The World of Dreamers: Chapter 10

Peace and Love Everyone. I hope you weren’t to upset with the postponement of Chapter 10. It can really be difficult to prep a story and have it ready in a week. While it doesn’t take me long to write the story, editing is another concept by itself. I like to review and revise it several times to check for grammar and spelling as well as kinks. That in itself can take longer than actually writing the story. Here it is, as promised, the next chapter in ‘The World of Dreamers’. Hope you enjoy.

“You can’t be serious. You’re a Dreamer? And mom you knew and never said anything?”
“I couldn’t say anything until he told us. We presumed he kept it a secret for a reason.”
“Mom, who is we?”
“Me and Elder.”
“I must say I didn’t see any of this coming. Angelo, is that why you never dreamed me as a child?”
“Yes. I knew my dad was different and that I was different. But that was it. I had little idea of what made me so different. And I had no clue how to dream you. I hadn’t even told my dad about you until I was twelve. He was more than pissed. He said he noticed I had his gifts and that I would attract a powerful dreamer. He had hoped that I would escape that world. He also said it was unheard of for mates to dream as young as we had. When we didn’t continue and I started to date other girls my age he thought something happened to you.
“They know we’re together now. My parents are looking forward to meeting you Daphne.” Angelo closed the distance between them embracing her from behind.
“I look forward to meeting them also.”
“So we can save Matt?”
“What mom?”
“Yes, we can. He has to stop dreaming anyone but his mate.”
“Angelo, Patience isn’t his mate. Even if he dreams no one else, dreaming her might be a problem.”
“You have to stop saying that. For all intensive purposes she is his mate. We all need to look at them as mated. I think that is part of the problem. He hasn’t moved on from his mate. He feels guilty so he mentally tortures Patience. They will also need to change the dynamics of their relationship. All his energy and power needs to focus on Patience.”
“But he still needs to help Daphne.”
“Mom, that should be my job. Maybe, if he practices channeling through Patience it will help. He also has to let Patience conceive if she can now.”
“She’s stopped her body from preparing. She should still be able if she wants to.”
“Dreamer women can do that?”
“We all learn so that we’re not conceiving children past the time we want.”
“We’ll have to talk to her. Her conceiving his child will strengthen their bond. Where has she been any way? I don’t really see her much and I know she’s still here.”
“If she’s not tending to Matt she’s upstairs in the guest room. She dreams her mom to keep herself grounded.”
“Most of the house is safe, but the safest from Chasers is the basement chambers.”
“Angelo, do you really think this will work?”
“Daphne, it will take some time. I will work with him of course. But he won’t be able to help you for long. The longer he helps you the more he endangers himself and his mate as well as you. We don’t want to risk him turning on you when you need him most.”
“So what do you propose, new son of mine?”
“Asking my dad for help. There is a way to channel energy to someone.”
“Don’t you do that already.”
“Not on the level we need. With my dad’s help I should be able to focus enough energy to Daphne without killing myself and her in the process.”
“It would be nice for your parents and myself to meet and this seems like the perfect time.”
“Good, he’s on his way. I’ve been talking to him about what’s going on and he gave me the idea.”
“Okay, so I get to meet the in-laws. Great.”
“Don’t sound so excited my love,” Angelo replied as he gave Daphne a squeeze. “We need some private time before this begins.”
As they begin to walk up the stairs the door bell rings. “Mom are we expecting anyone?”
“Daphne I was going to ask you the same thing.”
“I’ll get it. Daphne stay here.”
“He can be so protective, it’s irritating.” Daphne huffs and rolls her eyes.
“He means well Daphne. You opening the door could be a problem.”
“Only if one of Chase’s people happen to accidentally come to the door and recognize me.”
“Still a problem. Plus you haven’t really been in a relationship long enough to establish how you both function. Better safe then sorry.”
Angelo walks back into the kitchen area a few minutes later. “Look whose come to visit.”
“Dad.” Daphne quickly gets up and goes to give her father a hug.
“I just couldn’t be away from my girls much longer.”
Daphne let’s go of her dad and her mom walks forward.
“Couldn’t stay away from me, huh?”
“Samantha you know I can’t stand being away from you more than a few days. It’s been a few weeks.”
“It’s only been two, “ Samantha replies resting her head on his chest. “I’ve missed you too, Samuel.”
“Mom, Dad, we’ll leave you two alone to catch up,” Daphne says as they walk towards the stairs. “Angelo and I will be in the master suite upstairs.”
Angelo and Daphne walk arm in arm to their room. “So my beautiful mate for life and wife of three weeks is going to endanger herself and the life of my unborn child.”
“You say it like I chose this.”
“Well, if you had come to me when your dreaming came back.”
Daphne took a deep breath as she wrapped her arms around his waist just as he came fully into the room. “Are you planning on holding this against me our hole lives?” Daphne kissed his cheek and gave him a slow peck on the lips.
“Maybe, definitely until this is over. You have no idea what you’ve put me through. Do you know how painful it is for a Dreamer not to be able to dream his mate.”
“Only, a little more painful for a Dreamer who doesn’t reach out to her mate.”
“So you felt the distance, the expansive space between us and still you didn’t reach out to me?” Angelo began to undress her.
“I needed space my love. I am sorry we both suffered and now have to deal with this. I want you to know I never stopped thinking of you. I have always loved you.”
They kiss longingly as he backs her toward the bed. Finally, he pushes her down on it. “I’m told that we need to spend uninterrupted time together to exchange energies.”
“And what does that mean, exactly?”
“We dream each other. We make love to each other. We send our energy to each other over and over again.”
“Why? Not that I’m complaining.”
“Our bodies will connect to each other in such a way, I can track you when your dreaming even if I’m not and you will be able to do the same. We are creating the link a Chaser builds with a Dreamer but instead it’s between Dreamers, mates. The link is stronger this way.”
“Sounds like fun,”Daphne replies as she pulls Angelo down on top of her.

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