Body Natural

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From The Desk Of Leticia Edghill:

Over the years, I have become increasingly concerned with the amount of chemicals in what we, as humans, eat and put on our skin. I realized it was there was a simple solution — use products that are marketed as natural and start eating more organic foods. With the change I saw,  I wanted everyone to use products and eat foods that are natural or as close to natural as possible.

In Spring of 2015, I read an article that explained the side effects of some of the chemicals in readily available personal care products. In almost 100% of the everyday products I had in my bathroom — all contained a carcinogenic chemical. Even more to my dismay, the ‘natural’ products, which cost more, my family and I were using still had dangerous chemicals in them.

Fed up with manufactured personal care items, I started to only use Shea Butter. I had been using it for a while, but wanted a wider variety of products to use.  Why continue to use dangerous, chemical filled products when I can make healthier, natural products our ancestors used? I began to research homemade products and mixing and experimenting with a plethora of different ingredients. Once I felt the results I knew I found an alternative that worked and wanted to share it with as many people as possible. The process was not easy — when dealing with natural ingredients there is more science to it. Since I was making natural body products I would call this product line Body Natural. It is my priority to source the best natural, organic, and wholesome ingredients that works on all body types. Because they do not contain any dangerous chemicals and are made to order, Body Natural products have a longer shelf life. Some products require refrigeration.

Presently, the collection has grown to over ten active products, with more on the way. I made a promise to keep my family healthy, and that promise started with Body Natural.