Buyers BeWare!!!

You are probably smarter than me in this case. Just incase there are more people out there who like me decided to take a chance, I want to let you know what happened to me. 

My friend has a coat that I liked and it was really warm. Of course I’m not willing to pay the price he paid unless the coat is leather. I’m talking about Canadian Goose. Great coat, high price. I’ve never paid more then a few hundred for a leather jacket, this isn’t leather. Still, it’s a great down coat whose price starts upward of $700. So I found a online outlet. Or so I thought.

Canadian Goose is a reputable company. The link I’ve attached to that name isn’t the company. Someone in China purchased this link and sells the counterfeit brand at a significant discount. I’m not familiar with the brand so I thought great. Right? Not at all. 

First of all, they tell you that the price online could be different because of where you’re purchasing from. Okay, sure, I’m in the U.S and it’s a Canadian company. On top of that, they take an additional amount from your account for shipping. Why was this not calculated on the website? Okay. The receipt you get doesn’t come from the website, it’s an email with your order number but it comes from ‘Support’ and it say BeautifulStore. Wait what? Now, I’m really concerned. What did I just do?

So I go through the website. No address, just an email and it doesn’t say where they are located. There is no phone number. I started freaking out. Why didn’t I look through the website before. I felt so stupid. Like, this is internet shop 101. There should at least be a phone number. 

So I hold my breath. Maybe it will be okay. Maybe. I get the coat. I’m so excited. I’ve never seen it in this color. I love pink. It comes in a Canadian Goose bag and everything. I take it out and it’s awesome. The stitching is great, no visible flaws. I try it on. I get my arms through and it feels great. It’s so warm. Shit. I can’t zip it or pull it close. Damn. 

I wear a large, 14 or 12-14 in U.S. sizes. I made sure to check sizing for the coat. It compared U.S. to European sizing. What do I know about European sizing? I’m in America. Damn. Well, maybe my daughter can wear it, no loss. She’s 2 to 3 sizes smaller then me even though she’s taller. Surely she can wear it. I have hips and my daughter doesn’t, she’s 11. Damn, we get it zipped but it’s tight. There’s no room to grow. Wow, I should have known to order the next size up. Whenever my mom buys clothes from China we have to go up more then 2 sizes. But I didn’t know I was buying from China until I got the package with the Chinese address. Okay, so my mom can surely wear it. She’s smaller than me and my daughter. When my daughter out grows clothes we give some to my mom. My mom tries it on. Same thing. It’s tight. My mom wears an 8. What the hell? How does a coat made for a woman who wears a 14 barely fit a woman who wears a size 8?

So this $350 parka doesn’t fit my daughter or mom. I go back to the website to see what to do. It says I can return or exchange it within 7 to 15 days. So, I immediately send an email. No response. I write again. They will let me keep the coat and give me $5, that it’s too expensive to return the coat. What? I want to exchange it for a XL or 2XL. I tell them I’ll pay for the shipping. They say it will cost $80. I ask does that include me returning the coat and getting the new size? Then they say they’ll give me $20. I write back that I want my money and I’ll return the coat. No response.

SERIOUSLY!!!! Damn! What am I going to do with a coat that doesn’t fit anyone I know?

What I’ve learned?

  1. Look for a number or address before using a website. There needs to be some way to contact the company besides email. 
  2. Using PayPal and/or my credit card to purchase anything not in the U.S. that doesn’t have a number or address. DO NOT USE YOUR BANK CARD!


Anyone want to purchase an extra small/small Berry Canadian Goose Parka?

New story to come this week.

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