The World of Dreamers

Peace & Love Everyone. 

I’m here with a new story installment. This short story is Romance/Sci-fy/fantasy.  That just seems to be what I’m writing nowadays. There will be several chapters, although I’m not sure how many.  I will post every other week until the story ends. 🔥🔥 Just so you know, some of the content is sexual and there is cursing. 🔥🔥  Comments are welcome.  Now, get comfortable.  Welcome to my World of Dreamers.

Chapter 1

She reached over and rested her hand on his chest. He raised her hand to his mouth and kissed it.

“Yes, my love.” His baritone voice rumbled in her head.

“Just wanted to see if you were still with me,” She thought to him. To herself, she asked why do I let him in? I cannot keep doing this if  I’m to finish my work.

“Mhm,” he mumbles while pulling her closer.

She couldn’t help but think that next to her he was sultry. His muscular form fit to her curves like he was her second skin.

She could not deny him now, but she refused to give him the whole night. Each time they made love, a series of questions would plague her before she decided to leave their dreaming.  Why does he being perfect for her seem to freak her out?  How is he doing this?  Why did I not contact him before? The questions just kept streaming through her consciousness. I’m pretty sure I went to bed alone, she thinks right before she tries to jump up.  His voice reverberates through her.

“Daphne, no.” She feels as though he envelops her and his grip tightens. “Time to stop running, mi amor.”

“I need more time Angelo and you just keep making  it harder for me to say no to you.”

“I know you need me. You can’t deny it.” There was silence for a moment as he kisses the back of her neck and nibbles at her skin. “Can you even see me?”

“Of course I can see you,” she pushed the thought to him as she thought to herself, of course, I need you, Angelo.

“Daphne, can you see me?”

Daphne knew what he was asking and didn’t want to answer him. If he knew, he would never allow her the time she wanted. She had not even figured out how much more time she needed away from him. Or how much time she could spare away from him. Separating her thoughts and what she thought to him used to be so easy. Now she was sure he heard all of her thoughts.

“No Angelo, you are just a dark shadow to me,” she sadly replied. She could say nothing else. Dreamers don’t lie to their mates. It had been established many years ago when they were children that he was her’s. Her mate.

“I need time, Angelo.”

“Daphne, we don’t have time. Either let me find you or you find me. You have yet to give yourself fully to me.”

“Soon,” echoed in his head as Daphne pulls away and the jerk wakes her up.

Daphne tries to sit up but can’t. She is tangled in her sheets. She had to slide a bit and reach for the lamp on the nightstand. It was bright now and she blinked and squeezed her eyes shut in an effort to help them adjust. Once they adjusted she looked around. Yep, back in her modern white with a little color, apartment. Everything was as it should be, quiet. Finally, she looked down to untangle herself. Her sheet and comforter were thrown or kicked to the edge of the bed. She was tangled in the fitted sheet.

Once she was untangled, Daphne sat up and curled her legs into herself, wrapped her arms around her knees and put her head on them.  She focused on her breathing. She took stock in her body. Her muscles ached, her legs throbbed at the meeting of her thighs. She felt tender all over. She wanted to go back to sleep and curl up with him. Still, she knew there were a few more things to do before she could truly connect to him.

“Fuck,” she yelled. There was no one there to answer. She was alone as usual, but in her dreams, he was there. Angelo had found her. Her Angelo. Why was she fighting this? Maybe she should just give in. If she did, her final list would be incomplete.

Daphne had been speaking with someone religiously for months in her dreams but didn’t remember. Then a little more then a month ago she woke up with a start as everything came flooding back. All he had done was touch her. His touch seemed to erase what ever spell he had woven to make her forget. The last time she had dreamed Angelo was when she was sixteen. She thought she had been keeping him at bay for a month, but almost six months had passed since he had started dreaming her. She had tried to keep him from touching and tasting her. She had wondered during the six months, why she was so drawn to the man who dreamed her? When she realized it was Angelo, everything made sense. It had been excruciating for her to keep them from becoming intimate. Daphne hungered for him immensely.

Daphne stretched before getting out of bed. She could not go back to sleep now. He would be waiting. Maybe in a short while.  She made a beeline for her kitchen to make sure she was hydrated. Took her time drinking two glasses of water. On her way to the bathroom, she looked into her full-length mirror. She was glistening all over. Her pinned up hair was now a mass of large braids everywhere. Her cap must have fallen off with all the lovemaking. She could see her stomach slightly swollen. Her body getting ready for their child after their bonding. If she didn’t bed him within the next thirty-six hours her body would shed the womb and start over.  Since she had no contact with her mate for over five years her body didn’t menstruate. Now it did. Over the last few months, her menstruation had been making her sick. Most of her kind had a child by her age. She had not. She had put off conception for years. She wasn’t supposed to be away from him that long. Her body would rebel until her first child.

“Oh, Angelo. Is it really you? Why can’t I see you at all?” She asked the air as she pulled out the bobby pins and tied her long thick braids into a big bun.

Daphne couldn’t help but think of him. He felt heavenly next to her and inside of her body as they lay in the dreaming together. She felt the heat of his body even though he wasn’t there with her. He had dreamed of her. How did he manage that? Daphne knew that her mate was not of her people. So how did he find her? One answer came to mind. MOM.


Stay tuned…..

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