The World of Dreamers

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We are getting closer to the end of ’The World of Dreamers’. Hope you’ve enjoyed the ride so far. Now, down the rabbit hole we go.

Chapter 14

When I was finally left alone, I sent Angelo as much as I knew. I told him that I was at Tina’s apartment. Chance had taken my purse when he got into the van and took out my cellphone so that I couldn’t contact anyone or send my location.

I tried to think of whether or not I ever came here before. The more I thought about it I realized I hadn’t, and Tina had only been to my home once. Chance had also come to visit my apartment one time. Now that I think of it I subconsciously decided after that to meet him in public. I ignored the fact that after his visit my talisman went missing. I never knew why it disappeared. I had known Chance for almost half of my life. Never would I have thought he would harm me.

All of a sudden it clicked. This is why Dreamers only associate with Dreamers. You never know who you are welcoming into your home. I always thought it was nonsense. I thought Dreamers were snobs. I didn’t believe that it was for our safety. I sighed. I had been watching the shadows under the door. Now I closed my eyes and sniffled as the tears rolled down my face. I couldn’t help but think of all the lives I put in danger.

If Chance succeeds, I risk my family and my unborn child. I rub my belly and murmur, “I’m sorry.”

“Are you crying?” Tina walked in and turned on the light.

I said nothing to her and didn’t turn to face her.

“Don’t cry. After Chance has what he wants he’ll let you go, and I’ll go back to my job.”

“Is that what he told you?” Tina nodded her head. “Tina, if Chance is successful, I’ll be dead or a freaking vegetable.”

“That’s not true. Chance said you’d be fine. That you’re selfish with your gift.”

I cackled. I’ve known Tina for a long time; she couldn’t be that delusional. I explained how my gift worked.
“Selfish? Don’t be stupid. I help people. He is a thief who hid his intentions for over a decade. He’s going to kill me to get what’s not his. I’m selfish. You’re an idiot. I’m selfish.”

” You don’t have to insult me. You don’t know what Chance does to me. I want relief.”

“Don’t I? He’s been feeding on me for God knows how long. I told you not to take him as a client. I told you to avoid him. Maybe it will open your eyes. I received nothing from him but my fees for the work I did. He will take everything from me. My life, my power, my…” I stopped. I was saying too much. “I can’t even believe you’re going along with this.”

The tears had stopped momentarily but were now a full-on stream. I was scared. I knew that I was preparing for this for almost a month. I didn’t think that I would have to deal with Chance so soon. I hadn’t thought about what my training would mean. Now it was too late, and I was petrified that he would end my life and my child. I would never see Angelo again. Why did I finish that thought? Now I was balling. I need to calm down; this can’t be good for the baby.

“Tina I told you not to talk to her. Look what you’ve done.”

” I just wanted to talk to her. Let her know it would be all right.”

“You’ve only solidified what she thinks is going to happen. She knows when your lying. Leave her.”

Tina left the room before another word was said.

“Now Daphne, calm down. It’s okay.”

“You must know something that I don’t. Are you going to let me go? We can try what I talked about.”

“No. I want to feed tonight and if you get any more upset, I can’t.”

I didn’t reply. I closed my eyes and wept silently. I wanted to reach for Angelo, but I didn’t know if Chance would pick up on the link. So I decided to try and sleep. After all, tears wouldn’t help. The outburst may convince Chance that I am terrified of what is going to happen. That’s what he needs to think; maybe a little panic was helpful.

Panic over, I need to rest. I will need all of my energy for the ceremony, and that is going to be hard if he feeds tonight. I’m hoping my link with Angelo will help me.

Chance didn’t say anything he just stood watching me. I didn’t know when he left. I was sound asleep dreaming my Angelo. In my dream we made love, and I went to sleep in his arms.

I was allowed to go to the bathroom in the morning but not alone. Tina watched every move I made in the bathroom. I washed up and put on one of her long t-shirts. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to remain unbound. Once I was out of the bathroom I was returned to what must have been the guest room. My hands were bound again after I lay on the bed.

Chance, came in to feed me around noon. I was starving and thirsty. When he finished, he left. I decided to sleep since I wasn’t bothered. I pulled the energy I needed from Angelo, and we embrace. We talked about how far they were. He found out where Tina lived, and he was staying at my home. He would be ready when the ceremony started. There was an empty apartment in her building, and he convinced the owner to let him rent it for the week to do a photo shoot. Once the ceremony was finished, my mom and dad would come to get me, and Matt would help him.

I felt better knowing that Angelo was taking care of everything. Soon this would be over, and I would be safe. I was starting to feel sorry of Chance. He would be an example to anyone who tried this.

Hope you enjoyed another chapter of ‘The World of Dreamers.’ We’ll be back in a couple of weeks with the next installment.

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