would be no problem. I was fooling myself. So in addition to teaching and the regular routine with my daughter, I added 6 projects.

These are images of the 2 that are done. 4 to go. Well they are almost done. My daughter was suppose to help. I thought this would be a good bonding project. Not at all. She did create catds for a few sides in these 2 boxes for here grandmothers.

Wishing you Happy Holidays for you and your family. Chapter 10 will be ready for you by Saturday.

Peace and Love

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