The World of Dreamers: Chapter 8

Peace and Love Everyone! Hope you’ve had a great week. Mine has been okay until Friday evening. I came home to the chills and a fever. Not fun at all. At least I’m feeling better now. 

I thought I would only have 10 chapters for this book but after writing chapter 8 I may have a few more. We’ll see what happens. For now enjoy the next chapter in ‘World of Dreamers’.

Chapter 8

“Good morning my love. Enjoying the break in your schedule?”

“Absolutely. I’m especially enjoying you spoiling me.”

Angelo sets a tray of food in front of Daphne.

“You’re going to make me fat.”

“I’m pretty sure that is not an issue. Still want to swim today.”

“Yes, after you help me stretch. And of course after these crepes.”

“Sure but it depends on what type of stretching you have in mind,” Angelo teased.

Daphne just smiled as she had each morning for the last few weeks. Angelo had been taking really good care of her each and every day before he disappeared into his office to work.

“Anything in particular you want me to prepare for lunch?”

“How about an omelette with hash browns, turkey sausage and toast.”

“You can do you toast when you’re ready. I’ll work on lunch while you eat and get dressed for the pool.”

She smiled as she put another piece of the  strawberry crepe into her mouth. Each morning  she would be served a small breakfast before they exercised. Then she would eat a large lunch before Angelo put in several undisturbed course of work and she worked on the legal contracts she needed to have messengered for her clients.


“Yes, mom.”

“You up?”

“As I am every morning around this time. What’s going on, mom?”

“It’s been several weeks, you and Angelo have settled in. I’m ready to go home.”

“Miss dad.”

“Very much. We dream each other every night, but it’s not the same as being together.”

“I can imagine. So how can I help?”

“You have to deal with Chance. And you and Angelo have to appear before the council.”

“I thought our bonds already made it official.”

“Mother Blue desires to see you.”

“I can just dream her.”



“Daphne you know how this works. Plus you need to be there for your brother.”


“I don’t think he should be isolated.”

“Yeah, what about Patience?”

“He seems to be treating her better.”

“But for how long, mom?”

“I was hoping for a long time. He know what they do to Dreamers who have a propensity of twisted deeds.”

“Mom, I have to deal with things here. Am I even suppose to be restraining Matt like that.”

“We really have no clue how this is effecting the baby. That’s why you need to see Mother Blue.”

“Fine. I’m sure I’ll have to deal with Chance soon anyway. Let me swim and then I need to call the office.”

Daphne had barely gotten in her laps before Angelo came outside. “Babe your  phone just keeps ringing. It’s the office.”

“Angelo please answer it. Give me a second.”

“Good morning. You’ve reached Daphne Jones. Please hold.”

Daphne got out of the pool and wrapped herself in a towel.  “Good morning, Daphne Jones speaking.”

“Well Ms.Jones it appears congratulations are in order. Is that why you’ve reduced your work load?”

“Mr. Michael, hello. Thank you and yes, partially. How can I help you? I’ve been told you’ve been trying to contact me for a while this morning.”

“Yes, I just got off the phone with Mannis of Blocks and Tunes. He was rather panicked actually. He threatened to take his account to another firm. He said your assistant called him and said she was taking over the account. I thought you spoke with Tina.”

“Mr. Michael, I did. I told her that she needed to get her own accounts to prove herself to the firm and that I was keeping most of mine.”

“He said you  had assured him a few weeks ago that you would continue to work with him but that she has called this morning  and last week I believed. He said she left a message with his secretary. He wouldn’t speak with her directly.”

Daphne apologized profusely and told him that she had been training her and she just got over zealous.

“But I’ve gotten text and emails since you’ve been gone asking for reassurance.”

“Mr. Michael I will deal with it. I will call Mr. Mannis and write my other clients.”

“You do that. I also think you need to meet with her and have a talk.”

“Mr. Michael I’m still on my hiatus.”

“Hiatus or no hiatus, you need to deal with this. You made it seem like this would go smoothly, it has not.”

“Well can I speak with her?”

“I’ll have my secretary patch you to her. I need this dealt with, today. You’re a great attorney and you’ve really brought us some big clients. She has not. And did you know she kept Chance?”

“No sir.” There was a grunt right before Daphne heard music.

Daphne knew when she hired Tina that she would be a handful but she thought that she could steer her in the right direction and keep her on track enough to get Tina to be a great attorney. She got her paralegal license at twenty and finished law school a year early. Some how she kept failing the bar until she came to work with Daphne. 

Daphne sighed and held on for Tina to pick up. 

“Good morning Daph. How are you? Enjoying your love break?”

“I’m well Tina. Don’t call me Daph. How are you?”

“I’m well. Having a hard time getting clients. Your old clients are not receptive to me at all. The secretaries won’t even put me through to speak with them.”

Daphne couldn’t believe this. Was she delusional? “Tina, they are my clients. You can not contact them, call or email or send a messenger. I am still handling my ten top clients. The others have been turned over to the firm. If they haven’t given you any it’s because you haven’t proved yourself yet. And calling my clients fishing isn’t earning you any points. You’re actually harming you chances of staying at the firm.”

“It’s not like I have your gift to dream them.”

“I didn’t find my clients through my gift. I found them by paying attention to events in my field. I looked for businesses and individuals who would need my help.”

“Your clients need my help.”

“No they don’t. And if you don’t get your own clients soon, Chance will be your only client. You weren’t suppose to keep him as a client. Are you aware you’re risking your job at the firm.”

“I told him you would find out. Let’s do lunch.”

Daphne couldn’t help but think Tina was unbelievable. How did she not see this coming? “Maybe next week. I’ll have to coordinate with Angelo for when he goes into the city.”

“Oh, of course. Say Wednesday?”

“I’ll let you know. And take my advice. Find your own clients. And stay away from mine!”

“Sure, sure, of course. At least until you don’t want them.”

Daphne didn’t even reply she hung up.

“I know that look. You used to get it when thinking about the girls who bullied you at school.”

“Some how Chance has messed with her.”

“Messed with who?”

“Tina, mom. I’ve observed her and watched her dreams. She seemed so eager to be her own woman and make her own way. Now all she wants is what I have.”

“When Chasers don’t have dreams to feed from, they can feed off people. But feeding from humans warps them. We haven’t figured out how or why this happens.”

Daphne sighed as Angelo embraced her from behind. “I had such high hopes for her. I told her not to keep Chance as a client and to avoid him. He’s got his hooks in.”

“And he won’t stop. You want to free Tina, you have to deal with Chance.”

“Okay. How do I survive it?”

“Angelo, isn’t going to like this. But it is possible to all but destroy a Chaser.”

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