My Weekend Movies

Peace and Love Everyone! This is my mid-week movie blog. I purchased an AMC Stubs A-List card and I must say it has been great. Now I can see the movies I want several times a week. Granted, I don’t go three times a week now, but I did for Christmas. With the rates of…


Peace and Love Everyone! I hope all is well with everyone. I have had a decent week, I must say. Can’t really complain at all. With exception to the fact that I haven’t written. It’s horrible to realize and admit, but when I think back to this week I haven’t really. I’ve jotted a few…

I 💖 My Hobonichi 2019

Peace and Love. Happy New Year everyone. We’ve said goodbye to 2018 and hello to the new year. For my journal this year I’m trying the Hobonichi Techo Cousins Avec. I was cool with having my journal in 2 separate books last year so I opted for the same this year. I’ve only been part…

Holiday Movies

OMG! Peace and Love everyone! Did you go to the movies this past holiday? I did. I saw Mary Poppins, Zero and Aquaman in the theater and Venom, The House with the Clock within It’s Walls and Superfly at home. These days I much more prefer to watch a movie at home then go to…

Looking Back on 2018

2018 was an interesting year for sure. I have grown to accept things I can and cannot change. That a person’s issues, although they affect me aren’t my issues. I learned to love myself more with each passing day.

Quotes To Take Into 2019

When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening. That’s where the power is. – Anupam Kher

The World of Dreamers: Chapter 10

Peace and Love Everyone. I hope you weren’t to upset with the postponement of Chapter 10. It can really be difficult to prep a story and have it ready in a week. While it doesn’t take me long to write the story, editing is another concept by itself. I like to review and revise it…

❄️Happy Holidays❄️

Peace and Love everyone. Hope everyone’s is well. This had been a busy week for me. I’m operating on a few hours sleep. With all the Holiday prep I haven’t finished editing chapter 10. I’ve been creating my Christmas presents. Since we only give gifts to the children, I decided that instead of just getting…

The World of Dreamers: Chapter 9

She hadn’t put much stock in how having a partner would help her or strengthen her. She had only thought about her career. She had only thought of herself. Now her selfish decision affected those she loved.

The World of Dreamers: Chapter 8

“Mother Blue desires to see you.”
“I can just dream her.”
“Daphne you know how this works. Plus you need to be there for your brother.”

The World of Dreamers: Chapter 7

Peace and Love Everyone! Glad you checked back to continue to read the next chapter in my short story ‘The World of Dreamers’. I hope you’ve been enjoying it so far.  Angelo turns off the alarm from his phone before checking the video surveillance of their home and grounds. He found nothing suspicious. “Let’s head upstairs…

The World of Dreamers: Chapter 6

“No, but you’re safe. We are safe.” He rested his hand over her abdomen. He could finally see a small glow over Daphne. “The baby is growing.”

Traveler’s Notebook Update

Peace & Love Everyone! It’s time for my journal/notebook update. The last time I blogged about my journal was August. I had just gotten into a traveler’s notebook (TN) and couldn’t  wait for my NAYA to get here. Several months later I’m settled in and loving my options. Getting organized has never been so colorful…

The World of Dreamers: Chapter 5

Their physical act in reality bled through into their dreaming. It often amplified it. Making love was different here. It wasn’t just his long thick shaft inside her connecting them. In their minds’

NYC Magic Lab🤨

Wanna spend money to take cool selfies? I still have mixed feelings about the almost $50 I spent for 2 tickets to the Magic Lab. Leaning toward cute but could have saved my money. I saw these images on Instagram and thought it may be a cool place. So I took my daughter to the…

Crocheting Always

Peace and Love Everyone! You may know, I love to create things if you’ve been reading my blogs. I don’t let a month go by that I haven’t created something new or worked on a project. It just doesn’t feel right. Today’s blog is a short and sweet one on my latest crochet project. I finished…

Chapter 2:

Peace & Love Everyone! Hope all is well with you all. Welcome back for Chapter 2 of ‘The World of Dreamers’. Hope you enjoyed the 1st chapter. Again comments are welcome. 🔥🔥 This story does contain some mature language and sexual situations🔥🔥 “You dreamed about him again didn’t you?” “Tina, I don’t want to talk about…

My Movies for the Summer

Crazy Rich Asians was the movie I had been looking forward to for some time. I was really entertained by it. I got caught up in the love story between Nick and Rachel. I have love Michelle Yeoh from her first movie.

The World of Dreamers

Peace & Love Everyone.  I’m here with a new story installment. This short story is Romance/Sci-fy/fantasy.  That just seems to be what I’m writing now a days. There will be several chapters, although I’m not sure how many.  I will post every other week until the story ends. 🔥🔥 Just so you know, some of the…

Everything that Glitters

It was nice not having to drive south from New York all the way to Charlotte. Dominic was nice to enough to go with her all the way even though he needed to be in the studio. He would leave her soon for his tour.  Right now she was wrapped in his arms. “I’m so…

Back in California

I found my way to Bovard Auditorium passing Tommy Trojan. I remembered the 1 Evening of Soul performance I participated in. I believe ‘I Want Your Sex’ by George Michael was the song that that year.

My Latest Crochet Project

I as I said last week I love crochet. I feel so proud when I create something with my hands. Especially in this day and age when everything is premade and few seem to be interested in learning crafts. The last few months I’ve been on a slipper craze. I am tired of buying slippers…


I love to crochet. I learned to crochet when I was a little girl of 9 or 10. Her name is Ms. Chase. She was my grandmother beautician. I was living in Barbados at the time with my grandmother going to school and enjoying the free time after school. My grandmother thought it was a…

My Summer Hulu Favorites

My two shows right now are ‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’ and ‘The Librarians’.

Crimson Awakening: The 1st Line

“And I am not feeding tonight either. It’s not time yet. What do you want Marcus?”
“I don’t want you to see her. Don’t make her part of this.”
“That is exactly what I intend to do. Don’t worry she will be well taken care of. She will be my queen.”
“No!” Marc caught himself and lowered his voice. “She is innocent. She doesn’t belong in your dark world.”
“Is your world not filled with it’s own darkness? Besides, I believe that’s up to her, isn’t it? You seem perfectly happy with it.”

Crimson Awakening: The 1st Line

“Hello, beautiful lady. I am Lorenzo Michael Paulo Arias.”
“That’s definitely a mouth full. Hi, I am Yalena Charleen Count.” Just then her favorite song came on and she couldn’t help dancing in her seat.
“Would you like to dance Yalena.”

Just Add Absolute Heaven

He smiled as he pulled me a short way to the rattan canopy bed. Jay gestured for me to sit next to him. “I’m not sure you know how happy you’ve made me, Shyenne? You’ve brought beauty to my life. You’ve made it worth living.”

Just Add Cream

“You’re just stalling, Shy. Just tell me, what’s the big deal.”
“Fine.” I started my story as I looked through the food they brought and made a plate. We sat at the table to eat.

Just Add Montage

Shy and I are in the other master. You have your own bathroom and there is a door that leads to the lanai. I promise Shy and I won’t use it too often.” Jay winked at me as he said that, and I could have sworn I saw daggers shot out of Jenn’s eyes at me

Just Add a Bed in the Sky

“Can’t wait to get you into that bed back there.” I turned my head and smiled. He blew on my neck and my body shivered. “Just wait ’til we get into the air.”

Just Add…….

I definitely wanted to run my hands through his waves and curls. His golden brown eyes twinkled and luscious lips smiled. I couldn’t wait to kiss him, those sensual lips.

Chemicals, Chemical’s Every Where!😖

Phenoxyethanol is a pretty bad 1. I found it in 1 of the products below. It depresses the nervous system and can cause reproductive problems. Not something you want to see in your body products.

Living a Clean Life

A couple of years ago I decided to remove as many chemicals from my home environment as possible.


This year, my family and I took a cruise to Cuba.

If It Wasn’t My 1st Love

As I said in my tweet on Saturday, writing is an arduous task. To some extent it may feel like a never ending process.

☠️ Those Darn Dryer Sheets☠️

 I find it disconcerting that the products we use daily are what’s causing so many health problems. That’s the main reason I created Body Natural.

Need a Minute

Peace and Love Everyone! I didn’t get to create my content for this week. My spare time went to my bestie and my daughter. I’m going to prep new content on my day off this week. Until then, Peace and Love