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Peace and Love Everyone!

This is my mid-week movie blog. I purchased an AMC Stubs A-List card and I must say it has been great. Now I can see the movies I want several times a week. Granted, I don’t go three times a week now, but I did for Christmas. With the rates of movies these days, as long as I go to the movies 2 to 3 times a month, it’s a win, win for me.

So this week I saw 2 movies, Baaghi 2 and What Men Want. Loved Both.

Taraji P Henson in What Men Want is a good movie to see and great for a date flick if you both like drama and comedy.

We all know that Taraji is a great actress. You believe the characters she plays every time. This retold story is about a young woman competing in a man’s world and she wants an edge to win and is given this edge by a psychic. But the power seems to be too much for her to handle and she bumbles her way through only to loose the gift and realize she didn’t need it to begin with.

The big surprise to me in this movie was Erykah Badu. She plays the weed selling psychic. She didn’t have a lot of scenes but she played her character well. She was a trip.

Good movie and a must see, especially if you love to see Taraji work.

The next movie is great for a movie night at home. Baaghi 2 no longer in the theatre, but if you haven’t seen it you can rent it for $4.99 or purchase for $15.99 from iTunes. I bought the DVD from Amazon for $20. The movie has subtitles.

If you’re not familiar with Baaghi’s star Tiger Shroff, he’s a fairly new sexy, dancing action Bollywood star. The last movie that I saw in the theatre with Tiger was Munna Michael. Now I’ve seen all of his movies. Flying Jhatt, Heropanthi, Baaghi, Munna Michael and now Baaghi 2. (movies not listed in order) I believe another one is going to release soon. He’s definitely grown as an actor since his first.

When the movie first came out in 2017 people were clamoring on about how he cut his hair. Granted it was a new look for Tiger. Articles said he loves his hair and was hesitant to cut it. I loved the hair also, but you must be honest. What military soldier wears long hair? Maybe, a very small amount of retired soldiers? So the long hair wouldn’t have worked. Of course, Tiger wore the cut well. But I believe his transformation for this movie was on screen. In his other movies, critics complained that you couldn’t see his emotion on his face. Now I’ve seen all his movies and I have to admit he had maybe 2 or 3 expressions throughout the movies. For Baaghi 2 his expressions appeared ‘real’ each time. You could see the emotional changes that the character went through and that was great.

Now all of Tiger’s movies are action. The action in this one was awesome. OMG. Loved it. They gave you action throughout the movie from the beginning of it to the end. The storyline is woven all around the action.

Without giving it away, it’s the love story of Ronnie and Neha that ends too soon. When Neha contacts Ronnie again, he’s a military officer in special forces. She needs Ronnie to find her kidnapped daughter and he’s the only one she can call on. The story goes through twists and turns as Ronnie begins his journey to find little Rhea. It’s sad with a happy ending. Not to mention the action was wonderfully choreographed. My favorite line is given by his commanding officer to the police, ‘…I came to save you from him…’.

Until my next movie!

Peace & Love

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