The World of Dreamers: Chapter 9

I was going to post something else this week, but I wanted to finish the year with love. So here is the next chapter in the World of Dreamers. Hope you’re enjoying my Blog story. I am enjoying creating the journey.

“What won’t I like?” Angelo asked embracing Daphne from behind.
“Daphne will need to get rid of her Chasers all together.”
“Mom, what will that entail?”
“Getting captured.” Daphne’s mom replies.
“Mom, I will not let Daphne go through that.”
“We have no choice. He will never let go.”
“You’re right. I don’t like this.”
“Angelo, I’m starving.”
“I got you, Daphne. It’ll be ready in a few.” He kisses her cheek before stepping back into the kitchen.
“Thanks. I’m going to grab a piece of fruit and shower before I make a few calls. I’m hoping Tina didn’t undo all of my work with her calls.”
“Daphne, we need to talk about this.”
“We will discuss it after my business calls, mom.”
“Daphne, you can’t let anything interfere with your calling.”
“Mom, nothing is interfering with my calling. Now, I’m with Angelo. I’m pregnant, please stop stressing me. By the way, the council is dreaming tonight.”
“I know.”
As she walked upstairs to the bathroom Daphne couldn’t help but think of what a mess the situation had become. She didn’t think that helping her clients in the dreaming would attract a Chaser. She hadn’t put much stock in how having a partner would help her or strengthen her. She had only thought about her career. She had only thought of herself. Now her selfish decision affected those she loved. And would affect her developing fetus. She would really have to think about her decision carefully from now on.  She stood in the bathroom mirror staring at herself. She no longer looked so tired. Dreaming with Angelo as her support had made a difference. She needed him.                                                                                                                      Daphne sat at the kitchen nook quietly. She gathered her thoughts before she called Mannis. It was rare that she spoke to her clients in person. Most of the conversations she had with them took place in the dreaming. This time contact couldn’t wait.
“Good morning , Morgan. This is Daphne Jones for Mr. Mannis.”
“So glad you called. He’s been very anxious. Of course I figured we’d here from you soon. Please hold.”
“Daph, you’re lunch is almost ready.”
“Can we eat here?”
“Sure, but we promised no business during meals.”
“It will take a few minutes. Give me five please.”
“You have until I finish putting the food out.”
Daphne nodded as she greeted Mr. Mannis. “Good morning Mr. Mannis.”
“Good morning Ms. Jones. Glad to know you’re real. I wasn’t sure. It’s not like we’ve spoken other than through emails or messages from Morgan.”
“Yes, I’m a real person. I am sorry for all the confusion.”
“I didn’t understand why she was contacting me.”
“Misunderstanding that myself and Mr. Michael have rectified. While I’m not in the office I’m still handling clients. If you have any problems you can always have Morgan call or email me. I’m here to help you with any legal needs.”
“Thank you so much. I appreciate that. Also, my daughter and I are closer now. Thank you for helping me see her side.”
“You’re welcome , Mr. Mannis.”
“And where do I send you gift. I’m told congratulations are in order.”
“Thank you. But you don’t have to send anything. You staying with Michael and Michael is thanks enough.”                                                                                 “I insist.”                                                                                                                       “I’ve given my information  to Morgan.” Mannis thanks Daphne again and transfers the call back to Morgan.
“Morgan here.”
“Morgan, do me a favor. I’m sure Tina will call or email again. Just block the emails. You have my number. You can call me when you need me. Also, any mail or legal documents you can forward to the address I gave you last week”
“No problem.” The call ends.
“Babe, that was more then five minutes.”
“Sorry. Tina really made a mess of things. I have at least five more calls left about the same thing. I’ll email the others.”
“So you’ve been helping people with more than legal stuff.” Angelo sits at the table next to Daphne.
“That’s my calling, isn’t it?”
“Daphne, you know you’re not suppose to go into the dreaming without a mate.”
“I know but people needed my help, Angelo.”
“So how do we end the Chance issue?”
“My dear son, I thought you’d never ask.” They both look at each other and before looking to see Samantha. Neither remember her standing there.
“Mom, where did you come from?”
“I’ve been in the library. Just got up for something to eat.”
“I left you a plate on the stove.”
“Such a good son-in-law. So we can’t make it obvious that you want to meet him.”
“Tina asked to have lunch.”
“Great. So which restaurant?”
“We usually eat at Method.”
“Good one. Dreamers own that.”
“So you’ve been telling me not to work and Dreamers have businesses.”
“Not the point.”
“You’ll need your brother for this. You haven’t enough energy to pull this off on your own. It could kill you.”
“Then she’s not doing it. I will not lose Daphne after I’ve just found her. Plus, mom she’s pregnant.”
“I know. You two don’t have to keep remind me. The dreams of a child will help her. It’s the best time. Even though her dreaming without a mate has drained her.” Samantha paused and glared at there daughter.
Daphne rolled her eyes.
“She can still accomplish this even with child. Probably more so now than any time.”
“But mom, we’re no more than a few weeks pregnant. Well, two weeks now.”
“I know. But your little one is powerful. It may have something to do with her father being able to dream. No human can do that.”
“Wow, can’t believe that never crossed my mind. How is that possible?” They both looked at each other and then at Angelo. He got up from the table and walked to the sink He pretended not to notice. He began clearing the stove and counter top.
“Is he really going to ignore us?”
“Yes mom, he is.” They looked toward him again. “When Angelo doesn’t want to discuss something he pretends he hasn’t heard your question or statement. But that is a good question.”
“You know Elder’s oldest son walked away from us before you were even born. He found his mate and and then stopped dreaming anyone else but her. Elder still pines for him.”
“Why did he leave?”
“He said that dreaming drove Dreamer males mad. So he said he would only dream his mate. Elder saw power in her son. She wanted him to assume control. The control she’s trying to give you.”
Finally Angelo decides to answer. There was no point in him hiding it from his love. “My father never taught me dreaming nor did he guide me to dream a mate. He said it had no use for me. But when I didn’t hear from Daphne I asked my dad to help me. He would not. Then I turned to your mom.”
“Elder said she knew who you were. She said she didn’t want to chase you away.”
“So dreamer males can be saved. They don’t have to become Chasers.”
“Yes, but his mom didn’t believe him. She didn’t want to lose the power he wielded. I promised my dad I will only dream my mate. I have kept my word and I will continue to do so. If Elder will not accept my decision, my family and I will also have nothing to do with the dreaming or Dreamers.”

Did you see that coming? When I started writing Angelo’s character I didn’t. 😉 Until next week. Peace & Love.

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