Just Add…….

“Jenn, do me a favor and hand me my bag. I want to go freshen up a bit and grab some coffee.”
“I want to look my best for him.”
“Whoever he is.” I roll my eyes. I still hadn’t told Jenn who Jay was. Jenn grabs the top strap and almost everything spills.
“Damn. I should have told you it was open.” Jenn sighed.
“I got it.” Jenn begins to put the items back in the bag and notices the small box. She looks at it and gasps. “Shy, seriously? Where would you use these that you have them in your purse?”
“Shhh, just put it back, I’ll explain later. Do you want anything?” She shook her head, so I stepped away heading to the ladies room and then for my coffee.
It was cold December morning in New York around three in the morning. I left a warm bed and my lover to pick up my bestie Jenn and head to the airport. Jenn and I were waiting for our companions and a private jet that my love Jay had chartered. I was nervous and excited at the same time. This was my first vacation with Jay and it was also the first time my best friend would meet him and his bestie Ano. Jay and I were hoping that Jenn would like Ano.
I tried to decide what pastry I would like as I waited for my latte. I glimpsed the two men walking passed me. I could feel heat emanating from the gentleman that was closest. The warmth from his hand spread across my back as he slid it slowly over the small of my back.
I turned my head and glanced over his physique as he walked away. He was tall with wavy black hair that curled at the end. His honey tone skin was smooth and stretched over his muscular form. It made me ache to be close. Then he glanced over his shoulder and winked at me. He wasn’t only sexy but beautiful. I bit the corner of my bottom lip and I couldn’t help but think, this is why you carry condoms in your purse.
“I brought you coffee anyway.” Jenn grabbed her coffee. She folded her legs over her suitcase and turned to me.
“Alright, let’s hear it?”
“Sheyenne Johnson, don’t play with me.”
“Fine, Jennifer. I brought them just in case. I’m prepared.”
“Prepared? Prepared for what?”
“For the beautiful and sexy, like my friend over there.”
“What? You don’t know him. Do you? Besides, no one needs to be that ready.”
“Jenn, a lady should always be equipped. STDs seem to be every where and you don’t know who has what. Even if you ask, some people don’t know they have anything.”
“Isn’t that more reason to do nothing?”
“True. Still, it’s more fun to just add condoms.” Jenn just rolled her eyes. Let’s say that you’re really digging someone? Let’s say, you’re hanging out with someone sexy. You’re having a great time and it gets a little hot. He doesn’t have any condoms. Do you stop?”
“Yes. No glove, no love.”
“How many people do?”
“So Jen, wouldn’t it be better to carry your own?”
“Yes. Still, we’re getting on a plane for vacation. You don’t know anyone but me. Do you? Is that the mysterious ‘him’? Wait, you still haven’t told me anything about this private plane, hanger or the guy you’re dating and his friend.”
I winked at her. “Maybe.” I sat regarding the feeling his closeness gave me. “You see that guy whose been watching me?” I wink at him.
“What? He’s gorgeous and whose to say that I want more than a affaire de cœur.”
“Really? Love? But what about ‘him’? You know the guy you’ve been secretly dating.” I didn’t respond so Jenn continued. “Okay let’s say he’s down, you can’t wait, we’re in a dinky airport lounge.”
“Even if we weren’t in a lounge, there are bathrooms that can be used.”
“So you would do it without knowing if your going to see him again.” I waggle my eyebrow. “Wait some STD’s are passed through kissing.”
“Oh, I don’t kiss who I don’t know.”
The look on Jenn’s face. “Really?”
“There’s no rain coat for kissing. And I have to see the merchandise before I buy.”
“Wait, isn’t that your favorite actor?”
“Mmm. Yep, Jay K’huane. Tall, sun kissed skin and a gorgeous smile. Every movie he stars is romantic and packed with action. You know he does his own stunts. I didn’t recognize him.” Of course I lied. I knew who he was the moment he walked into the lounge. I wink at her.
“Your incorrigible.”
“And soon sated.”
“What if they won’t wear the condom.”
“That’s a definite no. I tell them they can’t play without protection. Works most of the time. Remember that guy Jake, I used to date?” Jenn nodded. “He totally got all bent out of shape and refused to wear it. I told him, absolutely no sex without it. He wouldn’t speak to me after that. I found out later that he had an STD. So glad I didn’t have sex with him.”
“Wow” It was quiet for a few minutes. I took the time to enjoy my coffee. “Shy, he’s coming over. I never really paid attention to him before. He looks so familiar.”
Oh shit, I thought. He should look familiar to her. I just didn’t want her to remember now. Jay had swag. I definitely wanted to run my hands through his waves and curls. His golden brown eyes twinkled and luscious lips smiled. I couldn’t wait to kiss him, those sensual lips. My eyes worked their way down to his broad shoulders and muscular arms and chest. His pants are roomy, but I could see a slight bulge. I’m glad I’m prepared.
“Hello, ladies.” He stood directly in front of me. I was hot and could feel my body pulsing.
“Hello.” Jenn and I replied.
“You can join us, if you like. I’m Shy and this is my friend Jenn.” He sat next to me.
“I could understand if you are shy, but what’s your name?” He’s really going to run that again? I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Seriously?
“My name is Shyenne. Shy for short.”
“Oh, cute. I’m Jay, this is Ano my assistant and best friend. Where are you ladies heading to?”
“Hawaii.” .
“Really? So am I. Maybe, I’ll get a chance to see you again. I’m going to Maui.” I tried to hide my excitement and gave a slight smile.
“So are we.” Jenn replied. That surprised me.
“Our flight should leave soon.” It was just enough time to be alone with him. I grabbed my bag and got up.
“I’ll be right back.” Jenn rolled her eyes and nodded.
“Can I walk with you?”
“Not necessary, Jay, but sure.” He got up and I lead the way. I took my time as I walked far enough in front for him to see my runway walk, seductive curves, the sexy sway of my hips and my golden brown caramel skin. I stopped in front of the ladies room, turned and put my arms around his neck.
“She’s watching isn’t she, Shy?
“Hmhm.”  I winked at him and beckoned him to follow. He obliged.
“Jenn, thinks her best friend is going to have sex with a stranger in the lounge bathroom?”
“Yep.” I stood in front of the mirror and started arranging my mass of curls into a ponytail. I didn’t know how long I would have to wait it out. I figured ten minutes should be enough.
“You didn’t tell her?”
“Tell her what, Jay? That I’ve been dating her ‘one that got away?”
“Wait, I’m her what?”
“You’re the one that got away.”
“Wow! Really? I didn’t know.” Jay closed the distance between us and put his arms around me as he watched me in the mirror. “She never seemed the least bit interested in me. I wish you would have said that.”
“I did.”
“No Shy. You said I dated her in college. You didn’t say I was the one that got away. That makes a difference. Well, not to me. So how long have you known that?”
“From our first night at your penthouse. Remember when I came over and you were wearing your glasses while reading some author’s novel?”
“You asked me if I went to NYU and we found out we used to party together? How come you didn’t recognize me before?” I glare at him in the mirror. “You didn’t think to tell me then. Now I don’t know if this trip is a good idea. Think she’ll like Ano?”
“I’m hoping she will.” Jay kissed my cheek and turned me toward him.
“How long do we have to wait in here?”
“Just a little while longer.”
“So you’d rather have your best friend think you’re screwing me in the ladies bathroom then tell her I was thought to be her other half?”
“What am I going to do with you?” I smiled shyly before leaning into him. Wrapped in Jay’s arms was blissful.
“I love that dimpled smile. That beautiful face and smile will get you anything.”
“Anything?” I asked as I reached up to kiss him.

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Like so many women I wear different hats. Sometimes all at once, sometimes one after another. I'm a mother, teacher, daughter, sister, friend and writer. That doesn't include my love to create things. I love working with my hands to crochet, draw, mix natural products and the list goes on. This blog is an extension of that love. Join me and see how I Live Love Create.

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