My Summer Hulu Favorites

So far this summer I’ve been relaxing. I was so tired after this school year I needed a break. Plus I did a cleanse that took a lot out of me. My two shows right now are ‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’ and ‘The Librarians’.

I’ve always thought that BBC puts out strange but good shows. DGHDA is one of them. When I saw the title I was wondering what kind of show this would be. I knew it wouldn’t be the traditional show detective show. That was an understatement. It’s very beginning gives the appearance of a regular cop show. It starts with the victim, or who you think is going to be the victim. He’s late for work at a hotel where he, Todd is the bell boy. Todd is asked to check the penthouse. But he is not the victim at all.

Wait, so whose the victim?  What’s the case?

Todd is the center of all the weird things and connection that happen. The police think Todd committed the murder or is involved somehow with all the murders going on. Why would they think that? So far, and I’ve just started the series, his name comes up in four deaths.

We haven’t hit the strange yet, but we do get  hint of it. When we finally meet the detective, Dirk is coming into Todd’s apartment through the window. He doesn’t know much about the case at all. One of the questions he asks Todd is whether he has experienced anything strange. He said, Dirk that is, that Todd is the center of it and gets kicked out of Todd’s apartment in the process. Dirk’s favorite line and the thread throughout the episodes, ‘everything’s connected.’

Enjoy, but don’t get too attached. There is no season 3.😖

Now, The Librarians I have been watching for a few months. Originally, I just pinned it to my watchlist and didn’t pay it any mind. When I finally began to watch it, months later, I really enjoy the show. An actual library has a person who is tied to it. This person is the library and if you control that person you control the library. You’re probably thinking so what. Who cares that they control a library? This library is magical. It holds the treasures and magical items to protect them from getting into the wrong hands. In order to collect these items it, being the library,  hires someone. This person should they accept the job offer becomes the Librarian. My favorite of the 2.

What makes the show interesting to me is each episode takes a myth or fairy tale and connects it to an object that the Librarian must recover. Usually some where in all of this is either the Serpent Brotherhood or another bad guy who also wants the object. Probably sounds totally nerdy. I even got my daughter hooked on it. Hulu finally has season 3 so that’s what I’m about to watch.

What’s your favorite show?

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