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Peace and Love Everyone!

Hope your week is going well or at least better than usual. Mine ends today. I will then finally be on my much needed and deserved summer vacation. Each year as a teacher seems more difficult than the last.

This review will be quick. Why? I only saw one movie last weekend, ‘Anna’. I have wanted to see the movie since I saw the previews. It looked action packed.

I have a lot of mixed feelings about Anna. Before I try to analyze this movie, let me just say the action was great and seemed plausible. The gun fighting was fun. If the rest of the movie doesn’t matter to you, go see it.

Now here are my gripes. Everyone is not the same! How is it possible that every spy reacts identical. WTF?

I loved Helen Mirren as Olga. The tough female KGB agent who survived being a female agent long enough to have a desk job and select other female operatives. She even made me chuckle.

Cillian Murphy, who played Lenny, I always thought was a great actor. Here I was not impressed with his part. Same goes for Luke Evans who played Alex. But other than remembering him as a sexy hunk, nothing comes to mind. While I can believe Luke is an agent because he seemed like this big mean guy, their behavior was so similar. They were indifferent to almost every thing. I will say that you could tell from his small gestures toward Anna. Thank you Luke.

Now Sasha Luss is gorgeous and she played the tough calm agent, but so did everyone else. Other than beinf the sexy platinum blonde there was nothing unique about her character. She was good but not good enough to not to get caught. And how did the director allow and accept the actors going from nonchalant to raging fucking? They went from a slow pace to give me now! Seriously? As the audience we just didn’t see enough connection to see that leap. And there wasn’t much that was enduring about it.

You know who showed a range of emotion, Anna’s girlfriend Maud played by Lera Abova. So everyone else is cool. Cool and collective under pressure with a steel spine but a few people. Even when Anna got mad she was cool. She didn’t even seem like a real person.

Sorry, I love spy movies, but this wasn’t it. Save ya money and stream it when it comes out. I give this movie 🤩🤩 and 1/2 starry eyed emojis.

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Until next time.

Peace & Love.

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