Thinking About the Road Paved with Good Intentions

Many times in life we lose our friends due to so many different circumstances. Some times is could be due to our own faults or flaws and other times it just couldn’t be helped. Sometimes you mean well but it just doesn’t work. This one instance was  a hodge podge of all of them.

Sometimes in life, words or deeds separate us from the best of friends. We may have good intentions but it doesn’t help. My sophomore year in college I wanted to have a get together with some people I hadn’t seen in forever since a friend of our had passed. I called up a few people and we had a party at a friends apartment. I met this particular friend there. She was  just a year older then I was. We can call her Samantha, Sam for short. Sam and I hit it off immediately. We were like sisters from another mister. We enjoyed each others company. I wasn’t sure at first but she had taken to me as fast as I had taken to her. She was sweet just like I was. You’re probably trying to figure out what the problem was. From the start, I had had a major crush on her boyfriend, my friend, almost a year before I met her. The guy and I kind of hung out I knew she even existed. That may not seem like the problem, but at the time we met she didn’t know anything about our past.

At first I didn’t care we had an awesome time. We spent every weekend together. I didn’t have a car so she would call and say, ‘you’re going to come hang out with us this weekend.’ Me, Sam, her best friend and her beau and his best friend. We had a ball. After sometime had passed I started to feel uncomfortable. We would talk about men and she would make a comment about him. I should have left well enough along and just been uncomfortable, guilty even. Still, I couldn’t. I had to ask him let’s call him Samuel, or Sam, about whether she knew. (Yes, that’s how perfect I saw them.) He confirmed she didn’t know and I wanted him to tell her. I felt that since I loved them as a couple I would give him that opportunity, just incase she flipped out

Today their still together, 😎. I haven’t spoke to Sam and/or Sam in over twenty years. Sam stopped speaking to me. She felt we lied and that if she knew from the beginning she could have chosen to hang out with me on her own. Also, she felt the reason I was hanging out was because I wanted him back. That was the furthest thing from the truth, even in hind sight. They were the perfect couple, I loved the two of them together , they were so lovable. Plus didn’t want the guy. Before I even met her, I knew he wasn’t for me. What we had we had, it was over. When I finally got her to take my call, she expressed why were weren’t speaking and hanging out and then told me thank you for letting him tell me. Well you know the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I got screwed by mine. It took me forever to get over that.
Have your intentions ever bested you?

Published by leticiaedghill

Like so many women I wear different hats. Sometimes all at once, sometimes one after another. I'm a mother, teacher, daughter, sister, friend and writer. That doesn't include my love to create things. I love working with my hands to crochet, draw, mix natural products and the list goes on. This blog is an extension of that love. Join me and see how I Live Love Create.

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