The World of Dreamers

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You’ve been waiting for it and I don’t want to keep you waiting anymore. Hope you enjoy the next chapter in ‘The World of Dreamers.’

Chapter 11

The feel of his body next to her was comforting. She knew he would do anything for her no matter what. How could she have stayed away for so long?

“We’re together now, Daph.”

She smiled. “I know, Angelo. It’s just that I’m regretting the time away from you. I should have come to you right after I got my power back.”

“Yes you should have. But you’re here now. We’re together.”

Daphne kissed him slowly at first. She wanted him to know she loved him.

“You’re starting again?”

“So you’re not ready?”

“Maybe, after something to eat. We can’t continue on an empty stomach.”

“I am hungry, but I don’t want to get up.”

“I know. We’ll be quick. I asked dad to pick up your favorite on the way. He should be here soon.”

Angelo threw on his shorts and handed Daphne her short kimono like robe before they both headed downstairs. As Angelo walked into the kitchen he saw a figure standing over the stove. He knew that strong talk stature any where.

“Hey dad.”

The man turned around, “hey son. Hope you don’t mind . I made myself at home. Sam and Sam just went downstairs.” The two gave each other a brief hug. “And this must be the infamous Daphne.”

“Hello Mr. Hernandez.”

“Hello. You can call me Carlos.”

“Nice to finally meet you, Carlos.”

“Yes, it is Daphney. I was just heating up some of the seafood miso soup I picked up for you two. Figure maybe someone would be hundry.

“Actually dad we were just coming down to get something to eat.”

“Great, Samantha said you two had been up there for a while. Think you’re ready for the next step?”

“Next step, Angelo?”

“I know you didn’t think that’s all there was?” Carlos paused. He walked over to his back and pulled out a book. “YOu really need to connect to each other. Samantha explained what you’re going to do. It’ hasn’t been attemped by many. Dreamers usually just pick up and move. Before all this technology it was easier to get lost, get away from a chaser.”

“Dad, really?” Angelo skimmed through the book as Daphne looked over his shoulder.

“Yes, it builds the connection that has strength and you’ll need it. Besides this is work meant for elders . You shouldn’t do this. Of course the elder that would have walked you through this are long gone.”

“Well you’re our elder.”

“I learned the hard way. But I’ll have to do.” They all paused for a minute. “Several things are important for this work. Your eye for details and your connection.”

Carlos poured the soup in 2 bowls and set it on the table before Daphne and Angelo. “You two eat and just listen. In order for your partner to track you, you need to create a replica of where you are in your mind so that your partner can see it. This is how Angelo will be able to find your location.”

“That’s a lot dad.”

“Maybe. There is a trick to it of course. I’ll have to teach you.”

“Carlos what does our connection have to do with it?”

“You need to do this either awake or asleep. You find each other in the dreaming but your not awake. Being intimate creates your strongest connection.”

“But how.”

“Would that truly help, dad? There’s no guarantee that we’ll be intimate right before she’s taken.”

Daphne nodded.

“Starting training right after you’ve been intimate is the best way to learn until you’ve built a stronger connection. You’ll get ther. It would have helped had you been connected for several years.”

“I know Carlos.”

“Dad, tell us how to do it.”

“Create a place you feel safe, like your bedroom. Finish eating and we’ll start.”

Once they finished eating, they all walked up the stairs to the master bedroom. Carlos stopped in the hall in front of the door. “You have to not only connect to each other but commit the room to memory, you must create a detailed image of it. We start with something simple, the door. Look at it. What do you see?”

“Ice blue door. It slides along the outside of the wall. Barn doors, I so love that.”

“It’s a start. Add to it Angelo.”

“Well, this barn door is heavy, oak wood in a herringbone design. The fixures are nickel.”

“I will not know the type of wood just by looking at it or that the fixtures are nickel.”

“We do want to keep it simple. So wood doors with silver fixtures that works just fine. Both of you close your eyes and see every detail, every grain. The indented fixture where you put your hand. Everything. Once you’ve done that we move to the next step.”

All three stood there, Daphne and Angelo staring at the door. Carlos watching both of them.

“Now close your eyes and see the door and every detail. When you got it open your eyes.”

It didn’t take more than five minutes before they were both looking up at him.

“Great, now before you go inside and do the same thing you need to be able to see it the way the other person sees it. So have a seat on opposite sides of the door. No touching. I want you to see the door but you each see it in a different color. You’ll sit here until you see the door that your mate sees. No speaking and no dreaming.”

“Dad how is that even possible?”

“Your connection. Now I’m going to pick up your mom and check in at the hotel.”

“Dad aren’t you and mom staying here.”

“No, we like our privacy. But I’ll be back. When you finish start to create the bedroom in your mind then see it from the other’s perspective. change the color or an item. I should be back by the time you’re done. Then you’ll make love and connect in your sleep. We do it again tomorrow until you’ve created an image of every room in this house. After a couple of days we’ll increase the distance between the two of you.”

“Wow, we have a lot of work cut out for us.”

“Let’s start.”

Both Daphne and Angelo sat bu the door and observed every minute detail before the tried to recreate it in each others mind. After a few minute they looked at each other.

“Think we can try?”

“Angelo, I don’t know. I think we should seeing it in our own minds first then we can take turns creating it for each other.”


They sat for several minutes more creating the image in their own minds then they tried creating it for each other.

“The door is not pink Daphne.”

“Just making sure you are seeing my door and not yours.”

“But neon.” They were quiet again.

“So your favorite color is blue?”

Angelo laughed. “Good you see my door. I think we can start in the room.”

“The thought of that gives me a headache. How about we start with the dresser or armoire?”

“Armoire sounds good. Now we know a little of what we’re doing it should flow better.”

Daphne smiled as she got up from the floor and they headed to their bedroom. It was a simple room really. The king sized canopy bed stood against the wall to her right. It was covered with an ice blue comforter and curtains that surrounded the bed from the wooden poles were a lavendar. It gave the room such a calm and loving energy.

Both Daphne and Angelo sat in from the armoire and either side. They closed their eyes and began the process over again. It didn’t take as long but it wasn’t the blink of an eye either before they had committed the details to memory and created for each other. Before Carlos and his wife returned they had completed the entire room. Being able to create a detailed picture of the room with themselves in it.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the next chapter of ‘The World of Dreamers’. It took me a while to decide where I would go with this story. Only a few chapters left before Angelo and Daphne are safe from Chance and his band of Chasers.

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