Self Love, Too

Peace & Love Everyone!

I hope you had a great week. Mine went well. Busy as usual.

I decided that I needed to add another post on Self Love. I felt that there was something I left out which was of equal importance. Rest and sleep.

I didn’t deal with rest or sleep in my last post of self love and it is extremely important. Our bodies need rest. Something that people in America don’t seem to think is important. We are up late, we get up early and never catch up on the amount of hours that we need. Hours of sleep lost.

Rest is not always the same as sleep. It can be I believe. Often rest is just not moving to and fro. When I look at my life I feel as though I’m not happy unless I’m moving. Rest is something I don’t get enough of. I may take a few minutes, maybe an hour, I feel better, and I’m off again running here and there. My mind thinking of all the things I need to do and where I need to go. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I am also guilty of not getting enough sleep. Sometimes I can sleep longer on the weekends, still it does little to help. As you may know I have a day job, teaching, I also run a single parent household. My love of creating and being creative must be met and most of all I love to write. There just simply aren’t enough hours in the day. At least I thought so. (Blog coming on that) But inorder to get everything done, I can’t waste a moment. Sometimes, that is what I need the most, a few moments to clear my head. When I’m looking at the things I need to get done, sleep is often what loses out. I figure I can sleep later or on the weekend. That doesn’t always happen. I run until I can’t anymore. I mean that literally. After going and going my body makes me stop.

I haven’t had a spell in a long time, but I did this spring break. I was trying to get so much done the two weeks before the break. I got less then six hours sleep every night. Then the break came and I couldn’t run anymore. I was so lethargic. I moved slowly when I had to get up. It was also dizzying to stand or situp too fast. It so doesn’t help that I’ve been fighting hyperthroidism for a while. Part of the reason for the insomnia originally. I just couldn’t sleep. I rested and then I would go again. After being on a medication for it I slept like never before.

I’m going to be more cognizant of my schedule and make sure I get more rest and more sleep. At least eight hours a few days a week will help, it has before.

Are you getting enough rest? Do you go so much that you make yourself sick? Figure out what helps you to stay healthy. Everyone is different, and my regiment of at least two to three days of eight hours may not work for you. You may need more or less. Get to know how your body works.

Here are a few links that provide information on sleep and why it’s so important.

This weekend my daughter and I are going to see the new Avengers movie. So, I will have a review on Wednesday. The tickets are selling out. But is it worth the hype?

Also, next Saturday will be the next chapter of ‘The World of Dreamers’. We’re getting close to the chapter where I think it should end. Should I?

Until the next post. Peace & Love.

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Like so many women I wear different hats. Sometimes all at once, sometimes one after another. I'm a mother, teacher, daughter, sister, friend and writer. That doesn't include my love to create things. I love working with my hands to crochet, draw, mix natural products and the list goes on. This blog is an extension of that love. Join me and see how I Live Love Create.

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