The World of Dreamers: Chapter 12

Peace and Love Everyone!

I’m back with another chapter to this flourishing love story. Hope you’ve been enjoying the story so far. I must say that with each chapter we are getting closer to the end of our journey Angelo and Daphne.

“How many times do we have to commit the same room to memory? We’ve done several rooms several times. Isn’t it enough?”

“My dear daughter, it’s not just about committing the room to memory. It’s also about how fast you can relay the information to your partner. It may be the difference between you and my grand surviving or not. Also, you both need to be able to tell when something is out of place. That detail could save your life.”

“Okay, okay. Can we take a break? We’ve been at this everyday for two weeks.”

“You’ve had a break. Each night you go to sleep with each other. What other break do you need.”

“Come on dad. Just give her a minute. Her images of the rooms are starting to all come out pink and miss several details.”

“Well, if you can tell the difference and what’s missing we’re almost done. Take a couple of hours. Get some excercise and something to eat. I could use a break myself.”

“Daphne, have you heard from Tina?”

“She calls at least once a week. She is really starting to sound like she’s losing it.”

“Having a Chaser can do that to a normal person. She’ probably not sleeping well either.”

“Carlos tells me you two are almost ready.” Daphne’s mom, Samantha walks into the kitchen and sits on the stool at the counter.

“Really, he told us nothing.”

“Didn’t want you to think we were done. We are now getting to the nuts and bolts of it all,” Carlos yells from the living room. Soon he appears a the counter with Samantha and Samuel. “Now comes the most important part. Can you relay the information to each other at a great distance. That will tell us whether you are ready. Your link can not be affected by distance. You don’t know where Chance is going to take you and you need to relay to Angelo where you are and what your environment looks like. If Chance is smart, he won’t let you see where you’re going or anything about the building. And if he doesn’t you still need to help Angelo find you.”

“How am I supposed to do that? These last two weeks I’ve been conveying everything I see. How can I convey what I can’t see?”

“I was saving that for last. But maybe it’s best we build the skills together. You have to observe your surroundings with every fiber of your being. All of your senses should be highly tuned to your environment. So if you can’t see you can still touch, hear, taste and smell. You use your senses to create the image. Even if it is distorted it will work. Your connection will pull you towards each other.”

“So are you going to start driving me around blindfolded.”

“Something like that. We bought these glasses the surround your eyes so no light gets it. Then we’ve taped the inside. People will just think you had an eye proceedure instead of thinking we kidnapped you.”

“That makes sense.”

“I’m glad Samantha found the glasses. We’ll start later today. We’ll take separate cars and you two will link after we get to our destination. You’ll have to find each other. But Daphne, if you’re taken I would prefer that you link with Angelo immdiately, so that he can see what you see.”

“Wow, I’m really nervous,” Daphne stated staring at Angelo.

“No matter where you are I will find you my love,” Angelo replied giving Daphne a tight squeeze.

“Wait, will Angelo have to wear the glasses too?”

“No Daphne. So you will get the images of what he sees so you’ll know where he is and if he’s close to you.”

“Eat and get dressed you two.”

“I finally get to leave this house.”

“Daphne, we had to keep you safe. No telling who was where,” Samantha replied.

“I know mom. It’s just, I’ve only see this house for several weeks. I’m more then ready to get out.”

After eating everyone got dressed. This would be the adventure that determined whether Daphne and Angelo would have to run or if they could defeat Chance. Everyone was anxious and worried.

Daphne got into the car with Carlos and Angelo rode with Sam and Sam. They drove for a few minutes before turning into a shopping mall. The parents had decided that the only way to know if this idea would work would be to put it to a rigorous test. The noise in the mall would be a distraction for the two love birds and bring them as close to a real situation as possible. They would make sure to stay close and watch.

“We didn’t drive for long. Maybe ten minutes?”

“Give or take. How did you know?”

“I’ve been counting and we past it on the way to the house about a month ago.”

“Did you go there?”

“No, we didn’t have time to stop and we wanted to be safe, so no. I still wish we had.”

Carlos got out of the car and walked around to open the door for Daphne. He helped her walk through the parking lot and into the store. They walked for a short while through the store and into the mall, towards an area where Daphne could sit down.

Unbeknowst to Daphne, her mom and dad drove Angelo to the other side of the mall and walked with him inside before leaving him to try to sense Daphne.

“Daphne, sit here. Try to center yourself and send the information for Angelo to find you. I won’t be far away. Your safe.”

Daphne nodded as she sat and tried to get comfortable. Not too comfortable she thought. She knew she was suppose to connect with Angelo and tell him where she was. She knew she couldn’t contact him with her cellphone and she couldn’t take off her glasses. So she took a deep breath and listened. Her senses were suppose to tell her where she was so that she could convey it to Angelo.

There were as many sounds as you can imagine in a mall. People talking and children asking for things, laughing or crying. She needed a focus. She would start with smell. She couldn’t smell any food so she knew she wasn’t near any food. So she listened. There were people talking but about what. She was trying to figure out which store she was in front of . Nothing really helped. She couldn’t gage anything that would stand out. She sat for a while and just listened.

When that didn’t turn up anything that she thought would help give her a clue she reached out to Angelo. It took aminute but her body recognized his warmth. She could feel the mental hug he gave her.

“Hey Daph. Do you know where you are?”

“I’m sitting by stores. Not that that’s helpful. I’m not sure if it’s the cross section or in front of some place specific.”

She took a deep breath and relaxed. She should contact him no matter what. Or so she hoped. After all there were no more than a mile or two apart from each other.

“What does it feel like. Does it feel like it’s a large area or small?”

“I didn’t think of that. The noise seems like the area is small in comparison to when I came into the mall.”

“Okay, so maybe a cross section rather then in the middle of the mall. Can you see what I see.”

“Is this the mall you came to replace my laptop and phone?”

“It is. You see the Apple store?”

“Yes. We’ll have to stop later. I want an external hard drive.”

“Really? Do you see anything else? I mean, I’m sending you a lot of images. Trying to create it as I see it. It’s a lot to do when I’m moving passed everything.”

“Sure, I see outlines and store names. The pink kiosk. But nothing is in detail.”

“Didn’t think you would need the details right now. I figure the name and location I’m walking through would be more helpful.”

“I guess so. Are you near any intersections?”

“Almost.” Angelo sends Daphne the image of the Godiva on the corner.

“I wish I could see the stores so I know where I am. This is really hard. Are mom and dad still following you?”

Angelo turned around but didn’t see them. “They probably stopped at a store. They have Annie’s Pretzels here.”

“Hey, you didn’t send me that image.”

“Because you’d want me to stop and get you one. This really isn’t the time. I’m getting a bad feeling about this whole situation. Like our parents aren’t the only ones watching us.”

“Your dad was just here with me a minute ago. Surely, he’s still here.” Daphne looked around as though she could see anything. “I’m taking off the glasses. This is ridiculous and I feel the same thing.”

Before Daphne could get off the glasses she felt someone step right in front of her. She froze. The energy didn’t feel like Angelo’s or Carlos’ energy. She bent her head down and listened. Where was she? Who was standing in front of her?”

“Angelo do you see me?”

“No, you must be in the other intersection. I’m walking faster now.”

“Okay, so are there any shoe stores in the other intersection?”

“Don’t know. I didn’t walk around the mall. Take the glasses off, please. Let me see.”

Daphne did. She was looking at the floor when she did. She wasn’t sure how her eyes would react to the light since it had been blocked for more than a few minutes. As she looked up she knew she was in trouble and she wondered where Carlos had gone. Had he walked off to get something to eat without telling her? Maybe he figure Angelo would find her in time.

“Daphne, who is it?”

Daphne’s heart raced as she looked to her right and then left. She sent Angelo the pictures. He hadn’t seen her sitting on the far end of the cross way in the mall. The Godiva was to her left. He past her. Now she sat in front of Chance.

“Funny seeing you here. I thought I had lost you for sure. Poor Tina can’t remain sane if I keep taking from her. She’s not doing well you know. You should have met with her sooner.”

Daphne sent the images and messages to Angelo, who was sending her the stores he was passing as he raced back to the first intersection. Finally he was standing a few hundred feet from his beloved. He could see her sitting very still, but he couldn’t get to her. Two men were standing right in front of him and wouldn’t let him pass. Angelo looked wildly around. What had happened to his father?

Oh my God, Daphne thought. This is it. She had no clue if she was ready but he was going to take her. Where was Carlos? She looked around wildly. She could see Angelo now, he was trying to get to her but two large men kept blocking his way. Where was Carlos? People walked by her back and forth. She couldn’t really see past Chance.

Then he stepped aside. Carlos was slumped over by the elevator. Was he breathing? She watched him a little longer. It looked like it. Someone was trying to wake him up. But who?

“I need you to get up and walk with me. I don’t know why you were sitting her alone, but no worries. I’m lucky like that. If you want your wonderful family and love to make it out of here alive and not be shot by plain clothes cops you will come quietly. Now.”

She didn’t say a word. Daphne got up and looked at Angelo.

“Don’t worry. You’ll see him tonight.” Chance smiled down at her. “No need to cry. It will all be over before you know it.”

Wow, quite a ride. Well ‘The World of Dreamers’ will be back in two weeks. Next week, ‘Self Love’

Peace & Love

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