Crimson Awakening: The 1st Line

I hope you enjoyed the 1st Chapter. Here’s another sneak peek of my novel Crimson Awakening. Comments are welcome.


Chapter 2

Trouble Brewing

Cell walked quickly through the hospital doors. He had made an agreement with Ren to meet in the front, but he preferred to go in alone. He was hoping that Ren would forget since his mind was occupied with Lena. Of course it was unlikely for Ren to forget anything. That, made Cell walk faster.

“How are things looking tonight, Marcia?”

“Cell, it’s getting worse. It reminds me of the time before we started the club.”

“How many dead bodies tonight?”

“Ten, it’s our highest count this week. We had ten with bite marks and no memory. So far no one has turned tonight. But the night isn’t over. It may not seem like a lot, but it adds up. More than two hundred a month.”

“Who do you think is doing this?”

“I don’t know, but its not just our area. I spoke to Renee at the Queens hospital and she is having the same problem. But I don’t think she has as many. Someone needs to reign in their family.”

“If Ren finds out.”

“Bite your tongue. He is already up in arms about the complaints he’s getting from the Mayor about the increased missing persons in the city. Only thing keeping this reigned in is the fact that most of the missing people are our bite marks and no memory victims. But this is getting out of hand. How do we deal with this?”

“Not sure.”

“Cell, has he found her yet?”

“He found her years ago.”

“What? So, what is he waiting for?”

“For her to come to him.”

“What, are you talking about. She doesn’t even know him.”

“Marcia of course she has met him. He made a promise to her mom, that he would let her live a life before taking her into our world.”

“You can’t be serious. Our world is coming down around us and he is keeping a promise. We need the dhampirs.”

“He has always been a man; well, vampire of his word. But he feels she will be his soon. Besides, dead bodies popping up all over the city aren’t exactly what we’re looking for either. We’re not ready for his children, their children. Besides, it’s time to move on. We’ve been in this city for almost three centuries and we’ve had that club for more than half of that.”

“I don’t want to go somewhere else. This city was our best place yet. Even before the club.”

“Now you know we only came here to find her. We were never meant to make this our permanent home.”

“Cell, what about soldiers? Do we have any? Are we creating any?”

“We always keep a few. But we’re adding to it. It’s hard to create and train them in secret though. They need to feed and they need to know the city.”

“I didn’t know, he always kept a few.”

“You’re my mate, not his. You don’t need to know everything. I’ll see you at the club. I need to go. We don’t want him coming up here.”

“No we don’t. But he’ll find out eventually. He always does. I don’t know how he does it.”

“Let’s just say, he has many loyal followers.” He wrapped his arms around Marcia and kissed her lips. He held her for a minute. They hadn’t been apart for more than a day, but it felt longer to Cell. “Later.”

He left the ICU ward, but not before noticing the two patients that were brought in. He knew they would be going up to Marcia’s ward. How could he possibly hide this from Ren? He had a right to know that other vampire families were rebelling against his laws. More now than before. It didn’t matter that the rules Ren set in place kept them safe from mobs of people trying to annihilate them. It didn’t seem to matter that the laws kept their feed healthy and free from random attacks. Not to mention it controlled the vampire population. It kept order. Who in their right mind would want to challenge that?  Unfortunately, Ren made it to the hospital before Cell could walk more than a hundred feet from the main entrance.

“So how many do we have tonight, Cell.”

“More than I wish to say. It’s getting worse. We need to find these vampires. They will ruin everything.”

“I know, but how do we track them? I went to the Queens hospital. Renee seems to have her hands full also.”

“We should use our soldiers.”

“They’re not ready yet. They could create more of a problem then solve it.”

“Where is she?”

“She’s at home now.”

“Ren, why don’t you step things up with her. I can see the energy between you. After all you say she still wears that necklace you gave her.”

“She doesn’t know who gave her the necklace. I took care of her memory the day we met.  I didn’t want her trying to find me before I had fulfilled her mothers wishes.”

“How long before you can tell her what’s really happening?”

“Soon, I wish I had longer.  Make sure everyone knows; she is mine.”

“You got it.”


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