The World of Dreaming

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Hope you’ve been enjoying, ‘The World of Dreamers’. Here’s chapter 4. Feel free to leave comments. ** This has Mature Content**


Chapter 4

Daphne couldn’t help but look around the room. She couldn’t believe that she had not physically visited his place since he started dreaming her. It was similar to hers in that it was a modern design and white seemed to surround them. But in Angelo’s apartment from what she could see, his home had color. The chair across from the bed, the sheets and covers were all brilliant colors of blues and deep purples. There was even a little red thrown in.  She like it. Daphne took a deep breath and laid back in the bed.

“I’m sorry for not reaching out sooner. I just didn’t want you to claim me. Still, it appears you have.”

“Yes, I have. I’ve stood before the council for you. It was the only way your mother would teach me.”

“Of course it was. Good old mom.”

“Daphne, she’s only looking out for you.”

“I know. It’s just…..I have one more person I need  to reach out to as a client. Their lawyer has backed them into a bad deal.”

“So you’re telling me you’re planning to continue going into the office after we’ve mated?”

“No and not full time. I’ll work from home.”

Both Daphne and Angelo were quiet for a while. Daphne couldn’t help but gaze up at Angelo. She could see how his childish features developed into a gorgeous man. His high cheekbones and full lips accented his dark eyes and straight nose. She wanted to gently caress each as she looked at him but didn’t want him to know she was staring. His chiseled arms held her close to his muscular chest. Her mom was right. Angelo was a dream

“My Angelo.” she whispered. Daphne heard him chuckle as he kissed the top of her head.

Laying there in his arms made Daphne glad that he found her. She needed him now more then she was willing to admit. But how did she get here. Very few Dreamers can materialize to the place of their mates or dreams. Since she had not had enough energy to go to him, it made it even more difficult. It was exhausting. She pulled the blanket up and tried to get closer to Angelo’s warmth.

“You cannot sleep my love. We are not bound.”

“Just a nap. A short one, please. I will be no good to you without one.”

“Daph, I know you’re beyond tired, but if you dream and are not bound to me….”

“The Chaser can call me to him in my apartment.”

“So, please? I’ll even help you get more comfortable,” Angelo pleaded as he took the blanket from her. She shivered a bit. “You will have me for warmth, my love.”

Daphne hesitated as she lay on her back and gave Angelo the blanket. She shivered a little until his body covered her. As she smiled up at him she thought of the dancing emoji. He was there right in front of her eyes. No more screens or thousands of miles between them.

“I never stopped loving you Angelo. I just needed time.”

“I’ve always loved you, Daphne. But it’s been several years since the block fell away. Have you not thought of me?”

“Yes my love. I checked in on you almost everyday before you found me. I just never connected to you?


“Yes, and I hated seeing you with other women. Only three in the ten years though, not bad. You tried to control yourself. Which makes me assume men cannot go without a woman. Thank God you finally found me.”

Daphne reached up to kiss Angelo’s lips, then his chin and chest. He leaned more into her enjoying her attention. She knew that he had waited years to have her. She could feel his excitement. Then he kissed her longingly. As Angelo lowered his body she could feel the heat from him. His body would provide whatever she needed. Now she needed his warmth to help her body heal.

After kissing for a time Angelo began to kiss lower and lower. Her neck and the valley between her breasts. He kissed, licked and nibbled her skin before taking a nipple into his mouth. His hands caressing her body, pinching and kneading. When he reached the apex of her thighs he spread her legs with his knee and knelt before her. He played with her and watched her body’s reaction to each stroke and pinch of her clit. She could see that he was excited by her love being wet and full. Daphne breathed deeply as he caressed her. When his touch flicked and mouth sucked her flesh she tensed. He would insert his tongue and before  his finger stroked her, sending her body in to ecstasy with each touch, each lick and each nibble. 

Daphne would no longer keep still. She felt her body throbbing from his attention.  She quivered beneath him as she held his head to her mound. When she let go and breathlessly whispered his name he looked up with a smile. After one more kiss  of her clit he wiped his face on her thigh and gently bit her. Then he raised himself and knelt between her thighs rubbing his head at her entrance.

“Angelo, I, a Dreamer give myself to you, my mate freely and willingly.”

He winked at her before sliding into her. Daphne gasp. She was not ready for the feeling of his length inside of her or the wealth of emotions that came with it.

“I promise my Dreamer, that as her mate I will care for her needs and be there to love her, always.”

He brought his body to meet hers. Grabbing her hand, he looks soulfully into her eyes before kissing her lips. They were now one. Daphne finally stopped shivering and something felt as though it clicked inside her. Angelo paused and looked down at her as if he felt it too.

“The council knows. I’ve never understood that. Still, our bonding with begin soon.”

He kissed her cheek before repositioning himself behind her and turning her body. His length  never left her and she didn’t utter a sound as he bent her leg and slid his hand around to caress her clit. Angelo’s motion never change and he wasn’t rough with her. He manipulated her body to the way he wanted to feel her. His rhythm was steady and strong. 

With each stroke he began riding her harder and faster. One hand was laced into hers above her head while the other held her body to his as  though each stroke or thrust would send her rebounding away from him. Daphne moaned for him and called his name. When he came it felt like her body opened up to accept all that he offered before she climax. Right at that moment it would seem as though a searing light  encircled and blackened each of their wrists with such piercing pressure that Daphne almost screamed. Angelo shifted to the side so that he could hold her to him.  When the burning pressure stopped he let go of her hand, they looked at their wrist. Each wrist was now black. It was as though the burning light scorched identical bands around each of their wrists and ring finger.

“If you hadn’t taken so long, it wouldn’t be so painful.”

“Sorry my love. Should I wrap them?

“Your mom said that wouldn’t help them heal. She did give me a salve for it.”

“Without wrapping our wrist it would get everywhere.”

“Are you okay?” He asked breathing deeply. She could see the pain in his face.

“I will be. So much for me to take in less then twenty four hours.”

Angelo began to kiss her neck and shoulder, lightly bitting her each time. “I’m not done with you. I’m still so hard.”

“Do you want a child with me?”

“Didn’t know there was a choice after we made love in the dreaming and now. I thought you were.”

“Dreaming love doesn’t impregnate. It must be followed with the physical act. Still, the body begins to prepare once a couple is intimate in their dreams.”

Angelo turned her head to kiss her lips. “How long after a baby can you get pregnant again?”

“Are you planning to have a lot of children with me?” Daphne giggled.

“Maybe. Just answer the question.”

“It depends on how strong the body is after the baby is born. It could be six months before I can conceive. Maybe a year, maybe several.”

“I was thinking three or four children.”

“Most mated couples have two. I only know of one couple with four kids and they’ve been mated since she was twenty. We’ll see.”

Angelo smiled at his mate and leaned down to kiss her. Pain slid across his face when his wrist began to bend before he could hide it. Although that did little to stop him. “I’ve waited so long for  you. Once isn’t enough.” He rocked slowly back and forth. A few times Daphne saw his pain as he looked into her eyes. There was no way he could hide it from her. 

“Angelo, I can see the pain with almost every stroke. Let me help. You don’t have to bare it alone.”

“You feel so good to me, Daphne. Don’t worry. I don’t want you to feel any of the pain.”

“Then let me use the ointment and wrap our wrists.”

“I don’t want to un-sheath my myself.”

“Fine, then kneel between my legs” As he did, Angelo pushed into Daphne a little more. 

She inhaled between her teeth. “Mhmm. Behave Angelo.”

She opened the salve slowly, trying not to cause any more pain knowing that he would feel it all. She used her fingers to smooth it over the wrist he gave her. “The pattern is so beautiful.” When she had covered every inch of the bond she wrapped it and taped the end of the gauze to itself. She tried to reach for Angelo’s unwrapped hand but he wouldn’t let her.

“Let me wrap one of yours then you can finish.”

She smiled at him and gave him her hand. He began to cover her bond. His touch was so gentle as he covered every inch of the wide designed band that circled her wrist. Then he wrapped her wrist careful not to pull it too tight and put on the tape. Before she could take his hand, he pulled out a little from her canal and forcibly pushed into her. Daphne almost dropped the salve. He rocked back and forth the same way a few times. She watched him breathlessly as he  took the salve and finished wrapping her wrist and ring finger. Only then would he allow her to finish wrapping his bond.

Angelo gladly had his way with his beloved mate a couple more times before she began to close her eyes.

“Hun, before I go to sleep, can you please check the wards?Also, make sure the windows are shut.”

“Yes my love,” he replied getting up from the bed. He did exactly as she asked. Then he lit a rose and lavender incense and made sure that the lavender pillow was against the threshold of the door.

“Angelo, I need  you to connect to me again. You must guard me in this sleep. I so need the rest but I have no doubt that he will come for me in my sleep. I’m so tired. I’m not sure I can fight it.”

“I can go with you?”

“No, stay in  your own dream. When or if you feel me pull away you must wake me.”

“I’ve heard of this. It’s so strange.”

Daphne smiled. “We are bonded in love and that is how you protect me. We’ll dream together at first. I’m hoping that is where I stay. Should there be another portal, don’t follow. Just keep watch and make sure we stay as one.”

“Got it, sleep, watch over you and if need be, fuck you like our lives depended on it, cause it may. Got it.”

Daphne chucked but turned her back to Angelo and wriggled closer to him. He pulled her into his body and gave her a squeeze. “I love you.” He whispered as he enter her again. Keeping a slow gentle rhythm as his length hardened and filled her up. Then he relaxed, pinning her under him.  “God, I want you so bad.”

“And you shall have me in our dreaming.”

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