Holiday Movies

OMG! Peace and Love everyone! Did you go to the movies this past holiday? I did. I saw Mary Poppins, Zero and Aquaman in the theater and Venom, The House with the Clock within It’s Walls and Superfly at home.

These days I much more prefer to watch a movie at home then go to the theatre. Tickets are ridiculously priced as well as the candy, soda, pop corn and everything else. Not to mention, I love watching movies curled up with whatever popcorn flavor I make and my mermaid tail blanket.

I waited for my vacation to see the movies I had been waiting for. If you know me I am a big Bollywood fan. Most of my Asian students are surprised when they hear that I love King Khan or Hrithik Roshan. Other favorites of mine are Kajol, Aishwarya Rai, Rani Mukerji, Amitabh Bachan and Tiger Shroff. If their movies are playing in the theatre I have to go see them.

I have seen almost all of Shah Rukh Khan’s (King Khan) movies. So when I saw the trailer for Zero I so wanted to see it. Especially since I have my A-List from AMC. There was no way I was missing it. Unfortunately, I missed the first 15 minutes because I saw Mary Poppins at another theatre more then 15 miles away from where I saw Zero. All and still, nothing was keeping from Khan’s new movie.

Zero is about a small person who wants to fall in love and get married but has had no luck. On his journey to find love he gets kissed by a star and gets pushed into a wedding he doesn’t want with another woman. And while running from his wedding he realizes that he wants to marry the woman he left. The rest of his journey is getting back to her.

Honestly, I feel as though I could have waited for the video on Eros Now or Netflix. It was great to see Shah Rukh Khan on the big screen but this movie doesn’t make me fall in love with the characters. Even though actors were great in their portrayal of the characters, something just didn’t click.

Now don’t get me wrong, Shah Rukh Khan was his usual charming self, dimples and all. And he danced. I love to see him move. Did I tell you I love him? Okay. King Khan’s latest choice in movies are nothing like Don, Devdas or Gabhi Khushi Gahi Gham. But I guess when your King Khan even if the movie isn’t great your fans go any way. Just like me. But again nothing to write home about. Even with Anushka Sharma’s convincing portrayal of a disabled person.

Of course when it comes out on Eros or Netflix, I’ll watch it again. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe those lost 15 minutes will connect me to one of the characters. Maybe but I doubt it. Inspire of it all, I’ll be looking forward to Shah Rukh Khan’s next movie. What can I say? He’s King Khan after all.

Now out of all of the movies I watched this holiday, I really enjoyed Mary Poppins the most. It was reminiscent of the original while it had a few new aspects of its own. Great family fun. It was great to see Dick Van Dyke at it again. Meryl Streep was great as usual and the character Michael had some of the same characteristics of his father. Great job. Emily Blunt did a good job at playing Mary Poppins. I like how she mixed her version with some of the characteristics of the original Mary Poppins.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about the scenes being very similar to the original. The problem at the bank, dancing on the ceiling and on the roofs, etc are the same format as the original with a few tweaks and differences all its own. Even the scenes that are original to this Mary Poppins movie still had a scent of classic Mary. The family and I enjoyed it.

Last but not least Aquaman. Let me start off by saying, I think Momoa is a good actor. I absolutely love Jason Momoa and will watch anything he’s in. That being said, can’t say I was blown away by Aquaman. I’m not even sure why. The artists created a beautiful world in the sea. They attention to detail was meticulous. It was so gorgeous. The action scenes were pretty good also. There was action, fighting and things blowing up as well as running and jumping from roof to roof. What else could we want? Not sure I can answer that question. I just know it wasn’t there.

As I sit here and write I think of all the other movies I saw that contain a lot of actions scenes that were in Aquaman and I loved it. I love action, fighting included, chase scenes. Maybe it’s all been done before. Pretty sure that’s not it. I liked Aquaman, but something just wasn’t there. I thought I was going to be super into it and I wasn’t. Still don’t know why.

What are your thoughts on these movies?

Peace & Love ’til next week. Then we’ll talk hobonichi.

P.S. I did enjoy Venom and the House with the Clock in it’s Walls. Superbly, it was okay, but didn’t enjoy as much.

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