The World of Dreamers: Chapter 7

Peace and Love Everyone! Glad you checked back to continue to read the next chapter in my short story ‘The World of Dreamers’. I hope you’ve been enjoying it so far. 

Angelo turns off the alarm from his phone before checking the video surveillance of their home and grounds. He found nothing suspicious.

“Let’s head upstairs and get some breakfast. Daphne make your call.”

Daphne calmed her mind as she settled herself on the bar stool at the kitchen counter. She took a minute to watch Angelo as he prepared to cook breakfast and smiled. She liked seeing him in the morning. Angelo looked up and winked. Daphne couldn’t help but grin. What would life be like with him? They hadn’t spoken about it since they were children. He would work and she would be at home dreaming and taking care of their beautiful children. Daphne chuckled. He had always wanted more than one child. Maybe.

“What are you thinking about?”

“Oh, how we described our lives as children.”

Angelo laughed. “That was quite a while ago. I’ve missed  you. We didn’t have a childhood like most Dreamers.”

“I am sorry for that. We kept getting cut off from each other.”

“You mean  you and your mother kept cutting us off from each other.”

“Sorry Angelo. I just.” She knew he was hurt when she bonded her dreaming. She had ached for him all those years. It was unnatural for Dreamers to be apart from their mate physically and in the Dreaming. She just didn’t know how to make up for it. “…..Angelo, my feelings for you at sixteen were so strong. and I couldn’t help but feel what you felt. There was no way we’d stay away from each other much longer and I needed time to grow, to follow my own dreams.”

“And you don’t think I would have given you that.”

“Maybe, after you’d gotten me pregnant at eighteen.”

Angelo sighed and gave a slight smile. “You’re right.”

“I know. Everythings flooding back. Or it has been since you’ve been back. Never mind you forced me into your life again.”

“You were putting both of us in danger Daphne. You were always so head strong.”

Now Daphne smiled. “Guess some things never change.” She got off the stool and went around the island. “I had every intension of coming back to you. I have always loved you, Angelo.”

Angelo stopped what he was doing and embraced his love. “I know, Daph. I’ve missed you, my love.” He held her in his arms and kissed her softly. “So glad we’re together now.”

“Me too.” They kissed again.

“I could stand here and kiss you all day but it’s now after noon. Go make your call.”

It took a moment before she moved. Their foreheads nestled against each other. Her palms rested on his chest. Here is where she wanted to stay. She took a deep breath. Inhaling his scent was calming as well as arousing. They were together now and she knew they would both make sure they stayed that way.

Now she was ready. Daphne returned to the other side of the island and settled herself back on the stool before she picked up the house phone. Then she took a deep breathe before she dialed Tina’s office extension.

“Good Afternoon. Michael and Michaels Law Firm.”

“Good Afternoon Tina. Why are you answering your phone?”

“I haven’t hired anyone yet. It hasn’t been a day. I start interviews tomorrow.”

“Glad to hear you’re on your way.”

“I am. Mr. Michael just walked into his office. He said to transfer your call as soon as I heard from you. Just make sure he transfers you back.”


Speaking to Mr. Michael wasn’t a problem at all. He knew that Daphne wanted to work from home eventually. 

“So we’ve come to this so soon? You haven’t been here five years yet.”

“Mr. Michael it’s been six years. I’m not leaving totally. I’m just going to work from home. Should you need to reach me I’m available. Tina will have my information.”

“Will do. Do you think she can really make it here.”

“She has the ability and I’ve been training her the whole time we’ve been there. She just hasn’t realized that she belongs there.”

“Did she pass the bar?”

“This year actually. She just needs the confidence to seek clients.”

“We’ll see. She’ll need to get that done as soon as possible.”

“I’ll let her know.”

Daphne, I do have one question “

“Go ahead.”

“You’re not renewing His contract, are you?


“Good. The partners and I don’t really want to be affiliated with the commotion he brings. He’s been here already early this morning looking for you. Keeps saying you’ve been kidnapped.”

“Wow. I really don’t understand that. I assure you I’m well and not kidnapped.”

“Glad to hear that. I could always tell when you’re upset about things. Since you’ve been speaking with who ever this guy is, I’ve never seen you happier or more focused.”

“I didn’t know you noticed.”

“I noticed, Daphne. May I ask why the sudden leave?”

“We’re eloping.”

“Well congratulations. See you soon.”

“Thank you and yes.”

“You’re welcome. I’ll transfer you back to Tina.”

“Okay, thanks again.”

That was easier then Daphne thought it would be. Of course when she came to work there she was very honest with the board and Mr. Michael. 

No one picked up until the third ring. “You’ve take your sweet time calling in.”

“Well, good afternoon Chance.”

“Yeah, yeah. I need you to tell us where you are.”

“Why? Who us?”

“Ms. Jones, this is officer Hannon. We’ve put you on speaker. Your friend here has tried to filed some serious charges against your boyfriend. Says some guy named Angelo has kidnapped you from your apartment yesterday afternoon.”

“Now why would he say that. I was home until yesterday day evening. Left work early because I wasn’t feeling a hundred percent. In the evening I went to see my fiancee. I assure you I’m perfectly fine. I would ask Chance how he knows when I came and left my apartment since I haven’t seen him since yesterday at lunch.”

“Good question. Chance?”

There was no reply from Chance. He didn’t utter a sound to the officer’s question.

“Actually officer, if you speak with the security at my building and have them show you the video from the cameras you’ll see that Chance was pacing the building most of the night. His stalking is why I have not renewed his contract. I know he’s not into women but for some reason he’s become fixated with me.”

Ma’am, can you come down to the precinct? This way you can file a police report and we can see you’re safe. Or perhaps we can come to you.”

“Sorry officer, I will not. I have no reason to do so. You can speak with my attorney if need be. You can also ask him about the order of protection that was filed yesterday at the precinct near my home. All video footage has been sent to my attorney also. It’ll make the trip easier for you.”

“That’s that. Sorry to disturb  you ma’am. Have a good day.”

Daphne could hear Chance in the back ground. “There lies, all lies. She can’t be safe.”

“Tina. Take me off speaker.” 

“Yes Daphne.”

“Get working on your client list.”

“I know.”

“I’ll call another time.” Daphne hung up the phone.

“Everything good?”

“For now. Still, something isn’t right.”

“Doesn’t matter right now. You’re safe. Here eat your breakfast.”

“Thank you, love. I could get used to this.”

“Me too.”

Until next time. Peace and Love.

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