Just Add Cream

New story is coming soon…My favorite section of Just Add is the 1st part. I’ve bee trying to make it more interesting, but I’m not sure if the direction I took works. Let me know what you think of this installment. I’ve only have another 2 sections right now.

I put the luggage in the appropriate rooms while Jenn peruse the menu. There was no way either of us are cooking. When I was done, I sat down on the opposite end of the sofa, turned toward Jenn and folded my legs.
“Awesome! I’m ready to hear it all.”
“I’m starved, what do you want to order?”
“Stop stalling.”
“No seriously, I’m really hungry. Jay said they were suppose to bring something up soon after he left, but we’ve been here almost an hour.” As I reached for the phone, I heard the key in the door.
“Excuse me, ma’am. Mr. Kaʻuhane arrange brunch for you.”
“Thank you, Haulani.”
“You and your friend have also been scheduled for several activities during your stay. He said you may be interested in the Jewel’s of Maui.”
“Sure, in a couple hours? I’d like to just eat and relax for now.”
“No problem, Kai will come for you an hour or so before dinner. You can go straight to dinner after.”
“Sound great. See you later.”
“So glad we have food.”
“You’re just stalling, Shy. Just tell me, what’s the big deal.”
“Fine.” I started my story as I looked through the food they brought and made a plate. We sat at the table to eat.
“Jay and I met at a coffee stop. Technically he bumped into me. It had been a long day and I needed a cup of coffee so I went to Stumptown Coffee Roasters. I was sipping my latte and eating one of their PB&J donuts when he bumped into me spilling my perfectly creamy and hot latte all ever my favorite blue T.”
“You mean your navy blue and cream tye-die shirt?”
“Totally. I was pissed. I was about to curse him out until I looked at his face. So I calmly asked him why he didn’t look where he was going? He apologize several times and handed me a bunch of napkins. He offered to buy me a fresh cup and pay to replace the shirt.
“It’s an original. I can’t replace this,” I told him.
His response, “then how about dinner?’ I rolled my eyes. I couldn’t help but think that dinner wasn’t about making it up to me at all. He couldn’t keep his eyes off my breast and kept closing the distance I put between us.”
“Sure whatever,” I replied. “If you would get off the phone for five minutes I’ll give you my number so I can text you the address.”
“He raised his eye brow, but said he would call the person back. For the first time since he bumped into me, he looked into my eyes and smile. Then he handed me the phone. He told me later that no one ever spoke to him like that. He told me he was attracted to me because I wasn’t a push over. He said if I had flirted with him he would never have asked me out. He said he would have bought me the coffee and stayed to talk with me before inviting me to his place. That’s when I told him he was so close to getting cussed out. Anyway, he drove me home to change my cloths and then took me to the office. I didn’t invite him up, but he offered to walk me to my door and I took it. He was a total gentleman. It started there, then he wouldn’t leave me alone. He called me each morning and at night to check on me. We went out to dinner a few times but usually our schedules clashed.”
“He sounds like an ass. Why would he tell you that if you flirted with him he wouldn’t have dated you? Wait, but how did you get from a few dinners to a big trip to Maui.”
“He can be an ass. I’ve listen to him speak to some of his people. I so wouldn’t work for him. Anyway, he invited me. But by then we had been seeing each other for a few months and we had done more then hug. After like the third date he made a habit of stopping by my apartment instead of just calling.”
“How did that happen? Isn’t his schedule demanding? How did he get off so early?”
“Jenn, it wasn’t early at all. It was a Wednesday night around eleven thirty, he rings my buzzer. I was up creating my presentation for the next day so I heard it. I told him usually I was asleep by then. He let me finish it and then we curled up on the couch together. He got a little touch feely and I almost slept with him.”
“Almost, why almost?”
“First he got a text around twelve thirty. I was still working so I didn’t ask any questions or try to see his phone. Then around one he got a call. I glance down at his screen and it was some girl. By then we were kissing and stroking each other. He didn’t answer it at first. Then she called again and he put it on speaker. I thought that was odd. He had been seeing her and she wanted to know why he hadn’t been coming around.
He said, “sorry Mel. I should have been upfront with you. I found the love of my life and I’m spending as much time as I can with her.’ He winked at me before telling her goodbye. I wasn’t sure if he was acting for my benefit or if he was sincere.
“I told him I was tired and going to bed and that he could stay on the couch if he wanted. He said..“I don’t do couches. I get it. You think I did that for my benefit. It’s okay. I’m ready to prove to you who you are to me. I’m going to LA for a couple of weeks for work. I’ll be back. I’ll call you as often as I can.”
“He pulled me into him arms and held me. God he felt so good. I almost told him he could sleep with me. Then he kissed my lips and I thought I would melt. He winked at me as he left and reminded me to lock my door. I basically floated to my bedroom. As I said every chance he got he was with me.”
“I can’t believe you kept that from me.” That’s when Jenn hit me with a pillow.

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