The Final Chapter of ‘The World of Dreamers.’

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Chapter 17

“Matt, tell me what happened.”

“Just come on. You need to get to Angelo now. We’re two floors below.”

Matt and Daphne raced down the two flights as quickly as possible. When they reached the landing a door swung open. Patience rushed into the hallway looking for them.

“Hurry Daphne.”

Daphne briskly walked into the apartment and knelt next to Angelo. His ghostly complexion terrified her. Sweat cascaded out of his pours.

“Matt what happened to him? Why does he look this way. I just saw him and he was fine.”

“Daphne, you haven’t seen Angelo in almost three days.”

“What are you talking about. I was just with him before I woke up in that odd circle.”

“We’re running out of time while you two go back and forth. We need to start now. Daphne you’re going to have to take your powers back.”

Daphne turned to look at Patience. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“No time to explain. We will guide you to the dreaming and Elder will help you. Well mainly Patience will help you. I will simply lend her my energy. I can’t dream people anymore.”

“What dreaming? What are you two talking about and what have you done to Angelo?”

“Daphne, we don’t have time for this. Just lay down. Focus on Angelo.”

Daphne looked exasperated but she lay next to her love and then jolted back up. “How is me sleeping going to help?”

“Daphne,” they shouted.

“Okay, I’m laying down. Now what.”

“She has no idea does she?”

“Not a clue, Patience. It’s like it’s been wiped from her completely.”

“I’m right here.”

“Close your eyes and think of Angelo, reach for him in your mind.”

Daphne did as she was told. But she didn’t understand why she needed to follow their instructions. She was just about to ask why when she felt like something was pulling her.

“Wow, this cave looks so familiar.” Daphne sat up and looked around. How’d she get from NYC to a cave.

Just as she was about to turn and ask Patience she caught sight of a group of people walking to her.

“Where did you come from?”

“Oh dear. This isn’t good Wazeem.”

“Not reversible. We knew this could happen.”

“What’s going on and where is Angelo?”

“Next to you my child,” replied one of the elders

Daphne turned and there he was, but she was alone in the cave. How did he end up next to her? Before she could answer, Patience appeared.

“Sorry, it took me a little longer. Elder she remembers nothing other than Angelo. It’s like it’s been wiped from her memory.”

“We just access that.”

“Let’s get it over with. We’re wasting precious time,” another elder said. They all nodded and encircled Daphne.

“Daphne my love we think this belongs to you.”

Daphne looked questioningly from elder to elder. She started to ask what they were talking about but the woman who had spoken before pointed up. At first Daphne didn’t notice anything, then a cloud of some sort blocked out her view of the elders.

She sat looking at it for a moment. It was a riot of clear, luminous colors. She reached up to touch it and a volt of energy flooded her.

“What in the world.” Daphne didn’t finish her exclamation. She knew what it was coated in the energy of the elders.

She turned herself to face her love and watched him as her awareness and memories of the last few hours and days flooded back. Daphne sat in silence. Taking Angelo’s hand and then wiping the sweat from his face. But it wasn’t sweat. As she wiped it evaporated, no absorbed into her skin. She watched him more closely realizing that he was covered in it. Angelo was covered in her gift. She knew that couldn’t be good.

“Elder how do I take it from him? He’s not expelling it like you all did.”

Wazeem smiled. “Elder remember when you first came to us and didn’t know how to use your powers?”

“She nodded. “You must call it to you child. Pull it from him.”

“I have no clue how to do that.”

“Link to him, you’ll figure it out.”

Link to him. How was that suppose to help? She was usually already linked to him. Angelo was with her in the ceremony. He had been like a shadow in her mind. She tried to feel him in her but there was nothing. She tried reaching for him sending him images of what was happening. That’s when she realized what was happening. Unlike with the elders who’s bodies had accepted her energy because that’s how their powers work, Angelo wasn’t an elder. He had been holding on to her energy so that it wouldn’t return to her. As he held on, her energy was draining him and fighting to be release.

She sent him a final message as his energy was about to fail ‘let go.’

At first she felt a slight stir in her mind. She cried out to him in her mind. ‘Angelo, babe let go.’

Angelo sighed and his body went completely still. She heard an elder scream. Still, she didn’t turn to see who it was, it could wait. Both of their energies were expelled from him. “No, no, no.”

Daphne went still stretching her energy out over herself. She breathed, inhaling carefully pulling at what was hers. She only wanted back her energy. If she could separate the mix, Angelo’s should return to him. It had to work. As she exhaled she willed herself to let go.

As she did, the energy that hovered in the air fell on Angelo and his body jerked. But he didn’t breath.

“Please, please.” Daphne murmured as her eyes shedding tears. “Angelo, come back to me, to us. She screamed in her head. And in return he reached for her. In her head he whispered. “Daph why are you screaming.”

“Thank the heavens,” She heard Elder exclaim. “I didn’t want to tell Carlos we killed his only son.

Daphne looked up to see the elders walking away. Wazeem had embraced Elder. He was patting her back as he murmured to her.

“You came back to me.”

“I did, but Daphne.” Angelo paused and reach over to rub her stomach. “Where is Zola?”

“Zola, what?” Daphne reached inside her and sure enough she no longer carried her beautiful baby girl. Her womb was dark, the glowing energy of her child absent.

Daphne’s body shook drawing Patience attention. She didn’t want to leave them incase they needed her. She tapped Daphne.

“You should look up and to your right. A shadow has been kneeling at your feet since you’ve come into you power again.”

Daphne looked where she was told. The small figure of a person bowed at her feet. She felt it the whole time not knowing what it was. Her energy reached for it and it picked up it’s head to look at her.

“Zola,” Daphne exclaimed. “Oh, my Zola.” Daphne couldn’t control the sobs anymore. Reached to touch the girl and the energy that had been fading slowly rushed to her. Had she taken any longer to notice, the energy would have faded completely.

Daphne cried silently to herself. It took a while before she noticed that someone was holding her and telling her it would be okay. When she opened her eyes she was curled into a ball, her head in Angelo’s lap. She sat up and looked at Angelo.

“She’s gone, Angelo. Our baby girl, Zola is gone.” Daphne leaned into Angelo, racking sobs shaking her body as she cried.

“Daphne, what happened? The last thing I remember was expending my last breath to hold on to your energy. It felt like it was fighting to get to you. As if it knew you needed it some how?”

“I did, but if I had it, both Zola and I would be gone.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I hate to break this up, but we need to go. We should return home. Then Daphne can explain.” Matt stood up as he spoke to them.

He help Angelo and Daphne stand. Angelo was a bit shaky after his ordeal and they both helped him walk. Patience gathered their things and they took the stairs down several flights before trying to get the elevator.

It would have seemed like it took forever to return to their Long Island home, except Daphne and Angelo were asleep in the back seat. When they did arrive, they were both greeted by the parents. Angelo had to explain why Daphne rushed crying into her mother’s arms. Just as he began, the tears also flowed from him.

The couple were taken to the basement where everyone sat in a circle around them. They were quiet at first, sending healing and loving energy to the couple. A desolate blanket covered them.

“A council meeting has been called. We haven’t asked you to explain because we feel it would take too much from you to do so twice. Connect and we will hear your tale together.”

Daphne nodded as she closed her eyes, still wrapped in Angelo’s arms. Before she knew it she was once again in the Caverns Hollow as they called it. Once again greetings went out to the Dreamers that assembled and spread through the Cavern.

“Today, we mourn those who have gone before us. We mourn the Chasers who have lost their way and would seek to harm us. We have found a new way to live and we have a new protector.” Cheers went out from the crowd when Elder Four had finished.

Elder stood up to speak next. “We would ask that Elder Ten tell us what happened and maybe together we can return her precious gift that she lost to save our lives. For those of you who don’t know. If fighting for her life and our, Angelo and Elder Ten lost their child.” Murmurs went across the Caverns. Periodically, you heard ‘so sad’ or ‘we’re so sorry’ run over the crowd.

“But we must not be sad, for that which is named returns to us one way of another. Take a moment of silence and focus. We call Zola to her mother’s womb.”

Silence cloaked the crowd. Angelo sat directly behind Daphne and now wrapped both arms around Daphne, placing his hands on her stomach. Tears streamed down their faces.

Then Daphne’s mom said, “reach for her Daphne.”

Daphne reached into herself and called her daughter’s name. Shortly after the crowd gasped. When Daphne looked at herself she was glowing. “Oh Zola,” Daphne called as tears of joy replace the sadness. “Angelo, our baby girl has returned.”

Angelo rubbed Daphne’s stomach. “She was never gone.” The two laughed and held on to each other. Moments passed as the crowd watched in love and fascination.

“Daphne,” Elder called.

Daphne stood and looked out at the sea of people before her. Her people. “I can only recount what I can remember,” Daphne began. She unraveled what had happened to her over the last few days. Her Dreamers hung on to her every word.

Daphne was now a hero to them. And as much as she had not wanted to be looked as that way she was. She was the most powerful amoung them and didn’t even know it. Her Zola would be even more so.

Daphne had no clue what happened once the circle started. Elder had to fill in the blank there. It would appear that Chance had decided to use the baby to regain his powers. He didn’t know that there was already something special about Daphne’s Zola. He hadn’t know, that his friend’s little girl had already been given a name. So when he chanted calling forth her energy from her mother, he called his own demise. Zola didn’t want to leave her mother and fought to remain just as she was. Amazing how stubborn babies can be.

“Angelo, thank you.”

“For what my love.”

“Willing to die for me.”

“Am I not here to serve my Elders.” Daphne giggled as she kissed him again.

“Well in that case. Make love to me, I’ve missed you.”

“I have missed you more than you could know.”

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