A Movie & A Show

Peace and Love Everyone!

So I’m going to update the title for when I don’t actually get to see 2 movies. I think the title fits well.

Anyway, At the end of last week I got the chance to see Captain Marvel. Due to my time schedule I didn’t get out to see another movie. Of course there weren’t a lot I wanted to see and the one I did want to see was playing in odd places. Not to mention, if it’s not AMC, it has to be pretty freaking awesome to make me come out of pocket. I love my AMC A-List card. It’s definitely worth it, as long as you see 2 movies a month. If you see more, that’s fabulous and you’re getting you moneys worth for sure.

Turn Up Charlie

The show that I saw this weekend, while completing several tasks was ‘Turn Up Charlie’. It’s a show on Netflix staring my and almost every ladies all time fav, Idris Elba. I love Idris and will watch anything that he is in. I will sit there until the very end, even if I don’t like the movie. There aren’t many of his movies that I don’t like. For example I didn’t like 100 Streets at all. Still, I watched the whole movie just to see Idris.

I watched all of season 1 for Turn Up Charlie. Interesting, but I’m not sure what to make of it. Idris plays a washed up DJ looking for the next gig that will make him a star again. You meet his friends and aunt as well as his parents within a short time in the show.

While he’s between gigs he does a favor for his best friend by looking after his daughter because he had to go to work. Charlie agrees and before you know it he’s taking care of her. The girl, is a handful. She says what she shouldn’t and does what she shouldn’t. No nanny will take care of her, and that’s why the parents need Charlie.

This show is okay, nothing major to write home about. If it wasn’t for Idris, I wouldn’t have watched it. It’s just so superficial. In the 8 episodes you learn that the girl is mean and speaks to adults as though she’s one, Charlie is a slob and irresponsible. There is nothing exciting and the only thing dramatic is the little girl. The one scene that could be dramatic is a total wash.

I give Turn Up Charlie 🤩🤩. Other then getting some Idris with no shirt there isn’t much to watch.

The film of the week ‘Captain Marvel’. It is monopolizing the box office. But is it worth the more than $15 you have to pay to see it?

As I watch the movie I was quite confused as to who see was, having watched the trailer and never picked up the comic book. You believe she is an alien training for a mission. When she gets the chance the mission is a bust and she’s captured. Here is where things get interesting. Your perception of the characters changes has the film goes on. There is a twist but you figure it out as she does. No real surprise. I will say no more not wanting to ruin it.

I will say, I love the cat. You’ll see why.

Captain Marvel is entertaining. I liked it, but it wasn’t as action pact and full of the surprises of Civil War, Black Panther or Infinity War. I will say as with all Marvel movies, stay til after the credits have rolled.

I give Captain Marvel 🤩🤩🤩. Yes, definitely see it, but may be you should wait for Redbox or Netflix.

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