The World of Dreamers

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Hope everyone is well and has had a great weekend. I have had a long one and as I sit here writing I am falling asleep. I was up braiding my daughter’s hair for church and then got up early the next morning.

I wanted to make sure I posted the next installment of ‘The World of Dreamers’ before I pass out for the night.

Hope you enjoy…..

Chapter 16

“Daphne we need you to know you do no easy feat. Changing a Chaser to a basic human or killing him will change the way we live. If you don’t succeed, we will go into hiding for a long time. No longer interacting with humans at all. Our businesses will close, and we will become endangered until we find a safe place to hide.”

Daphne just nodded and didn’t reply, neither did anyone else.

“Of course, we already found a safe place. All Dreamers were instructed on what to do. Carlos knows, and I have spoken to your parents.”

“We will prepare. We leave now.”

Wazeem nodded, and the parents disappeared, leaving Daphne and Angelo.

“We are grateful for you attempting to do this,” he said to Daphne as he rested a hand on her shoulder. Then Wazeem turned to Angelo. “After the process everyone will be stunned, that will be your time to go and get her. Regardless of what happens will may be able to keep Daphne in a sedated state until the child is born.”

Angelo nodded. He looked at his beloved with adoration and sadness in his eyes. It was obvious to Daphne that no one expected her to survive this. She would make sure she surprised them all.

“Daphne, go back now. We will all be with you tonight. Even if you cannot dream the council, we will pull you here through Angelo’s connection. The two of you must remain connected, even as you go back. Stay with each other. Angelo, stay with her, he may not allow her to be conscious unless he deems it necessary. I don’t know what his sources are, but he may not want you to connect with her. Without that connection she is all but lost.”

Angelo sighed. “Yes, Elder two.”

Then Daphne was gone. She returned to herself. she opened her eyes to see where she was. Once again she was bound hands and feet. She tried to move her hands and feet but the cord was tied so tightly.

“We didn’t want you to hurt yourself during the ceremony. I was told it’s harrowing.”

Daphne jumped at the sound of his voice. She was absorbed in what went on in her dreaming she didn’t’ pay attention to her surroundings.

“You were buried in sleep. I was surprised us moving you and dressing you didn’t wake you.

Daphne looked down. She was dressed in a long cream gown. Then she looked at him. Who dressed her. She had no recollection of anything.

” I see the alarm in your eyes. Don’t worry. I wouldn’t let those ruffians dress you. They would take advantage. Believe it or not, I really love you Daphne. I don’t want you hurt.”

“You keep saying that but you’re about to remove my ability to help people, possibly killing me in the process.”

“I’ve been without my dreaming for over a decade. Do you know the pain that comes with losing your dreaming?”

“I have no clue. I’ve heard it’s not a problem when the person’s powers are stripped at a young age. They say it’s just the longing for dreams, not the actual pain of missing the power that runs through you.”

“Whether it’s real or not, do we not feel the pain?”

“I’m sorry Chance. I was not the one who hurt you.”

“No, you are not, but you know her.”

“Her?” I knew there were only a few of the elders who are able to remove powers. Only one of them are female. She had removed my gift when I requested.

“I see you calculating. Yes, it is. She didn’t strip my father but she stripped me. They said if she remove them it was gentler.”

“She is, I’ve had her remove my powers.”

“Did you not long for it?”

“No, I had willingly had them removed. I craved none of it. I knew it would return eventually on it’s own.”

“So yours was buried. When it’s removed it feels like it is ripped from your soul. I’ve wondered where it goes. Do you know?”

“Energy cannot be destroyed only transformed. Dreaming that is removed from someone is released into the world. Sometimes it goes to a specific dreamer who requires the energy. Mostly it becomes part of us all.”

“And that is why it cannot return.”

The silence between the two that stretched. Knowing what Chance has been through made Daphne feel for him. Not enough to give up her power, but she understood. If this is what he was feeling after losing his gift at a young age, she couldn’t imagine what others felr. How did the adults who were stripped feel? Dreamers had created their own worst nightmare.

“I will leave you to your last conscious peace. Then I’ll give you a mild sedative so that you can sleep. We need you using your gift during the ceremony.”

Daphne watched him close the door before she reached for Angelo. She relayed everything discussed with Chance before they lay in each other’s arms.

Angelo began to kiss his mate. Softly at first. He didn’t know if he would ever feel her again like this. Her energy was intense now. They had spent the last six months just the two of them. He had been her calm when she was worried about everything. He had kept her focused on their future and their growing child. It was essential for the baby to feel welcome and loved, or it’s energy would dissipate, making Daphne miscarry. The stress wasn’t good for the baby, but the early months were critical for Dreamers. In their dream state at four months pregnant, Angelo had connected with their daughter. She held his hand. They had decided to name her Zola.

“Let me make love to you.”

“I will come out of this. Believe in me, in us. We’ll be fine. And I will live to see my daughter become an elder. We will start soon, just hold me, connect with Zola. I worry about her the most.”

It didn’t take long before Chance came in to get Daphne. She couldn’t help but feel she wasn’t ready. She needed more time. Still, she really had little choice in the matter.

Chance untied her feet so that she could walk into the other room. She was asked to lie in the center of the makeshift altar, it consisted of a white blanket laid in the middle of white and yellow candles — each in a holder. Rose petals spread across the center. She walked into it and laid. Two of the men that had come with Chance when she was taken stood at her head and feet.

Daphne had no clue what to expect. She only knew she needed to keep Angelo in her mind. She was mindful of not allowing the connection to show in her until the ceremony had started.

“Well, Daphne, it is ten minutes to twelve. We begin. We should be well into the ceremony by the stroke of midnight.” Chance bent over her with a syringe in his hand. Daphne jerked. “Just a mild sedative. We need you to relax and sleep. Connect with your lovely Angelo so he can say goodbye to his wife and child.”

Daphne bolted up. He knew. How did he Rknow? She barely showed even naked he baby bump was almost non-existent.”

The men grabbed her and forced her to lie down; her body held tautly. They held her arms above her head, and her legs in place as Chance inserted the needle into her veins.

“Relax, sorry to say it makes little difference to me if you are or aren’t.”

“Chance, maybe we shouldn’t. We don’t want to hurt the baby. We could wait until after it’s birth.”

Chance smiled and put a finger under Tina’s chin as he raised it so that she was looking into his eyes. Not a gentle gesture as he scowled down at her.

“The baby makes no difference. Dreamer children have a wealth of energy because they don’t use their abilities until well into their teens. So it’s a dormant source that I can tap. It’s the best possible scenario.”

“Looks like the drugs are taking effect. We begin. Everyone in your places for the presentation.”

Chance began to speak in a dialect Daphne had heard few speak in centuries. She wondered how he expressed it. Daphne couldn’t figure out how to let Angelo listen to it. Usually, she relayed images, thoughts she had no clue how to explain this. The more she thought about it, the sleepier she got. She could no longer focus on what was said.

“Daphne, Daphne,” Angelo called to her. She could hear him, but she was too tired to respond. She raised her arm to reach for him. “Daphne, I saw that he gave you a sedative, you must awaken in this dreaming. You must.”

Daphne heard the urgency in his voice. She felt like she was sinking. Consciously she tried to rise through each level of sedation. With each level, she became more and more conscious. Finally, she looked up into Angelo’s face.

“He’s using our language.”

“That’s impossible. Only the elders speak it.”

“He is. Wazeem.” Daphne’s voice echoed through the hollow cave before she heard his footsteps. All the elders followed him. Still, Daphne didn’t understand why the cave was empty but the elders. She just stared as they approached.

“I understand your surprise. But the rest of the Dreamers cannot help you. We will try.”

“Elder, I don’t understand.” Daphne looked questioningly on the first elder.

“I know child, but we feel it. We hear his words through you. He calls upon a power we have neglected to feed here. If we help you the way we were going to, Chance will pull our power as well as yours.”

“But, but….”

“We are sorry. We can witness, but we cannot help. If we do, Chance will be more powerful than all of us combined. We cannot.”

“So what do I do?”

“We will take your power.”

“But, when a Dreamer is stripped, they don’t gain their powers again.”

“You are not being stripped. You are giving your energy to the council and your mate. He will be angry, but Angelo will be able to help you, as well as your brother.”

“But I don’t understand.”

“No time to understand, he will be draining you soon. You must trust your mate, trust us. Your energy will return in time. For now, push it from you.”

Daphne couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She just made Elder, and now she would be stripped, no she would donate her energy, making her mate more dangerous than her brother. She froze and looked up at Angelo. He smiled down at her with sadness in his eyes. He knew what this would mean to his love, what it could mean.

“Daphne, decide. He begins.”

Daphne nodded and began to push her glimmering energy to her love. It was as if it was sucked from her as he inhaled. When it seemed like he overflowed, what power was left settled over the elders, their eyes settled on her; she could see her energy coat their energy. It was the strangest thing.

Then she felt so strange. She didn’t recognize the people in front of her. There were nine people. They looked older definitely, but who were they. Daphne blinked and rubbed her eyes. She looked at her hands and then at the elders and Angelo. They glimmered before her eyes. Her body didn’t shine like that.

Angelo pulled her to him. “Oh, Daphne. I love you so much.”

“Angelo, my love. I’ve missed you.”

Angelo looked toward Elder and Wazeem. “It will be fine.” Elder said as the nine disappeared.

“You must go back to sleep, my love. I will come to you soon.”

Daphne just smiled. She didn’t understand what he meant. Why would he come for her? They were already together, weren’t they?

“We will come to you soon. Right now go back?” As Angelo said this, he kissed her cheek and then flicked her ear.

Daphne didn’t understand what he meant. Go back, wear? She was with him there was no going back.

When she returned to the small apartment, Daphne sat up. No one was holding her. The men were gone. She remembered that Tina was sitting in the couch waiting for something, but she was gone now. Only sand remained or what looked like sand.

Her arms weren’t bound, but she found the remains of what held her, what had happened. She was laying on a blanket, but why? Her memory seemed so fuzzy. What was going on? She stood in the center of the circle and looked all around her. The candles were blown out and a knife lay where someone had been standing, or at least she remembered someone standing there.

Daphne stood dumb founded. When the door to the apartment flung open, Daphne jumped. Her brother stood in the doorway or at least it looked like her brother.

“Daphne, are you okay?”

“I think so, but I feel so strange.”

“You will for a while. Come with me, Angelo needs you.”

“My Angelo needs me?”

“Oh, my Lord. What happened to you?”

“I don’t know. I lost something.”

“Oh yeah you did, and it’s killing your mate.”

The two of them hurried out of the apartment and down the hall to the stairs.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this installment of ‘The World of Dreamers’.

I’ve been mulling over in my head how this would end and where the story would go and to be honest, it is taking it’s own sweet time adding twists and turns as we go. This being the case, I just couldn’t end it yet.

That being said I won’t say the next installment is the end, I’ll say check back to see where ‘The World of Dreamers’ takes us.

Wednesday I will have my movie review up for Aladdin and Rocketman. Check back.

Peace & Love

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