The 1st Line: Crimson Awakening & The Return of Queen Yalena


 “Lena decided to pay for her drink and get another one but the bartender wouldn’t let her pay for it. He said that her money wasn’t any good here and that she could have whatever she wanted. Odd but cool she thought. Someone really liked her. So she ordered another pineapple cosmopolitan and sat at a table near the dance floor. She wanted to be in plain sight when Marc decided to grace her
with his presence again. And that’s when he floated over to her table. Well, not literally floated, but there he was. He was tall, handsome and muscular, but not too much muscle. His big curls of brown hair cascaded around his oval face. His eyes were dark and his lips full……” – Crimson Awakening: The 1st Line

 The 1st Line : The Return of Queen Yalena

The 1st Line series welcomes it’s latest addition with The Return of Queen Yalena! Yalena and her family return to their Manhattan home after twenty years in the Hamptons. The world she left behind has changed so drastically while she was in seclusion. Now, with a click or a snap, anyone could have a record of her family’s existence. How will she keep her clan and family secret hidden? Upon her return, she finds out that her archenemy has been building his own army of soldiers. As if she didn’t have enough to worry about, the pressure continues to mount when other vampire lords make her aware that they know about the escaped demigod she has imprisoned in the apartment next door.

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The Return of Queen Yalena: The 1st Line


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