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I’m here with you movie review for you right before the weekend. The two movies that I saw the past weekend are Kalank and BreakThrough. Both great movies. I cried in both. Just so emotional.

So let’s get to Kalank first. The latest Bollywood movie playing in New York. The movie has a great cast, Varun Dhawan (Zafar), Alia Bhatt (Roop), Aditya Roy Kapoor (Dev Chaudhry), Madhuri Dixit (Bahaar Begum), Sonakshi Sinha (Satya Chaudhry) and Sanjay Dutt (Balraj Chaudhry). I must say that their portrayal of these characters brough tears to my eyes. I should tell you I’m a crier. I cry during any emotional movie.

I didn’t cry through the whole movie, just when Satya was dying and when Zafar saved his family but didn’t get away.

My mom always said ‘the hole you dig for someone, will be the hole ya fall in,’. Translation, however you plan to trap or ruin someone will be how you are ruined or trapped. This movie demonstrated that exact proverb. Zafar being a illigitamate child, planned to ruin his wealth father by destroying the family and their business. The whole movie he is setting the plan in motion. But then he falls in love with his brothers wife. He gets tangled in the web he weaved. Maybe, I’ve said too much. I’ll stop.

I must say I loved seeing Madhuri Dixit on screen again. She is always wonderful to watch.

If you love Bollywood movies or you want to experience them go check out Kalank. It was a great drama to watch watch unfold. Even though I knew what was going to happen by the time Roop goes into the village and sees Zafar. I may even see it again.

I would give Kalank 🤩🤩🤩🤩 out of 5.

Now let’s talk about this Easter’s movie BreakThrough. This definitely was the movie for the season. A movie about miracles.

BreakThrough has an incredible cast, Chrissy Metz (Joyce Smith), Josh Lucas (Brian Smith), Marcel Ruiz (John Smith), Topher Grace (Pastor Noble), Dennis Haybert (Doctor Garrett), and Mike Colter (Tommy Shine).

Now, if you’ve seen the previews you know what’s going to happen so you’re waiting and waiting for it to happen. The writers and directors take the time to introduce the town and it’s people. Everyone knows each other and the new pastor is connecting with his new parisherners. You see how Joyce Smith, John’s mother is a power house and she isn’t afraid to speak. It seems like a great town.

I was in tears for Joyce. I could only image, as a mom how I would feel if this was my son. I’m pretty sure I would be more of a mess. Joyce fought for her son. She prayed and asked everyone to pray. She was indeed one of God’s faithful. She didn’t give up, so no one could. She wasn’t afraid to speak up for her son.

I hope that we as parents have the same confidence and knowing in whatever we believe that we can support and speak up for our children when it is needed.

As I sit here typing I’m started to sniffle and get a bit teary. The movie was filled with emotion and me being sensitive felt it all. Being a true story and not one of Hollywood’s made up creations makes you think. It helps you believe that yes, there are miracles. No matter how few or far in between, miracles do exist. I’ve always believed that, now I am strengthened.

No matter you denomination, religion or belief, I think this movie will have something for you.

I would definitely recommend BreakThrough. It’s a must see. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 out of 5 emoji stars for me. It was well portrayed and the actors were phenominal.

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Peace & Love

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