Self Love, Too

Peace & Love Everyone! I hope you had a great week. Mine went well. Busy as usual. I decided that I needed to add another post on Self Love. I felt that there was something I left out which was of equal importance. Rest and sleep. I didn’t deal with rest or sleep in my…

Self Love

Peace and Love Everyone! I hope all is well with you this week. Things here are as they should be, hectic with some time to hide and do nothing. I make sure that I get some time to escape. No matter what others say, we need a minute to enjoy life. For this blog I…

What’s the Deal with Canola Oil?

That’s funny, ‘healthy and cheap’ in this land we call America that doesn’t correlate at all. Those 2 terms are not equivalent or parallel. Everything that is considered healthy in America cost from a pretty penny to an arm and a leg. That should be our 1st clue.

What’s in your sunscreen?🤔

Many of us are exposed to way more sun, especially during the summer and spring. I don’t know if you’ve noticed how hot the sun feels even on a cool day. What the… warming. So even if you didn’t wear sunscreen before, wear it now.

Chemicals, Chemical’s Every Where!😖

Phenoxyethanol is a pretty bad 1. I found it in 1 of the products below. It depresses the nervous system and can cause reproductive problems. Not something you want to see in your body products.