Chemicals, Chemical’s Every Where!😖

Phenoxyethanol is a pretty bad 1. I found it in 1 of the products below. It depresses the nervous system and can cause reproductive problems. Not something you want to see in your body products.


Living a Clean Life

A couple of years ago I decided to remove as many chemicals from my home environment as possible.


This year, my family and I took a cruise to Cuba.

If It Wasn’t My 1st Love

As I said in my tweet on Saturday, writing is an arduous task. To some extent it may feel like a never ending process.

☠️ Those Darn Dryer Sheets☠️

 I find it disconcerting that the products we use daily are what’s causing so many health problems. That’s the main reason I created Body Natural.

Happy New Year

Wanted to wish everyone a Happy and prosperous New Year…… Working on new ideas for my page.

Doing Too Much

Exhausted……My mom always reminded me that I can’t continue to keep going without rest. Well, it’s finally caught up with me. Trying to keep all the baskets in the air at one time is too much. Writing, creating products and creating numerous other things isn’t going to fly. Being a mom and having a day…