The World of Dreamers: Chapter 6

Peace & Love Everyone!

I hope you’ve been enjoying ‘The World of Dreamers’. I certainly have enjoyed exploring this new world and the characters. 


“Matt really?”

Since they weren’t sure and Angelo needed a break they pulled in to the gas station to switch positions. Matt got in the car and started it. He waited until Angelo closed the door before saying anything.

“The guys by the door were looking us up and down. I saw them make a call before they got back into their car. If they don’t follow we’re good. I don’t believe they are sure enough to.”

Long Island wasn’t that far from NYC that it should have taken so long. It was worse that it became such an emotional roller coaster for the new couple. Daphne could barely stand once they pulled into the garage. Angelo was only a little better. Both her mom and Matt helped them into the house and down the stairs. Once they went through the wards Daphne said she couldn’t walk much further. In spite of his fatigue, Angelo picked up his beloved and walked into the warded room. Matt had opened the door for them as well as sealed it behind them.

“Now that they are safe, where are we suppose to sleep?”

“Matt there are two small chambers behind you. Take the larger one for you and Patience. I’m going to lock up the house and come back. I also wanna check the cameras and turn up the A/C.”

Samantha, Daphne’s mom walked the first floor. She put the manual lock on the garage before checking the windows and setting the alarm. Then she went to check the second floor. 

“Mom, is that you? I thought I heard the garage.”

“Yes Patience. We made it back. Matt is in the chamber. I’m sure he’d love to know your here.”

“He’ll dream me when he’s rested.”

“Patience, Matt has had a long day and so have I. You need to tend to your mate.”

Patience huffed and puffed as she got up to go downstairs. “Ain’t no tending ever got us a big house.”

Sam shook her head as she watched Patience go down the stairs. Then she made her rounds. She lock all the windows on the second floor. She wasn’t sure why the windows were open or why Patience was upstairs in the first place. Sam even closed the bathroom window and turned off the tv that was left on.

Before Sam returned downstairs she flashed through each room and area to see what the cameras were showing. She wanted to make sure no one was walking around outside. Then she turned up the A/C and set the wards with a wave of her hand. Once again she walked the first floor and check doors and windows. As she hit the basement steps she set the upstairs motion detector and descended the stairs. She entered her chamber. A mattress lay on a platform frame covered with soft sheets and furs. Angelo would treat her daughter well she thought.

In Daphne’s chamber her and Angelo were curled into each other fast asleep. They were already dreaming each other. As they slept they reached and clutch each other.

“Angelo, ”Daphne called in his head.

“My love. Are you okay?”

“It’s so peaceful after the day we had. I know it’s not over.”

“No, but you’re safe. We are safe.” He rested his hand over her abdomen. He could finally see a small glow over Daphne. “The baby is growing.”

She smiled. “Yes.” They both returned to their own consciousness and slept.

Early in the morning Daphne dreamed Tina. She never had before and needed to know if she could really trust her.

“Tina,” Daphne’s voice echoed in Tina’s head. In Tina’s dream they were on a beach watching the sunset.”

“Who are you? How did you get here? What are you?” Obviously she had given Tina quite a start.

“Sorry.” Daphne took a moment to change her appearance. “Is this better?”


“In the spirit.”

“Oh my gosh. You’re dreaming me.”

“Yes. We need to speak and phone calls can be traced.”

“Oh dear, are you okay?”

“I’m fine. Listen you’re about to take over my spot. Well mostly, anyway. You’ll need to find your own clients. I’m keeping mine. That’s the only way the firm will take you seriously.” Daphne paused to see if Tina was listening. “The few times I need help I’ll call and or currier over my paperwork for your assistant to take care of. So find an assistant that is better than you.”

“This is a lot.”

“When I’m not worried about my safety, I’ll call you and give you my new number. At this point you can email me if you need something.”

“What do you mean worried about your safety? Whose trying to harm you?”

“Listen, Chance is not to be trusted. His contract with me expired today and I’m not renewing it. You’ll regret having him for a client and no one else at the firm will take him.”

“Okay, well he’s too much for me. But you guys seemed like good friends. What did he do?”

Daphne took a minute to figure out how to reply. She couldn’t tell Tina that Chance was a Chaser without having to explain a lot more.

“You can tell me Daphne.”

“He’s been stalking me. My doorman has been speaking with security when they came around last night. Apparently, they have video of him standing directly outside my window night after night.”

“Oh dear.”

“He will probably come to the office tomorrow. Don’t tell him I dreamed you. I have to call and speak to Mr. Michael so you can just ell him I called in and if need be I can talk to him. If I don’t call by the time he calls send me an urgent email.”

“Are you safe now?”

“Yes, I’m safe.”

“Mums the word on dreaming.”

“Yes, and if he starts talking about it act like you have no idea what he’s going on about.”

“Got it. I’ll miss you.”

“Same here Tina. But this isn’t goodbye forever.”

“Will you dream me again so we can talk?”

“Sure. Sweet dreams Tina.”

When Daphne opened her eyes, she felt so strange. Not strange, but light and well rested. Almost back to her old self. She hadn’t realized how she was affected by not being with Angelo. She looked around the room for the first time. The room was ordinary, plain. There was no furniture except the bed. It had a small closet and the walls were a lavender color with lots of dots. When she squinted to get a better look without getting up, she could swear that the dots looked like lavender buds.

“Lavender is in every bedroom, on every wall in this house. If not on the walls in caches throughout the room with rose petals of course. We mixed it into each pan when we painted to try and spread it through out. Sandalwood is buried in each corner of the wall. There are also other herbs in each room. I woke up and burned sage when I realized you were working. How’s Tina?”

“She’s well. A bit scared of new possibilities. She doesn’t realize I’ve been training her this whole time.”

“You warned her about Chance?”

“Of course.” The two embraced and kissed for a moment. They were fondling and caressing each other when they heard yelling coming from outside.”

“Angelo, what’s going on?”

“Your brother and his mate aren’t exactly the happy couple.”


“You know.”

“Well, they try. It’s probably because that’s not actually his mate. The two of them were a pairing.” Daphne kissed Angelo again before she got up and wrapped in the robe he laid out around her.

“Daphne, I don’t think….”

“I have to.” She tried to slide the door but it wouldn’t budge. “Angelo please.”

“I’ll show you later. Here.”

“Mom, Patience.”

“Let’s see what she thinks.”

“Patience what’s wrong?”

“Did you know that your brother has obliterated every baby cell that begins to form in my body? Elder isn’t sure a healing with help. Did you know?”

“Wait. Baby cell, elder, healing? I have no clue what’s going on. Mom, did you know?”

“Of course she does. Always protecting her precious son. Daphne ever wonder why most successful Dreamers are women with human partners?”

“Protect? Why would mom need to protect Matthew? It’s too early for all of this.” As Daphne turned to go back into her room, a thought came to her. “I’ve never really been to a council dreaming or festival so I wouldn’t really notice.”

“Patience please. She’s now coming into herself.”

“Daphne, you’re pregnant you should know what lies ahead.”

“Patience, calm down. We’ll listen.”

“At least the human has sense.”

Daphne looked at Angelo and rolled her eyes before they grabbed a pillow and sat on the floor. They gestured for the two women to join them.

“Angelo, all Dreamers are encouraged to find their mates. If they are human the council keeps a dreaming eye on him or her. To make sure the two make it to maturity to mate. Should Dreamers marry each other it is encouraged to produced female offspring. You take a class on fostering female energy for your baby. The reason is that full blooded Dreamer males scum to madness in their thirties or forties. Of course, they are a little strange to begin with.”

“Matt and I are full Dreamers from a long line of full Dreamers.”

“Right. They used to banish male Dreamers. They would strip them of their gift and let them live in the human world without help or connection. Those males became Chasers.

“They would forever chase the feeling of dreaming. But Dreamers who are strong aren’t cast out. They are put to the Counciling. If they are deemed too dangerous to cast out or council they are killed or imprisoned permanently after they’ve been stripped.

“I have been putting up with the changes in your brother for four years now. I knew him as a child and a young man and he was a beautiful soul. But Toni’s death really changed him. I loved Mack, but I can survive. Your brother won’t let me go.”


“Daphne who are Toni and Mack?”

“Toni, short for Antonia and Mack were full fledge Dreamers and siblings that my brother and Patience were engaged to. They met with an accident running from their father and we lost them. Their father was imprisoned and the council deemed a pairing for Matt and Patience. Pairings aren’t common practice, but the council hoped that it would steady Matt and give the Dreamers a girl child who would have Matt’s powers and gifts.”

“Patience as soon as I am out of danger I will absolve you from Matt. Mom will unbind you immediately.”

“No Daphne. Unbinding right now without me leaving could make him worse. Knowing that you believe me and will help is enough. If we remove the binding your brother, or what little is left of him, will not survive.”

“Mom what did you give Matt.”

“Something to calm him and give him enough peace not to dream. But I’ve been using it a while and have to give him enough to knock out a horse. It won’t work soon.”

“Council is in two days.”

“He’ll sleep through or up until then.”

“Now that that’s settled, I need to call the office.”

“Daph, there’s no reception down here. Let me check the perimeter first.”

What should we do about Matt? Why do you think he won’t let Patience conceive?

‘Til next time. 

Peace and Love

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