Movies to See This Weekend

Peace & Love Everyone!

Here’s my next movie review just in time for the weekend.

Here we go. I saw 2 movies with female leads this week, Rebel Wilson and Gina Rodriguez. I’m also throwing in my review on Kevin Harts new movie that I saw a few weeks ago.

Now I hadn’t written about ‘The Upside’ because I saw it so late I didn’t think it would continue to play in theatres much longer. I was wrong.

‘The Upside’ is about a man who is trying to get his life together and haphazardly gets a job caring for a quadriplegic. Kevin’s plays Dell Scott and ex-con who needs a job but can’t or won’t get one. So he literally stumbles into the job and gets it. He’s terrible at first but he gets better and the two together get their lives back on track with each other’s help.

It wasn’t like any other Kevin Hart movie and that’s probably why I like it. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Hart doing stand up, but some of his movies aren’t funny to me. To me this movie was Hart at his best. It was funny and it was real. Not some outlandish situation that was then exacerbated into something ridiculous.

It’s definitely one to see. I give it 🤩🤩🤩🤩 out of 5.

Now I’m not sure what to make or think of ‘Isn’t it Romantic.’ It’s a story about a not so attractive girl who grows up believing that love isn’t for her and that the movies are all lies. So when her life takes a turn for a fairy tale she doesn’t believe it. The entire movie she’s trying to figure out who has to fall in love with her.

‘Isn’t it Romantic is a remake of an oldie. I didn’t see the original, but this version is cute. Unfortunately, some of the scenes just didn’t come off. And if I noticed it, that’s pretty bad because I’m usually the last one who does. I’m getting better.

This movie seems like the actors liked the idea and had a lot of fun filming. But to be honest, it seems like a good Netflix, Redbox, Itunes,……movie. You get the picture. If I had to pay the full $17 -$20 for this movie I would be pissed. Of course, I didn’t. I went to a matinee and I used my A-List Card.

Priyanka Chopra and Liam Hemsworth play the perfect dreamy partners, Isabella, and Blake opposite Rebel Wilson and her co-star Adam Devine who play Natalie and Josh. The problem, I didn’t believe them as Isabella and Blake. There wasn’t any chemistry between Isabella and Josh or Natalie and Blake.

If the director wanted people to believe that Isabella and Blake couldn’t love Josh and Natalie, they got it. Or maybe because Natalie didn’t believe in love, it was supposed to seem fake. But here’s the problem with that. I believed the ‘doctor’, played by Tom Ellis and Josh were attracted to Natalie. Hmmm.

So….again, cute movie. See it at a matinee or wait and watch it at home. I give this movie 🤩🤩 out of 5.

Now, let’s talk about ‘Miss Bala’…..OMG you go Ms. Gina. My heart was still pounding while I wrote my first draft of this reveiw.

I watched and enjoyed Gina in Jane the Virgin’ but never saw her on the big screen. I was definitely curious about how Ms. Gina Rodriguez would do as the lead in this movie. Let me tell you that by the end of the movie I was ready to see what life would be like for the character Gloria as a CIA agent.

I must pause here. What’s with all the scary movies before the main feature? They weren’t even in the same genre. They were horror films, Us, the Intruder, and several others were shown for previews. And what in the world is the movie Us about anyway? Enough of that.

Gina plays a woman named Gloria who is starting her life as a makeup artist. She goes to Mexico to help her bestie. Everything is cool and calm. The two girls enjoy the reunion.

Then a few hours at a club turns their lives upside down. All I gotta say ‘You go, Gina’. I believed you were her. Just a little work on your facial expressions. Most of the time I wasn’t sure what your emotion was. When I thought you were supposed to be afraid you looked like you were in shock. When I thought you should be angry or shocked you looked surprised.

Miss Bala gets 🤩🤩🤩🤩 out of 5. Definitely a must see.

Okay, that’s my last review for now. I’ll post on Instagram when I’m going to write another movie review.

Check back on Saturday for my next blog. Until then,

Peace and Love.

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