Everything that Glitters

It was nice not having to drive south from New York all the way to Charlotte. Dominic was nice to enough to go with her all the way even though he needed to be in the studio. He would leave her soon for his tour.  Right now she was wrapped in his arms.

“I’m so nervous, Dominic.”

“Tati, what are you nervous about?”

“Dominic this is the first time you are meeting my family. They know we haven’t been seeing each other long.”

“Doesn’t matter. We’re in love. Don’t worry about it. They love you, they’ll love me. It will be fine.”

Soon after that they arrived. They were greeted by Malik, Tatiana Eves’ son.  “Mom.” He gives her a big hug.

“Hi Malik.”

“I’m glad you made it here safely.”

“Malik, you know I wouldn’t let anything happen to your mom.”

“You happened.”

While Dominic doesn’t reply to the comment he pulls Tatiana closer to him. Tatiana gives Malik her don’t be rude look.

“Dominic brought me safely. So, where is Shea?”

“She’s upstairs, I’ll go get her. Grandma and uncle Paul are in the kitchen.”

“Hi mom, uncle Paul.”

“Tatiana, you made it and in record time to.”

“That wasn’t me. Dominic had a driver bring us in one of those custom buses. He’s unhitching the car now.” Tatiana gives them both a hug before she says anything else. “Mom, uncle Paul, this is Dominic Gomez. Dominic, my mom and uncle Paul.”

“Nice to meet you all.”

“It’s a pleasure meeting you. We’ve been enjoying your music for years. We were so surprised when Tatiana told us that the two of you had been inseparable after your concert in New York.”

“My Tati is a beautiful woman. I saw her bright sparkling eyes in the crowd and had to get to know her.”

“Yes, we’ve heard. Are you two going to get married?”

“Uncle Paul.” Tatiana was hoping that they would at least sit down and try to make nice before inquiring about her relationship.

“Please Tatiana, you know how we feel about these new age relationships. A man and a woman who share a bed should be married.”

Before she could answer Dominic’s phone rings and he looks at the screen. “My apologies, I have to take this.”

“We can’t right now uncle Paul. We’re happy and that’s all that matters. We plan to be together for a while.”

“Hmmm, that wouldn’t have anything to do with his wife would it?”

“Only partially.  But she’s leading her own life with someone else. She told me that Dominic is too much of her for her to maintain being his manager and his wife.”

“That tells you something, Tatiana.” Paul takes a few steps to see where Dominic is in the house. He sees Dominic standing by the door engrossed in an argument. “Everything that seems wonderful isn’t.”

“Uncle Paul, I know that.”

“Do you?”

“Not like he knows what he’s gotten in return.” Tatiana leans against the counter in thought for a moment.

“Hey mom.”

“Shea, glad to see you.” The two give each other a hug.

“Glad you’re here, mom. See ya later. My shows on.”

“Of course, Shea.” Tatiana took a deep breath. “Has Malik been filling your heads with his suspicions?”

“You have a very intelligent boy, Tatiana. He senses things. If he say something isn’t right, it isn’t right.”

“Uncle Paul, mom, he treats me  like his queen. He cares for me and makes sure I have everything I could want and need. We love each other.”

“Please. That treatment and care hasn’t stood the test of time to be real. Does he even know?”

Before Tatiana could answer Dominic walked back into the kitchen. He smiles at everyone, but when his eyes meet his love the smile fades.

“No me mires así Tati. Sé que entendiste lo que dije. No te vas a creer Mariposa.” He looked for a response but got none. “Ella intentó robarme. Debe pensar que soy estúpida. Un idiota.”

“Please, Dominico. No hay emoción, tranquilo recordar.”

“Sorry to cut the family reunion short. I need Tatiana. We’ll come back later or tomorrow morning.”

“Let’s say in the morning. We’re staying in uptown.”  Dominic walked over and put his arms around Tatiana and kissed her cheek.

“Guess we’ll talk to you later, Tatiana. You didn’t even get to talk with Shea.”

Tatiana pauses. “Is there something wrong?”

“No, she misses you. You should spend some time with her.”

“I’m not going back to New York. I’ll talk to her tomorrow.”

“You all will have plenty of time with with her while I’m on tour to pick her brain about about us.”

That didn’t seem to ease the tension. Dominic wondered what was said while he was arguing with Mariposa. Had they noticed the changes in their beloved Tatiana?

“Mom see you tomorrow.” As Tatiana smiled and said good night her mom noticed that her daughter’s eyes were not as bright and shiny anymore.

Her family watched as Dominic walked with Tatiana arm in arm to the door. Tatiana leaned more and more in to  her love.

“Malik anything different about your mom since she’s been with Dominic?”

“She seems tired all the time. It takes her a few days to be herself and then he’s back. He doesn’t leave her side very long at all. Once he’s back she seems to lose much of herself after a couple of weeks. She still has her friends and her business. That hasn’t changed.”

When everyone looked again to the door, Tatiana and Dominic were standing there. It looked like Dominic was holding her up. One hand wrapped around her neck, the other over her heart.

“Dominic, enough please.”

He looked at her greedily. “It is hard to resist what you do to me.”

“If you don’t behave you’ll pay.” As his eyes met hers she winked and glanced over her shoulder. Dominic followed her gaze. Several pairs of golden eyes stared at him through the dark of the hallway.  Placing her hand over his mid section, Tatiana twirled her fingers into a fist and pulled her arm back. Dominic doubled over as  a red ribbon of energy streamed from him and flowed over Tatiana and disappeared.  “You can’t get greedy, the baby needs me too.”

Dominic looks up at his love as though he was seeing her for the first time and cringed.

“Oh dear. I would have shared my little secret if you had told me yours. Instead you just took from me without permission. Oh well, spilled milk and all. We belong to each other, now.”

“I would never hurt you Tati.” Dominic grunted and he tried to straighten himself.  “I gave myself to you as you did to me.” Tatiana begins to help Dominic up and puts his arm around her neck as they begin to walk out the door.  She turns to her family, “we won’t be early tomorrow. Brunch is probably best.” She winks at them before walking to the car in the front of the house.

Tatiana had hoped that her energy absorption wouldn’t have called the rest of her clan in the area. “Did you have to land on my car?”

“We had to make sure you were okay.”

“Please. As if. And still, my car?”  Tatiana help Dominic into the car and walked around to get into the drivers seat as the largest of the men reached in to push out the dent in the roof.

“Queen Tatiana, we’re hungry too.”

“Get your own. He’s mine and I have the little one to feed,” she replied as she gently rested her hand on her abdomen. Without another word the few that had gathered seem to dissipate into the night air.

Tatiana leaned over to kiss Dominic as he fearfully stared at her. “I do love the taste of you. I’ve given you so much of myself these last few months.”

“But, but, I thought…..”

Tatiana purred as she smiled. “My beloved Dominic, did you think you were the only monster here?” She chuckled to herself as she pulled off into the night.




Working on next months short story so stay tuned😉

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