The World of Dreamers: Chapter 5

Peace and Love Everyone.

Hope you’ve been enjoying the journey with Daphne.

Chapter 5

It didn’t take long for Daphne to dream. In her dream as in reality Angelo was wrapped around her. She relaxed into him. She would have drifted further into the dreaming had he not begun to make love to her.

“Oh Angelo,” she exclaimed. “You couldn’t wait?”

“No, I have yet to be sated. I was abstinent for several  years, waiting for you.”

“I am sorry for making you wait for me. I should have come to you sooner.” She paused for a moment enjoying how her love felt. “I take it mom didn’t like the girls?”

“She said the binding was sacred and that I should not enter any other besides  you.”

Daphne smiled. He had honored her by not looking for release. Now she must let her lover have her as much as he desired. 

“Do you know if my guys have helped you create.”

“You mean am I pregnant yet?”


“It could take up to seventy two hours before anything happens.”

“So is that a no?”

“The cells have begun their formation. I am with child.” She couldn’t help but smile to think he was so eager to have a child with her.”

Angelo kissed the back of her neck and thrusted with earnest. Daphne pushed back. She leaned into her lover’s energy and closed her eyes. She reveled in his touch and embrace. Energy creating energy is a beautiful thing.

Their physical act in reality bled through into their dreaming. It often amplified it. Making love was different here. It wasn’t just his long thick shaft inside her connecting them. In their minds’ dimension two souls joined each other. Bodies merge. More like balls of energy temporarily fusing to become one big ball of light between the two of them. She couldn’t determine where Angelo’s energy ended and hers began. Making love in the dreaming was definitely something to experience. She was glad that she had felt him in her dreams before they joined physically. It seemed to make her dreaming and reality with him  more intense.

Daphne let herself enjoy their connection. At least until she noticed the aura in her dreaming change. She opened her eyes. Daphne extended her senses through the mental replica of Angelo’s room before turning to see the disturbance. It looked like ripples moving through the air. She had never noticed it before. It was a small tunnel forming from a pin prick. She stopped moving in sink with Angelo and pulled lightly at his arm. He kissed her neck and pulled away slightly from her. Just enough to reach down and pull up the sheet. He took a moment to feel his body. In reality he was still wrapped in his mate. His body held her tighter and pushed into her.

The two watched as the pin hole became a pen size hole. Daphne tried to think of everything she was taught of dreaming. Nothing she had learned told her how to stop someone from infiltrating your dreaming. The opening became large enough for them to see a face. Daphne wasn’t happy that someone was infringing on her dreaming with Angelo.   If only she could see the  chaser more clearly.

Daphne thought of making the hole larger so that she could get a clear look at the Chaser but that would give the Chaser an invitation to her dreams. Then he would always have a way in.

“I see you have bound yourself to him. With all the protesting and tears I thought for sure you would be mine a little longer. After all these years the two of you find a way to be together.”

Daphne knew that voice. She would’ve  had trouble making out any other voice but his. Voices coming through dreams were often muffled. Like they had been thrown into a tunnel instead of just being spoken from a person or being. Due to the size of the hole, Daphne figured that Chance hadn’t been feeding from multiple Dreamers. He was strong but not stronger then she was. It was also possible that he was trying to fool her into making a mistake.

Daphne pulled herself back into her body a little to check Angelo’s home. She would hear any changes. If there were any. She could still smell the incense burning, so she knew the wards were still up. Best not to give him enough time to find them.

“You’re not going to speak with me Daphne? After all the years we’ve spent together. All the secrets. I knew you over a decade before I found out who you really were. It was an accident really. I never thought you would leave your wards out in the open. Ever wonder what happened to the rest?”

“Are you just going to talk and waste time?” She was pretty sure he was.

“You may be bound, but I can still recognize your energy enough to find you. I can’t control that really. I need you to survive. Now all I need…”

“Is to know where I am,” Daphne replied as she clapped and flattened the portal. She could still hear Chance laughing on the other side. She gave herself a jolt by sitting up, startling Angelo out of his sleep in the process. “We’re not safe here. I can’t sleep here without putting you in danger. Angelo, I must sleep.”

“I can work from anywhere and if you choose, so can you. I’ve been preparing a place for us for over a year now. Your mom and brother have been a great help. Anything in your apartment you must have?”

Daphne thought for a few minutes. “No. I can replace what I need. I don’t store any information on my home laptop and I wear my drive.”

“That’s what that is? I thought it was a odd pendant.” He began to examine the flash drive on the chain around Daphne’s neck.

“Well Angelo, no one is suppose to recognize it as a drive.” She chuckled again before she continue. “My money has always been in cash at my mom’s and she also has my card. But mom has moved several times and my childhood home has long been sold.”

“As I’ve said, your mom has been helping me. We just need to wait them out and make sure no one sees us leave. Wait so if your mom has your bankcard, how do you get money and buy things?”

“I mostly shop online and I use Apple pay a lot. That’s why I needed to erase my phone.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Angelo, I’m so weary.”

“I know, love. No sleeping though. Let’s get some food in you and a cup of tea.” Angelo got up and pulled on a pair of sweats before heading to the kitchen.

“Sure. Have any clothes I can wear?”

“There are a couple of maxi dresses and lingerie in the top left draw of the armoire.”

“I don’t wear..”

Angelo cut her off. “Not like I knew that. But we’re home. For now anyway.” 

Daphne got out of bed and opened the chest. She went through the dresses finally picking the long cotton purple one. She slipped it on smoothing it over her before resting her hand on her round belly where her body emanated warmth. 


She smiled. “Coming.”

“I think this should be fine for now. Hopefully we’ll be able to get something after we leave.”

“Where are we going?”

“Our new home on Long Island. I know you’ll love it. Most important, we’ll be safe when we sleep. He won’t be able to steal your energy there.”

“Okay… Angelo, I need a secure network where I can erase my phone.”

“See what’s on Netflix, I’ll get my laptop.”

Daphne was happy to be with Angelo. Finally they were together after more than a decade of separation. Still, she couldn’t help but think she put them in a bad position by waiting. On top of that she unknowingly sired a Dream Chaser.

“Focus on now beautiful,” reminded Angelo as he sat beside her and handed her the laptop.

Daphne smiled and gently kissed his cheek. “It’s a little hard to see anything else right now. We can’t sleep here and were both exhausted.”  They were quiet for a few minutes while Daphne worked to erase her phone.

“Has Chance ever met your mom or brother?”

“No, I always went home alone. When we came home to visit, mom always insisted we sleep in a windowless room. She always had a room designed just for revitalizing sleep. We rarely dreamed more than each other there. We discussed the latest decrees from the Dreamers council.”

“She took me to one. That’s where your mom got permission to teach me. I was told that they had to make sure I wasn’t a threat to you or them.”

“Sounds like the council. But I don’t blame them after the danger I brought to us.”

“We need to get moving. Your mom should have reached my car. Let me check the hall.”

“I know you’re not opening that door. And when did you message mom?”

“No, cameras. After you physically arrived.”

Daphne followed Angelo to the room. He pulled out a desk on wheels from the closet and switched through the cameras. He could check his car in the garage and the hallway on his floor.”

“How far up are we? Where are we?”

“We’re in midtown, ninth avenue. The penthouse. We can use the private elevator instead of the one in the hallway. No need to put ourselves at risk if we don’t have to.” He point to around the corner from the room. “We should be fine. The garage doesn’t stay open long enough for two cars to come in and you need a pass to use any door. People here don’t let anyone in they don’t personally know. Of course you can walk into the garage but there’s no way out without a key or code. So if they got into the building, they were let in.”

“If he didn’t find the building, he found the area. There wasn’t enough time to find the apartment or the building. Good thing this is the first time I’ve slept here. We just need to get to the car.”

“My love, the network of Chasers is much more sophisticated. They could have a doorman or custodial staff in many different buildings. They know the signs of a Dreamer’s presence. We’re not going to take any chances. We’ll use the elevator from the apartment.”

“How many Angelo’s live in this building?”

“I’m not listed under Angelo. Unless you know where a person lives, you have to ring every buzzer. There is no list of occupants except the main office. Which isn’t in this building.”

I had continued to watch for mom. Finally she came out from the private elevator area and went to the car. She signaled five twice. “Mom just signaled five twice. I’m assuming she means ten minutes.”

“No, ten men walking around the building. They don’t have access to the parking lot yet.”

“She just got into the back seat.”

Angelo began to shut down the computers and screens. “We move now. They will figure out how to get in the garage.”

Angelo grabbed her hand and walked to the front door. He slid the heavy metal bar across the door and frame before securing both bolts. Then, pulling her he walked back through the kitchen. On the side of the pantry was the elevator. They got in and Angelo inserted and turned his key.

“No one can get in here unless they scale the building. Or break the door down.”

“So why are we leaving if it’s so secure?”

“No way to sleep without him tapping into your dreams.” He held Daphne close as the elevator glided down the twenty floors. 

The doors opened to the back of an empty parking garage. The two walked the back wall so that no one could see them from the two entrances without entering. They got into the car safely and locked the doors before they pulled off. As they waited for the garage door to open, five men walked into the garage. Daphne slid down into the chair as not to be seen.

“Daphne scoot further down.”

“Mom, I can’t go anymore unless I’m sitting on the floor.”

“Well, maybe. I think we’re as good as we can be. My hair is covering what the baseball cap isn’t.

“We’ll see how far we get before I pull over for mom to drive.”

“Doesn’t really matter. Neither of you can fall asleep until we reach the room.”

“Mom did you get me any coffee?”

“I wasn’t ordering that long concoction drink for you.”

“But you want me to stay up. I need something.”

“Angelo, turn right at the next light and pick up Matt. He went to get your almond caramel frap whatever. And don’t go filling my grand with all the caffeine and junk.”

“I know it’s just….We bonded and barely got a wink before he intruded.”

“I’m so sorry baby. You’ll be safe soon. Although I must say Angelo you spent a lot to keep my girl safe. You never told me what you do.”

“My brother and I are investors. What we own isn’t in our given names. Mom didn’t want our given names to be in public record and we’ve never used them. You and your daughter are the only ones who know me as Angelo. Well, and Matt of course. All of my documents say Jesus Hernandez.”

Angelo pulled right in front of Matt who jumped into the front seat. Daphne had slid to the back with her mom at the traffic light trying not to be seen.

“I know it’s longer but I’m going to take the Queenboro Bridge.”

“I don’t blame you. You can switch with either of us when you’re ready.”

“Okay. Right now we got a tail. Matt, look in the glove compartment and hand me the glasses and the kango.” Angelo put on the glasses and slipped his ponytail under the hat.  Now just take out the orange box. Hold it while I open it.” Angelo reached in and pulled our some horrible looking teeth.

“I spare nothing in protecting my love.” He put in the buck teeth and Daphne and her mom just stared. He looked like a different person.”

“Wow,” Daphne said.

“Seats don’t talk. Sit still on the floor and sip your drink.”

“Shut up, Matt.”

“I don’t see any cops tailing us, just a van and a blue Toyota..”

“Mom that’s Chase’s car.”

“The van is about to pass, everyone play it cool.”

The van sped up a little to pull up next to them. Daphne wanted to see but decided it was best for her not to move. She was anxious sipping my frap and trying not to go to sleep. After about thirty to a hundred agonizing seconds Matt filled her in.

“So they pulled back a bit. We’ll see what happens once we’re off the bridge. Daphne don’t move. I’m pretty sure you can take off the blanket.

Daphne had always hated cars that needed a lot of gas, like v8 engines because they were not good for the environment. This time she was glad Angelo had one. Sitting on the floor was tight but not as tight as it would have been in the smaller vehicle.

“Well the van has turned off to our right but the car is still there. I don’t think he believed him. Angelo, you okay to drive?”

“Not much longer, Matt. Even with the black coffee you bought me. We’ll need to switch but I don’t want him to see that even with the disguise.”

“Let’s see how long  he’ll follow. He’s got to be tired too. He’s been up longer then we have, searching for you all night.”

“Mom, I hope you’re right.” 

They drove a couple more miles before  Chance’s car pulled up along side the Land Rover. He looked into the car twice, frowned and pulled a left right on the yellow light. As Matt gave Daphne the details, he said that Chance looked pist.

“I don’t want to stop so soon because he’s still watching, but I’m so exhausted.”

“Hang in their Angelo.”

“We’ve only got a few more miles before we hit the  BQE. There’s a gas station on your right. You can pull in their and stretch your legs. We’ll switch there. Still, keep your disguise.”

“Yes, mom.”

“Angelo, I’m starting to see the gauze from under your shirt sleeve. You can’t roll up your sleeve. The gauze might be a dead give away.”

“So true. Thanks for reminding me.”

“Let’s focus, we could have one more tail.”

Daphne groaned. 

“Matt really?”

Since they weren’t sure and Angelo needed a break they pulled in to the gas station to switch positions. Matt got in to the drivers seat and waited until Angelo closed the door before saying anything.

“The guys by the door were looking us up and down. I saw them make a call before they got back into their car. If they don’t follow we’re good. I don’t believe their sure enough to.

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