The World of Dreamers

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This week I am posting my next chapter late. I have been writing the beginning and thinking about where I want this to go but when it came to typing it for the blog I procrastinated and since you won’t be able to read it until almost 4pm I still am.

I’ve been diligent with writing my blog every week but this story seems to pull a lot from me in terms of time so I keep pushing my writing and editing time back. I promised it, so here it goes. Hope you enjoy the next chapter of ‘The World of Dreamers’.

Chapter 13

“Chance please don’t do this.” Daphne begged.

“Give me another option. How else do I feel dreams?”

“We’re you stripped of them or born with the loss.”

“It was stripped from me as an adolescent because my father began to abuse his ability.”

“It may be able to be returned.”

“May be? That’s not acceptable. This is a definite way to get it back.”

“Quite selfish, isn’t it? You get what you want and I suffer. You are not my mate nor would you have been had you kept your powers. Yet you steal me from my love and jeopardize my life and the life of others.”

They walked out of the mall and walked toward the car parked in the loading zone. Daphne could’t help but think about her baby but she dear not mention it. She didn’t think he would care.

She tried to think of how to get away from him. She could run, but to where? Where would she go? She couldn’t go back into the mall bacause his people would be waiting. And were his people still watching her parents? She stepped away from him and decided to stand her ground.

“I won’t go any further,” Daphne stated.

“Really? I could just follow you to your home and take you from there.”

She knew what that meant. Everyone would be in danger. They could all be killed or taken prisoner. She groaned.

“You know I’m being nice.”

“So nice that you’re kidnapping me and knocked out my father in law to do it.”

“I could have killed him. Still could.”

Daphne froze. She didn’t want anyone to die because of her. She sighed.

“Now stop looking for an escape and get into the van.”

She continued walking towards it. When the door opened in front of her she paused.

“Stop stalling,” Chance chided. Chance pushed and she was pulled in by someone in the vehicle.

The entire time she was walking with Chance she was sending Angelo images and messages of what was going on. She was looking around to give him her location at all times. The van was white on the outside but there were no discerning marks at all. Just white, one of those large Ford vans. She couldn’t see the license plate. Chance walking on the outside of her in the parking lot blocked her view.

Daphne could feel Angelo sending her warmth. He saw everything she tried to relay. She sat back in the seat and closed her eyes.

“Why is she still concious?” Chance asked right before she was hit in the back of her head.

“Angelo, what happened? Why didn’t you follow her?”

“I couldn’t. There were armed men blocking my way to her. Dad are you okay? Can you get up?”

“Yeah, just a headache and a knot on my head,” Carlos replied as he felt his head. “Just help me.” Angelo helped his father up and they began to walk to the nearest exit, but turned to go the exit closest to Sam’s car. “Those two giants wouldn’t happen to be who you were taking about?”

“Oh, yeah,” replied Angelo. We’ll drop you by your car, dad.”

“Thanks. We thought we were safe enough to make a practice run.”

“But this is what has to happen. We must contact the council.”

“True Sam, but still.”

“Any news from her?” Samuel asked.

“At first and then up ’till she got in the van. Now there’s nothing, nothing at all.”

“We figured this would happen. They probably knocked her out. Well we know he lives in the city. We need to get there.”

“Carlos is that a good idea. Shouldn’t we wait?”

“Samantha, when she wakes up she’ll start sending new information. We want to be as close as possible.”

“Angelo, where would we go? We have not made any preparations outside of the house.”

“I had people prepare her apartment. But I think it should just be Matt, Patricia and I. We don’t want them to know we’re moving and they’ve never seen her brother or his wife.”

“Are you sure son?”

“Yes, if we need you I’ll call or reach out. If you’d like you can stay at my apartment to be closer. It’s a one bedroom.”

“Okay well, Sam and I can stay at your apartment. Carlos you and Ellen stay in Long Island and keep an eye on things.” Carlos nodded before Sam continued. “The full moon is up in two nights. He will probably feed off of her tonight and wait to complete the ceremony.”

“Okay, well we should probably wait until tomorrow to go to her apartment. We don’t want to get stuck there or give them a clue of our location.”

“You’re right Angelo. He may be able to track us or guess we’ll run to her apartment.”

“I think Matt and Patience should go to the apartment in the morning. Then I’ll follow in the evening.”

They weren’t followed out of the mall as far as they could see. When they got to the car they sat for a while.

“Did anyone notice if someone was watching or following us?”

“No Samuel. We seem good. We should move. I’m leary of dropping Carlos at his car.”

“It’s a rental. We can leave it and have them pick it up. I had every intention of going back with you.”

“Isn’t that expensive?”

“It’s fine. Let’s get going.”

They drove home in silence. They took the long way back to the house, meandering through several neighborhoods just incase someone was following that they didn’t notice.

“Chance you found her. That’s wonderful. Can you make her give up her clients to me?”

“Not sure she’ll survive the ceremony. Even if she does, she probably won’t be any use to anyone. You’ll get them.”

They hadn’t notice that Daphne was up. She kept her eyes closed and her breathing even as she observed where she was. She’d been to Chance’s apartment on several occassion and this wasn’t it as far as she could tell. But she didn’t hear any noise besides their voices. She quickly sent word to Angelo. He needed to know she was okay and that they were planning exactly what they thought.

Now, how would he find her, she thought. She tried to move her body first and found that her arms were tied in front of her and her legs were also bound together. She opened her eyes to find Chance looking at her.

“Glad you are okay. I thought he hit you a bit hard. Sorry about that. Didn’t want you sleeping and telling your lover where we were before we had a chance to get started.”

Daphne said nothing. She just stared at Chance. Then she looked around and saw Tina. Still she said nothing. This wasn’t Chances apartment. Now how would they find her?

“Well, hello. Welcome to my home.”

It was Tina’s? As close as she thought they were, she had never been to Tina’s home. Why would she let herself get mixed up in all of this.

“You won’t have to worry about being hit again. I have plenty of chloroform to help you pass out. Don’t want you sending messages in your dreams.

Daphne sneered at Chance. She didn’t want him to know that wasn’t the only way she communicated. He smiled.

“No hope of wonderful Angelo coming for you now. Might as well as accept your fate.”

Without Angelo and her family’s help she would be doomed. She started to cry. Her head hurt and she just wanted to go home. She closed her eyes again. Maybe if she just drifted to sleep he would leave her alone.

“Aren’t you going to knock her out before she falls asleep?”

“Not unless I feed from your dreams to night.”

“No, please.”

Chance smiled again. He would use the chloroform, eventually. But now he would feast.

Well, there you have it. The end of Chapter 13. I’m going to take a break this week after my movie review. It’s my daughter’s birthday and Spring Break. So I’ll be back May 4.

Check back Wednesday for my Movie Review of BreakThrough and Kalank.

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