Crimson Awakening: The 1st Line

Chapter 4

Blinders Gone

  The next day he came to get her at her apartment. He rang the buzzer just as he had done the day before, and Lena came down to meet him. Ren greeted her with a hug and a kiss that made her melt. She couldn’t help but put her hands in his hair and hold on to his neck while they kissed.

“You keep kissing me like that and I won’t be able to wait another minute to be alone with you.”

“I have mixed feelings about your ninety day rule. I want you to follow your own rules, but Lena, I want you, right now.” Knowing his longing was as much as hers, seemed to strengthen her resolve. Lena eased her arms down to rest in front of her on his chest as he continued to hold her in his arms.

“So what do you have in mind for us today.”

“I thought the seaport would be nice on this beautiful fall day. Does that sound good to you?”

“Sounds good to me. Let’s go.”

So Ren and Lena spent the day at the seaport just walking around, taking in the fresh air and seeing the sights. It was a beautiful fall day in the city. The weather was sublime. Just as the day before they walked hand in hand or with his arm around her. He kissed her cheek from time to time, but no kisses like the one he greeted her with or like the night before. Lena began to get the feeling that he was going to help her make her ninety day mark.

It was just sunset by the time they reached her apartment building and he didn’t even walk her up to her apartment door. He did give her a kiss; it was soft and sweet, not sultry and passionate. Lena guess they both really wouldn’t need much encouragement after a passionate kiss. Ren continued to pull away from her even though their sexual tension seem to mount with each minute that passed. Lena could feel how much he was holding back from her and she wondered if he felt her anxiety. Lena didn’t see him or speak to him for the next four days. She had to admit they really didn’t have a phone relationship. They made their plans in person.

After not seeing him at the club on Thursday, Lena began to get upset. And she was hurt. Lena thought things were going so well. She could not imagine what would make him pull away from her. Lena thought maybe he stayed away because he couldn’t control himself, but he wouldn’t have had to if he showed up at her door.  Lena didn’t stay long at the club that Thursday night. And she didn’t even eat. She was surprised when Cell brought her food ready to go at the door before Lena could step outside.

          “Just give him another day, ok.” Lena shook her head but didn’t answer. Marc was huffing and puffing behind her because he wanted to stay. When Lena got back to her apartment, she put the food in the refrigerator and went to bed. She couldn’t figure out what was going on. She knew they were keeping her rule, but to not see him, she wasn’t happy about that.

Back at the club things were their usual, except Ren. In the DJ booth, he sat on the couch in a trance, staring at a spot on the floor; a beautiful blonde lay across his lap. She was more than eager to be his comfort and feed for the rest of the night, but he had barely fed from her. He didn’t move until Cell returned upstairs; but he didn’t speak, he didn’t have to with Cell. Cell knew what was on his mind.

“She took the food, but she was sad. Ren, she spent the night looking for you. She sat in the same seat that she sat in when she first came here. She didn’t order a drink or anything to eat. She is really pining for you man. And if you don’t feed you’re going to kill her when you finally do get her.” Cell didn’t have to say any more. Ren wrapped his arms around the torso of the girl in his lap and sank his teeth  deep into her neck. She didn’t scream, but one could briefly see the pain on her face and the contraction in her frame. Cell had not turned around to face Ren, but he could hear all that was going on. After some time had passed, Cell became concerned for the life of the girl his partner was feeding on. “Ren, let her up man.” Ren did as he was asked. He had fed longer than he should have. It was almost as Cell had expected it, Ren had not been feeding regularly since he started seeing Lena. The guards were at the door as soon as Ren sat up. One picked up the girl off of Ren’s lap and the other picked up her things. As they left another beautiful girl walked in and sat on Ren’s lap. She took off the scarf from her neck and tilted her neck to the side. For the first time that night, Ren actually spoke.

“Jessica right.”

“Yes, you know my name.”

“I know all my regulars.” Before she could say another word, he held her and began to feed again. He had no idea how ravenous his body had become. He was so rapped up in Lena he had paid no attention to his body starving for sustenance. Feeding seemed to quench the thirst but not the yearning for the woman he had yet to win. It wasn’t necessary for Cell to tell him to stop this time. He just did, and she sat up, wiped off the excess blood with her handkerchief, tied her scarf and got up. She couldn’t help winking at him before she left. As if she could win a place in his heart, he thought.

“I’m going to her, Cell. Hold things down.”

“Really. You think so?” Ren, thought that was an odd thing for Cell to say. He went to Cell’s side and there they were; Woods and his soldiers. Woods was the dhampir of one of the council members. Ren was waiting for a move against him. He knew that after killing one of the council members there would be consequences and repercussions. He had never dreamed they would take this long. 

“They dare show themselves here! This is a peaceful place. Why are they taunting me?”

“You can’t be that sprung. You haven’t even had her yet. You challenged them Ren.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“The night you laid claim to her, you challenged them. You said no vampire could touch her. I found out later, Joel had taken a fancy to her and was going to snatch her on the way home until you said that.”

“As if he’s good enough to feed from such a lady.”

“Exactly, you act like you’re better than us Ren. Man, you feed like we feed. I know you are leader of this family and sovereign of this clan, and I respect that, but vampires outside our family aren’t ok with you giving decree’s that effect them.”

           “It was easier to control them in the early years. These vampires are wild and unruly. They have no charm or manners for that matter.” Even though Ren didn’t continue to speak, he proceeded to revel in the days past.  “They are going to need to get over that. I am the only one who decides how we live in this city. I have been doing that for more than two centuries. And I am the one who has to deal with the backlash from any problems.” He paced for a minute to contemplate how to handle such intrusion. “How many soldiers and where is Joel?”

“According to our guards, we noticed eight, so he could have up to sixteen. And he’s in your bed. You know the one you used to take the women to before you saw her a few months ago.” Ren ignored his last comment.

“Have them take out all eight. I’m sure there are more. But subtle, I don’t want him to know he’s under attack. And when the snakes rear their heads after the others disappear; take out all of them.”

“Are you sure you want to start this war. You haven’t even fed on her yet. How do you know if she’s worth it.”

“This isn’t just about Yalena. How many have turned up in Marcia’s ward.”

“What are you talking about?”

“How many Cell? How many men and women with bites who don’t know what happened to them and how many dead.”

“Five dead last week who were totally drained, ten a week who have no clue and two who turned.”

“That, is the problem. We don’t have to hunt any more. Not like we used to. We have our place. Why does he have to rock the boat. If this keeps up, we’ll have to shut down Zoe’s and Angelo’s. I like it here. We’ve made it work for over three hundred years. I will not have some young disrespectful vamp ruin every thing I’ve work to build.”

“Listen, we don’t want this to end here. Didn’t mean to make it sound like we weren’t behind you. You’re our leader; but you’re going to get some rebellion in the ranks, Ren. If they are not part of us they want to make their own rules.”

“Then their rules need to be within the parameters I set.” Cell nodded and returned his gaze to the dance floor.

“It’s done. There is only one left. He doesn’t know it. And you better get to Joel before he checks in with him.”

“Fine, have them get him also.”

“Sure.” Before Cell could reply Ren was gone within a flash. He headed to the hallway that led to the room where he himself used to feed. It wasn’t that long ago that he would call girls to the bed where he lay in the front of the dance floor under the DJ booth. It had not been open since the night Yalena came to the club and he wasn’t sure how it was opened tonight. He reached right before Joel’s man got to him. Joel had just finished feeding and sat alone, looking for his next feed. Before Joel could react or move, Ren closed the automatic doors and pulled Joel from his bed. There was nothing his soldier could do about it. The wall was impenetrable for most vampires, just as the doors to the inner sanctum of the club were also very thick steel. At the same time that the wall closed to seal off  Ren’s bed from the rest of the club, Ren’s guards closed the doors that would lead into the rooms within the building that housed the club.   Ren gave him a chance to talk his way out of what he had done. Ren put him on his knees in front of him.

“Have you lost your mind?  This is my place. You don’t come in here to take over or threaten me.” Joel laughed and so did Ren. He laughed as he pulled Joel up from the floor and plunged a silver blade through the stomach of his enemy. “Now laugh.” Ren withdrew the knife and watched as Joel cowered on the floor. “This is my place of business. This is my city. You have a problem with my rules, you need to leave the city. I will not tolerate disobedience or dissension in my ranks. You may not be part of my family but you are part of my clan and you will live within the rules made for our survival and the survival of those we feed on.” Ren grabbed Joel by his throat and stood him up. The two looked into each others eyes. Ren could see the hatred and venom pool in Joel’s. He knew that this was not the end of this. He was not looking forward to fighting this out. He would have to go to the council before he could get rid of Joel. For now, Joel was all that was left. His soldiers had all been disposed of. Ren had Joel escorted out with orders that he could not return before Ren had spoken to the council. Ren knew that nothing would come of the council meeting; but he had no choice. He would reprimand anyone who didn’t follow protocol. In the end he would be rid of Joel. Ren was just hoping it wouldn’t cost him more than just killing Joel right there and then.

His mind returned to the woman he had been avoiding. The only thing he wanted was his Lena. He wanted her every wish to come true. So even if she was mad at him for lying; he hoped it wouldn’t be long before she forgave him. He would have his Lena soon. He would help clean up the club and prepare for the council before he went to see her.

“Cell, we may have to start over soon. This is how it started when we were in Argentina.”

“So, we’ll move to some place else. You knew it was inevitable, Ren.”

“I don’t think Lena will be ready to move.”

“Like it matters where she lives. She’s a writer. She can work any where.”

“It’s too soon.”

“If she wants to be with you she’ll move. You need to go to her. I guarantee if you don’t connect her to you soon, and you know what I mean; we won’t be able to protect her much longer if she doesn’t know what’s going on. You know, like not inviting anyone into your home you don’t know.”

“You’re right Cell. I will go to her after we clean up.”

It was late afternoon of the next day by the time Ren left the club to go see her. He was hoping that Lena was home, but he was prepared to wait for her. He rang the buzzer and Lena was indeed there. Oh how he had longed to hear her voice.

“Lena, can I take you to get a slice”?

“Fine. I’ll be down in a moment.” Funny how he had perfect timing. Lena was going to the pizza place to get a slice to go. Guess now she’ll have company.  When Lena saw him through the glass door her heart skipped a beat. Lena just didn’t want him to know it. So she played it cool.

“Hey,” Lena said as she opened the main door. She slowly walked down the stairs and stood a few feet in front of Ren. He took the few steps to close the gap between them. Then he put his arm around her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. 

“Oh, are we best buds again and showing our affection. I wasn’t sure after not seeing you for a few days and you standing me up at your own club.” He stopped walking and stood directly in front of her. Then he proceeded to take off his sunglasses, held her face in his hands and kissed her lips.

“Lena, I’ve missed you. I just wanted you to make your ninety day rule, and the way we were going that would not have happened.” Lena smiled and kissed his lips.

           “I have missed you too.”  They walked a few blocks hand in hand to a pizza shop not far from her place.  After he bought a couple of slices and they sat down, Lena admitted to herself, that it felt good to have waited and it felt even better that he made her wait. She was going to have the talk with him. Funny thing is he beat her to the punch.

“Lorenzo, can I be frank with you.”

“You feel it too?”


“The pull we seem to have towards one another.” Lena smiled sheepishly and began to full her mouth with the piping hot pizza. He kind of chuckled at her response before he said anything. “You eat I’ll talk.” Her mouth was full and all Lena could do was nod. “I am looking for someone special, true love. A kind of love that would last longer than seven life times.” The last statement caught her attention. That is what Lena usually told her dates when she was hoping they would take the opportunity to leave. It was a test to see if they were the sleaze Lena thought they were. Honestly, Lena hadn’t met one who didn’t leave after that. Whether it had been three months or six.  Had Lena seen him before and not noticed?  “Lena, I  feel like you are her. I want you to be a part of my life. I want to see if we fit together.” Now that, Lena would never say.

“Have you been talking to Marcus?”

“No. Actually, Marc won’t tell me anything about you. He would prefer that we didn’t see each other.”

“Yeah, he told me not to go out with you. I can’t figure out why he’s so against it. You seem like a great guy and I’m definitely attracted to you. I feel like there is magnetism between us. A lot actually. If I told you what I wanted to do to you when you were sitting next to me in the cab.”

“Me too actually.”

“I, I’m a little scared to act on what I feel.”

“When ever you’re ready. We have as long as you need to feel comfortable with me and who I am.”

“So who are you? I have talked to people and checked you out. And no one can tell me more than I already know. Or should I say no one wants to.”

“You had me investigated?”

“Basically, I just wanted to make sure you’re not a pedophile or psychotic or some kind of criminal.  I was trying to figure out why Marcus doesn’t want me with you.”

“He’s just being over protective. He wants the best for you.”

“It’s more than that. He won’t even give me reasons. He always has reasons.”

“He’ll tell you soon. Do me a favor, don’t move. I’ll be right back.”

Here’s where Lena started to get worried. He wouldn’t say anything when Lena mentioned Marcus’ doubts. What were the two of them hiding from her? He just kept pairing out of the window. Then he tells her to wait here. What was going on? Lena looked around the restaurant and didn’t see him. If he had to go to the bathroom wouldn’t he just say so. Lena turned around to look out of the window and there he was talking to some ruddy looking guy. For what ever reason, what the guy last said made Ren angry enough for him to grab the guy by the collar.  Lena could tell just by looking out of the window that Ren holding the guy took him slightly off of his feet. The guy didn’t even seem bothered by it, he just kept laughing. Lena had already finished her pizza and was quite irritated by the whole scene. When he came back in he seemed quite agitated also. He didn’t even bother to sit down.

“Did you feel like clubbing tonight?”

“I thought we were taking a break from Zoe’s?”

“I know, but can we go there. I’ll make it up to you later.”

“Okay.” Lena figured there was no point in arguing. Though she was surprised he didn’t ask to end their date early. Luckily, or on purpose; they were only a few blocks from the club. It was dark out by the time they left the pizza place and Ren held on to her so tight, Lena thought she would break. “Ren, what is going on? Why are we going to the club and why are you holding on to me so tight?”

“Am I holding you too tight? Sorry.” He loosened his grip a little but refused to answer any of her questions. Lena let it slide until they got to the club.

“Ren, we weren’t expecting you.”

“I wasn’t expecting to be here. We’ve got trouble.”

“Hey Lena, Marcus is upstairs in the DJ  booth. You can join him. Just follow Clyde here.”

“Cell, is that your way of asking me to leave? And is anyone going to tell me what’s going on?” He smiled at her and Ren nodded, so Lena listened and followed Clyde upstairs to find Marcus. He was in the DJ booth.  Clyde never said a word the whole time. He barely acknowledged her presence.

           “Hey, looks like you’ve moved up in the world.”

“Don’t joke.”

“How were your dates alone with Ren?”


“So what are you doing here?”

“I don’t know. Ren hemmed up some guy outside the pizza place and then we jetted back here.”

“If he felt the need to bring you here, they threatened you.”

“What?  Who’s they? And I don’t even know the guy.”

“Other..people. You don’t have to know them. Look Lena, everyone here knows Ren has had his eye on you. And I know because Cell made comments about it, that from the time you walked through the door, Ren told everyone hands off. He wanted to have his chance first.”

“Wow, I’m flattered.”

“You shouldn’t be. This is a dangerous world they live in. We’re not just talking about you being his date for a few nights. He wants you to be his.” Lena couldn’t fathom why Marc was getting all upset about this. Ren was a great guy.

“Is he a thief or robber?”

“Well, no.”

“Murderer or rapist?”

“Well, not a rapist.”

“He’s a murderer?!”

“Not in that sense of the word, he’s just had to defend himself.”

“Marcus, can you tell me what has been stuck in your craw, from the time you saw Ren looking at me?”


“What do you mean you can’t? Are you under some legal restriction?”

“No, I’m not his attorney.”

“So spill.”

“Can’t; he wants to tell you, himself.”  There was an uneasy tension in the room. As he spat the words out, Ren came waltzing through the door. Marc looked at Ren with such disdain. Ren didn’t even react to Marc’s hostility at all.

“Marcus, Marcia needs you.” Marcus got up without a word. He looked back at her sadly and walked out of the room and down the hall. Ren pulled a chair over and sat directly across from Lena. He took her hands and it seemed like he couldn’t find the words.   “Yalena, I have something you need to know. I didn’t want to tell you like this, but…” Lena pulled her hand from his and walked to the window that looked out over the club.

“You and Marcus are driving me crazy. I am not a little porcelain doll. Would you spit it out already. What are you two hiding from me?” As she asked the question she turned to face Ren. He got up from the chair and walked over to her. His hand held her face and he kissed her. It was such a sultry kiss. When he stopped, her knees buckled and he caught her before her knees hit the floor. Lena could barely speak but she managed to say something smart. “That only answers one question.”

“Yalena, I have fallen in love with you. I have wanted you from the moment I held you. I want you to be mine.”

“I have fallen in love with you, also. But this is happening way too fast.”

“It wasn’t suppose to be, but I am running out of time.”


“Do you want to be mine?”

“I believe that now.”

“I need you…”

“What? Are you…” He placed his fingers over her mouth before Lena could say anymore.

“Now don’t say something you can’t take back.” Lena just rolled her eyes and turned away from him. He held her from behind and Lena could feel his breath against her neck. It felt like he got closer and closer, then he pulled away. “Come with me, I want to show you something. Then I will explain.” She took the hand he offered and walked by his side. As they approached an open door, he slid his arm around her and held her tightly.    “Don’t scream, or run.”  Lena looked at him puzzled but nodded. He lightly pushed open the door and there was Marcus in bed with some woman and Cell. Marcus was kissing Cell and then Lena saw what Lena was really not expecting. Don’t get me wrong; Lena was not expecting to see a tryst between Cell, Marcus and who she presumed was Marcia. But what she saw made her feel like she was in a movie on the sci-fi network.  The woman’s teeth seem to grow and she bit into Marcus. It appeared that his body reacted slightly, but he did not stop kissing Cell. Lena gasped and the sound caught Cell’s attention; he opened his eyes and stopped massaging Marcus to wave at her. Before Lena could respond Ren whisked her away to another room down the hall.

Once in the room Lena managed to pull away from Ren. Or it’s more likely to say that he let her go. While the tenderness in Cell’s kiss and touch aroused her, Lena was freaked; not only by what else she saw but her awakened desire. Lena could feel Ren behind her now. Not close enough to touch her, but close enough for her to feel his presence.  After a few moments he reached for her hand. Lena pulled away, but could not manage to move away from him. She could feel the smile spread across his face.

“You need time to process. I can deal with that, but I must have you.”  Lena used to think that the stories her grandmother told were fiction. Lena never believed that vampires existed. But if they’re real, there must be so many other things that are real that she didn’t want to think of.

“How must you have me? As Cell had Marcus or as that woman did?”

“Both, your body and your blood; your mind and soul. Your smell has made me want you from the first time I held you.”

“Will it hurt when you feed from me.”

“Probably, making love helps distract one from the pain.” He reached for her once more; this time Lena couldn’t move away. Her body was frozen in the spot she stood. Lena wasn’t sure if it was more fear of what she had gotten herself into or the shock of what she had seen and was apparently becoming a part of. The feeling of him behind her made her week in the knees. “Can I have you, tonight.”

“Why rush? Why now?”

“It’s you I’m fighting for. It would be nice to know if you are mine.”

“Are you mine?”

“From the moment our eyes met.”

“What do you mean you are fighting for me.”

“The night you walked into my club, I declared that no vampire could touch you. You were mine. I didn’t know that your smell would attract so many vampires that night.  That would include one who thinks he is as powerful as me. So he threatened to take you from me before I could feed. That is why I brought you here and showed you Marcus, with Cell and Marcia.”

“Before you could feed? What difference would that make?”

“You allowing me to feed on your blood would connect us. It would not be so easy for him to take you from me without me knowing that you were in trouble.

“Okay. So that is Marcia.”

“Yes, we need to feed on blood to stay alive. They have developed a loving relationship in addition to feeding.”

“Is that what you want for us?”

“I want more than just an emotional connection and an exchange of blood.”

“What do you want?”

“You forever, or as long as we live.”

“I always imagined myself with children.”

“That is not impossible. It may be dangerous for you, though. If they are my children anyway.”  Lena smiled for a moment and wondered how crazy she was to even consider this. And then, if vampires really did exist what else in the world of fiction was actually real? Lena shuddered to think of such horrors and he encircled his arms around her.

“I need to feed Yalena. Will I be with you tonight?”

“I need time. I want you so badly, but this scares me.”

“I know. It’s fine, no rush, Lena. Although, I will have to leave you soon. I need to feed before the club opens tonight. And I need you and Marcus to stay here. When we close up, you’ll be going home with me and Marcus will stay with Cell.”

“I can’t go home?”

“Not until I know it is safe for you to go home.” Lena figured she wasn’t going anywhere, so she plopped down on the bed and she had a thought.

“Hey, does Cell feed on Marc too?”

“Yes, that’s why when you see him at the end of the night he’s a little off. One human makes enough blood for one vampire but two. Marcus isn’t the only one, there’s a girl who comes to see them when Marcus isn’t here. You’ll probably meet her tomorrow. I will see you in a few minutes.”

“Before you go. Will you make love while you are feeding.”

“It makes it more fun, but no. I will make love to no one but you, unless you say otherwise.” Lena couldn’t help but smile. He kissed her on the cheek and inhaled. He stood up and was about to walk out of the door, but Lena grabbed a handful of his shirt, she just wouldn’t let go.

“Please stay with me.” He knelt down in front of her and kissed her lips longingly.

“I will be back.” He got up, but Lena would not let go. “Lena, I need to feed. Things can get dangerous for you if I do not feed.” Lena looked up at him, not able to do much else. “Can I have you now ?”   Lena could not speak but she let go of Ren’s shirt, slid back on the bed and laid her head on the pillow. As he knelt next to her, he smiled.  “You don’t have to do this now. We have time. You’re taking this all too calmly. That worries me.”    Lena  propped herself up on her elbows.

“I know I should be scared, but I’m not; well not of you any way. I’m not sure how to explain it… But you’ve had so many opportunities to have me; to hurt me or have your way with me, yet you waited for it to be my choice. I know you won’t willingly hurt me and that everything in life is a risk. I want this. I want you.” Ren smiled and kissed her as he gently pushed her back onto the pillow. “Two more things.”

“What is it?”

“Is this your room and will you change me after we have a child or children?”

“Yes this is my room here. And yes, I will change you when I feel that you’re ready and I am ready. I told you I want you for more than seven life times; as long as we live.” He smiled as he lowered his head to kiss her lips. “We’re not done talking. There is a lot to talk about. A lot you should know before I impregnate you or make you one of us. And we must finish the ritual that connects us.”   He stopped talking and kissed her neck, cheek and lips. His hand wondered all over her body as he kissed her, and her body tingled. Lena took both hands and held his face to hers. He pulled her hands away and climbed on top of her. He winked at her as he pulled down her skirt. He took off his shirt and Lena wasn’t disappointed by his rippling muscles. He unbuttoned his pants and removed them along with his boots before he returned his attention to her. He sat next to her and ran his index finger over her torso. Lena giggled a little as his finger tickled her.

“Ticklish are we.” Lena shook her head yes and he began to poke her, to get her to laugh. “We are going to have so much fun before I turn you.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes, I plan to enjoy feeding from you, because once I turn you, I could give you bites as fun, but feeding is not really going to happen and it will not be as fun. I will have to find feeders for both of us.” He passed his hand over her bosom before helping her take off her shirt. He kissed her lips, then slowly moved to kiss her neck. He unhooked her bra, then slowly pulled it from her as he put her nipple in his mouth. Lena couldn’t help but moan as he nibbled slightly while watching her face. Lena could see his teeth become longer right before her eyes. Then Lena felt the pinch as he bit her breast.

“Just a small bite.” He whispered to her. “You ok?”

“Yes.” He smiled as he continued to suck on the small cut. Then he plunged his tongue into her mouth. Lena could still taste a little of her own blood on his tongue as he kissed her. His fingers caressed the flesh between her thighs and her body bucked up. He pushed two fingers inside and played with her, rubbing her clitoris as his fingers moved in and out.  Lena  turned her head and moaned loudly. She could hear the rumble at the back of his throat.

“You are so wet.” He removed his fingers and plunged himself into her. He was so thick, she wasn’t sure she could take him but he pushed into her deeper and deeper. Sounds rumbled in Ren’s throat like she had never heard before. It sounded somewhat like a growl, but so much more of animalistic. Lena watched his face until he began to kiss her neck. As he pushed deep into her, his teeth pierced her skin. The pain was dulled by the pleasure Lena felt between her legs and the heat that burned inside her.

“Ohhhh, Lorenzo.” He paused from feeding to look into her eyes. His mouth was covered in her blood.

“You ok.”

“As okay as one could be with blood oozing out of the side of my neck.” He smiled faintly before returning to feeding. She closed her eyes and what she mostly felt was the pounding between her legs. It felt so wondrous. Lena moaned loudly before he stopped feeding and kissed her. He made her taste her own blood by such an act. It was warm still and had a metal and salty taste to it. She tasted her blood upon his tongue and lips. As he kissed her he thrusted deep inside her. Lena had given her body and blood to him now. There was no turning back.

“Yalena are you okay?”

“Yes.” He licked the excess blood from her neck. “I take it my blood tastes as wonderful as you imagined.”

“More so.” He growled satisfyingly before moving to lay next to her.   “I will do anything to protect you. You are mine; my Queen.”

“And you are my King.” They kissed again with such passion as he held her tightly in his arms. He felt so warm as her blood coursed through his body. Lena rested her head upon his chest to see if the stories are true. He chuckled lightly.

“How’s my heart beat?”

“It’s so faint, but I hear it. It’s very light almost like a flutter rather than a thump. And the rhythm is so slow.”

“Bet you thought I didn’t have a heart beat. But something has got to circulate your blood through my body.” He chuckled again as he gave her a squeeze. “Get into that bathroom, clean up and get dressed. Marcus will be here soon to take you to a room that would be more comfortable.”

“Okay, small problem. You tore my panties.”

“You’ll find in the bathroom a bag of clothes. I hope you like what I have picked out for you.” Lena sat up, a bit too quickly and her head began to spin.  “I should have told you to sit up carefully. You’re going to be a bit light headed. I apologize, I got a little greedy.”

“Try not to do that too often.” He smiled and nodded. Lena straddled him and kissed his lips.

“Not sure that I could make love to you again and not feed. Let’s not push it shall we.”

“That’s too bad. I am insatiable.”

“After I turn you, I will gladly make love to you until the sun comes up or goes down. Not before. I am not sure I have enough control to make love to you now without draining you dry.” He looked at her more serious as he said the last word and moved her from his lap. Her head had stop spinning so Lena got up and went into the bathroom. By the time she was finished cleaning up and getting dressed Ren was not in the room, but Marcus sat at the edge of the bed.

“You just couldn’t  listen to me and leave him alone. You had to have him didn’t you. So was it worth it?”

“Mmmm, lovely. It was ecstasy. I wish to be in his arms again.”

“And the feeding.”

“Painful, but sex, definitely took my mind off of it. Rather erotic. Speaking of erotic and sex, where is my sexy vampire.”

“You called.” As Lena asked for him, he walked through the door and stood before her. Dressed, but so sexy. She stood for a moment undressing him with her eyes. Remembering the man who had stood before her not long ago. Lena put her arms around his neck and kissed him longingly. “Don’t worry, you will have me every night as long as we live.” He kissed her lips one more time and pulled her arms from around his neck. “I must go. I will come and get you when I am ready to go to the penthouse .” Lena nodded and he disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“Shall we go?”

“Where are we going?”

“A room on the third floor. It’s actually pretty cool. They have already sent food and drinks up. One of the drinks you’ll have to get used to.”

“That dark thing, you and the rest of the club drink.”

“Yes, it’s really just a concoction that Ren came up with. It is suppose to nourish the body and help replenish the blood. He has a knack for cooking. Weird right? Vampires don’t eat.” 

They got to the room and Marcus was right, their food was already there and so were their drinks. It looked like they had planned on them to be there for a while. But it was comfortable. There was a large flat screen tv and comfortable chairs.

“Does this happen often.”

“Only when the council comes. Relax, it may be quite a few hours.”

Thank you for checking out Crimson Awakening. You can purchase this and the 2nd in the series The Return of Queen Yalena at the following links and more. 

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