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Peace & Love Everyone!

I’m back to give my weekend movie review. I think I’m going to keep writing this blog. I know that I don’t review a lot of movies, but I’ll work on having at least 2 movie reviews a week. I’ve already planned my next review. During my breaks from school, I’ll make sure I have several reviews for each review blog. I post reminders on IG the day before my blog post.

The movies I saw this past weekend were fun and entertaining. I would recommend seeing both. Alita Battle Angel and How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (THW).

For the last day in our winter break my daughter and I went to see 2 movies that she picked. I must say before I continue that my daughter is almost 13. So you don’t have to be elementary age to enjoy THW. Now this movie was a fun cartoon. I believe the children will have a good time as well as adults. It wasn’t only fun the movie also taught a few lessons as well. Hiccup has to learn to trust himself and the decisions that he makes as well as your friends being there for you no matter what. A great lesson for children to learn early. That’s not all, as we see in the trailers, Toothless finds another Night Shade dragon. It’s all around amusing and a happy ending.

images taken from movie posters.

For the little ones, the journey is just as engrossing. New dragons and a new adventure. I’m only giving this 🤩🤩🤩🤩 because there was a lot of flying dragons with no chase or goal. It was fun for the first few seconds but after that I was bored. Fascinating for the little ones who would get wrapped up in the thought of what it would be like to fly on the back of a dragon. Any child who wants to see it will definitely revel in the dragons and parents will have fun too.

Alita was interesting for sure. I, of course, enjoyed the fight scenes and the wonder of Alita finding out more about herself.

What we’ve seen before……Futuristic cartoons or movies where the world has been destroyed by war and some rich evil asshole is in control. Almost similar to the Hunger Games. The difference, a realistic ending. That’s all I have to say on that note.

I left the film, entertained. I will enjoy almost any movie with lots of fight scenes and romance. Alita has that. So 🤩🤩🤩🤩 for Alita.

I do have some issues with Alita in general. Usually, when my family says anything about the movie not being realistic, I remind them it’s a movie and it’s just to entertain. So I’m fully aware of that. At the same time the films show us elements of society that are a constant whether present or future that we may have trouble putting an end to.

Spoilers below. Stop if you don’t want to know more about the film.

Alita brings to the screen the most basic argument we have as humans. Science is great but when do we cross the line? People being able to make themselves stronger with machines so they can take advantage of others. Scary in the least. We have enough of those issues without the added machinery. Of course, the basic makeup of the machines was human, the brains of the person themselves. The human machines could still feel through all of that metal. That is incredible to create a machine that would allow the brain to feel.

Another disturbing issue in the movie is murder. People are so easily framed for something they didn’t do and there was no trial or hearing. Just, you’ve committed a crime so the robot humans will hunt and kill you. Oh shit, what the…..While no bureaucracy sounds good the flip side makes me glad we have a justice system, broken or not.

Many times I feel that writers and filmmakers try to warn us about problems in our world. In the movie, there was the rich evil asshole who watched everything and he could use certain people as puppets and speak through them. He knew everything. Him watching everyone made me think of ‘Big Brother’ and how he’s always watching. When I was growing up it was a warning, it’s truer now than before and it feels like it’s expanding.

Some people may feel that it makes things better. People committing less crime or just being an all out good person because someone is watching. There is such a loss of freedom in that. The freedom to be who we are and do things in private. Sigh.

Well, until next Wednesday. Hope you enjoy your movie.

Peace & Love!

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