Chapter 2:

Peace & Love Everyone!

Hope all is well with you all. Welcome back for Chapter 2 of ‘The World of Dreamers’. Hope you enjoyed the 1st chapter. Again comments are welcome. 🔥🔥 This story does contain some mature language and sexual situations🔥🔥

“You dreamed about him again didn’t you?”

“Tina, I don’t want to talk about it. We need to set up my schedule for next week.”

“Come on Daph, you gotta fill me in.”

“No, I don’t gotta do anything.” Daphne crossed her arms over her full bosom. She was trying not to think of him at all today now Tina had ruined that.

“I know you don’t like to talk at the office. How about lunch?”

Daphne shook her head as she looked around the main office through the glass walls.  “Why do I keep you as my assistant if you don’t know my schedule?”

“Ohhh, I forgot. Dinner then.”

“If Chance leaves my side. Maybe.”

“Daphne, darling.”

“Sure Chance just walk into my office unannounced.”

“Well your assistant here, was not at her desk,” Chance haughtily replied as he pointed at Tina. “Now let me look at you. Hmmm. Someone’s been getting some. You’re glowing.”

“Is it that obvious?” Fuck glowing, Daphne thought. I didn’t know people could see that. Or maybe people don’t see what I see.

“Well, people were whispering this morning about how you weren’t your usually bitchy self. They said you replied to their greetings. Derrick’s remark I really will not repeat, but it was basically, I told you so.”

“Thank you, Tina,” Daphne replied with disdain. She paused looking around her desk finally lifting a few papers. She grabbed a legal size envelope but still searched for her notebook. “Have a seat Chance, let’s get started.”

“You, keep thinking that I’m staying here in this stick up your ass, conservative office.”

“Keep your voice down,” requested Daphne.

Chance sucked his teeth. “Fuck you and fuck them.”

“Damn, you’re so dramatic. And fuck you too.”

“Oh look at Miss Thang. But you know I don’t swing your way right?” Chance paused to watch Daphne smirk and roll her eyes. “Anyway, it makes you money so stop complaining. Tina grab your TN and find Miss Thang’s TN and meet us at the elevator. Let’s go. This place drains all the thrill from you the longer you stay.”

“So maybe we should sit,” Daphne replied slowly getting up from her seat.

Chance didn’t reply but crossed his arms in front of him.

“Standing reservation here we come.”

 Chance’s driver took them to their usual Japanese spot on tenth and fifty-first street. They were shown their usual table by the window at the front of the restaurant.

“Ms. Jones, will you be having your usual?”

“Yes, but instead of the okra, I’ll have the tempura crab.”

“I’ll have my usual,” stated Chance when the waitress turned to him.

“I need to look at a menu first.”  You should have seen the servers face. She knew Tina didn’t need a menu.

“Tina.” Chance and Daphne shout-whispered together.

“Baby girl don’t even go get one,” Chance said to the waitress. “Now, Tina we’ve been coming here twice a month for the last year. Why don’t you have a go to? It’s not like you order anything different after seeing the menu.”

“I may want to taste something different.”

“Yeah right. Please, heffer.” Chance turned toward the waitress, “Ms. Amanda, please bring Tina her usual and a round of Pinot for everyone.”

“Yes, sir.”

Tina sucked her teeth. “What’s the rush?” Tina looked at Daphne.

Daphne shrugged her shoulders and turned towards Chance. “Chance?”

“I want to show you my new set up before you tell me not to sign the contract.”

“Chance, we’ve discussed this. But since you’re hell-bent on taking the contract I’ve made amenable changes to it. If they sign it everyone wins. If you sign the other contract, you’re screwed.”

“Of course, Ms. Thang. Still, you’ve got to see my new show. I’ll get you tickets.”

Daphney rolled her eyes before sipping on the wine the wait staff just brought.

“What kind of name is Daphne for a Black woman anyway?”

“Chance we are not discussing that again.”

“You don’t even look like a Daphne.”

“Okay, one of those days,” Daphne murmured as she signaled for her second drink to be brought to her.

“Yes one of those days, bitch.  Still, you haven’t told us about lover boy.”

“Yeah Daph, tell us.”

“Tina, you know I hate the nickname ‘Daph’.  And Chance I don’t want to discuss him.”

“Girlfriend you ain’t getting off that easy. Spill. What does he look like? How does he sound? Is it him?”

“I don’t know what he looks like.”

“Sorry, what are you talking about?”

“I couldn’t see him. He was covered in a shadow.”

Chance steepled his hands and smiled behind them before he leaned forward. “Has that ever happened?”

“No Chance. Never.” Daphne sulked a little while the table was filled with their food. “I have always been able to see the person I’m dreaming,” she said when it was just them again.

“As long as I’ve known you you’ve had a gift. No detail escapes you.”

“Tina, I can still tell you about his bedroom or his apartment. But anything about him physically, nothing more than a muscular shadow.”

“How long has the shadow been happening?”

“From the time he found me. Chance I need you to drop this topic. Tell us about your show.”

“Wait. He found you? I thought he couldn’t do that.”

“Chance, these last few months he’s been initiating the dream. He wanted to know why I didn’t dream him if my gift was unbound.”


She started to try to explain it to Tina, but Chance cut in. “Let me. Ever since a child Tina, Daphne could visit and talk to people in dreams. As a child, Angelo was her dream playmate. But her mom thought she was cutting herself off from life and getting too comfortable with Angelo.”

“You see for us Dreamers, like me, our first dreaming is our mate. I dreamed Angelo. We would talk and play together in the dreaming. It was enough for me. If I wasn’t playing with my older brother  I was in my room by myself. I didn’t feel the need for a lot of friends. My mom got worried. Most of us get our gift between eleven and fifteen. I was seven.

“My mom didn’t even know I knew about going to have my dreams bound. But the night before we went to our senior Dreamer, I played and said goodbye to Angelo.”

“Wait, wait, wait. I thought usually by some mysterious circumstances, a Dreamer actually meets their mate before their twenty’s?”

“They do Chance. But I had my dreams blocked again when I was sixteen. The older you are when they’re blocked the longer it lasts. I said goodbye to Angelo again after my sixteenth birthday. If there is no connection, partners can’t find each other. My block lasted a few years short of a decade.

“Even when it came back, I never dreamed Angelo. About six months ago he dreamed me. He was angry that I could sleep without dreaming him. He said that our separation wasn’t supposed to last this long.

“I didn’t remember most of it for a few months. He said he didn’t want me to block him again, so he had help making me forget.” Daphne pause for a moment trying to gather herself. “I really wished you left it alone. I told you I didn’t want to talk about it.”

Chance touched Daphne’s hand and she looked up, tears were streaming down her face.

“Please just leave it. Please.”

“Daphne, what’s wrong?” Daphne didn’t answer Tina but continued to eat.

“Tina, Dreamers shouldn’t be without their mates past their teen years. They are also not part of our world. They are a gift from the heavens. You don’t usually meet a Dreamer in person. They are the energy in the background. They are muses to musicians and other artists in their dreams. And the energy that creates a loving community. They go where they are needed, where they feel the positive energy in short supply and they dream different people to help them find balance in their lives.

“The connection a Dreamer has with their mate is what they need to help positive energy grow. It also keeps their energy balanced. Daphne here has ignored her mate for way too long as she chased being an entertainment lawyer. Now that her mate has found her, she has to follow her destiny.”

“Daphne, it can’t be that bad. It sounds beautiful.”

Daphne wondered how Chance knew so much about her kind. She had never told him that much. “Okay Tina, then you give up your dream of filling my shoes at the firm and go home, stay there and only help people with their dreams.”


“Dreamers’ partners take care of their Dreamer’s needs as they fulfill their place in the world with peace and love. Angelo would have to give up a lot too. Maybe not as much.” Daphne knew she could no longer stay away from Angelo. She needed him now. Her body and heart ached for him. Now that she had connected with him she was beginning to feel as though half of her were missing when he wasn’t around. She hadn’t felt that before Angelo started dreaming her. She had started to feel as if she could live without him. “Chance how do you know so much?”

“There are volumes in the Strand dedicated to your kind and what they do here on earth.”

Daphne raised her eyebrows while she thought ‘wow volumes on my people.’ The table was quiet now. Everyone wrapped in their own thoughts. Daphne knew her time was limited now. She had made love to Angelo in their dreaming. He would find her soon and she would assume her Dreamer duties.

“Wait, Daphne. How did Angelo find you?”

“My mom lead him right to me. Only she could make me forget reconnecting with him. She grows tired of me shirking my responsibilities and vowed to connect us.”

“Damn,” exclaimed Chance.

“It’s not so bad Daph. You’ve been lonely for so long.”

“Yes, I have. The price of following my dreams, Tina.” Now I can no longer avoid him, Daphne thought to herself. I need to feel Angelo. The more she thought about him she knew that she needed to dream and connect with him. It had been way too long and she had been feeling the effects of being alone for longer then she would like to admit.

They finished the rest of their meal in silence. Each person wrapped in their own thoughts. Chance was the first to get ready to leave.

“By the way, thanks for the contract. I hope they sign it,” Chance stated as he got up and gathered his things to leave.

“No problem, that’s what I’m here for.”

They said their goodbyes. Daphne and Tina usually stayed a little longer to discuss how Tina could help with a client for the week. There were certain things they didn’t speak of in the office.

“So what do you need boss?”

Daphne explains the client list for the week and what each client needed. “I’m going to take the rest of the week off. I need time. Complete the contracts for me and set conference calls for next week. You can courier the contracts to each person.”

“Sure. I’ll email you the files when I’m done.”

Daphne was finally coming to terms with her role in life. She could still help her special clients and complete her responsibilities as a Dreamer. Now, she couldn’t wait to feel her Angelo. She wonders if her mom helped him, why didn’t he just come to her?

Stay tuned………

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