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This is the introduction to my WTF blogs. My topics will cover mostly things that are unbelievably wrong in america. I wanted to create this blog to get people to think about different topics and maybe together we can find a solution. It would be wonderful if you agree with me, but that isn’t the point or reason. I believe reflection in an important part of growth and transition. We tend to see many things that may strike us at our core and then forget they are there. It’s a coping mechanism that enables us to live happily. If we dwell on them without pause or thoughts of happy moments it’s quite the downer. Even down right depressing.

There are so many topics to cover. Some are like ticking time bombs causing violent reactions while others we may all agree with or all disagree without too much thought. Writing about some topics make me a bit nervous. My first step was to figure out what I should write about first? Human destruction of Earth? Or U.S. public education? Cost of Living in the U.S? Mass Incarceration, Civil Rights, Real Estate Market? These are just a few. Also, the internet is filled with topics that are down right jarring.

Now keep in mind, even though I may reference several articles, this is just my opinion. My reflection of the topics based on information and my experiences. I’m hoping to give another perspective of the narrative. While I am a history teacher, I am in no means an expert in any of these fields. Yet an still, most of us aren’t. That doesn’t make our opinion any less true.

As I review the topics I was thinking of what I should start with first. Is there one that I can make an impact in with my thoughts. You never know, right?

Let’s Talk Real Estate and Cost of Living

So let’s think about real estate. All people need a place to live. In fact, it’s one of the things that is necessary so that people feel content and they can focus on their jobs and school. Along with shelter, clothing and food are the basic needs of humans. Without them people cannot go on to be successful. Children have trouble focusing in school, etc

Now, don’t say that’s not so because there are children who are successful in dot, dot , dot. Nothing is absolute. We are all different and even within our culture we don’t all see things and think the same. It’s a general understand of human beings.

With that being said. Has anyone noticed an increase in homelessness in their neighborhood or community? I guess if you live in a wealthy area you may not have. I have. More and more people are talking about the property price increases in their communities. More and more teachers, teach children who are homeless in their schools.

Here’s a list of the most expensive cities in the U.S.

Why is this happening? I can definitely say from my perspective that it has to do with the price of an apartment or house verses what people make. Even if you own your own home and don’t have a loan on it, you must have noticed how the price of real estate just keeps going up. You’d definitely notice your taxes increasing. Those increases can be an issue when your income isn’t increasing at the same rate. Where I live a 3 bedroom apartment in an okay area is $3,000 a month give or take a few hundred. While that may sound reasonable to some how many of you make enough to pay for that? You haven’t bought food or put gas in the car, paid for your metro card, cellphone or gone to a movie.

If you’re a single mom or dad, or run a single parent household and you aren’t making well over six figures in New York forget about it. And at that price your apartment isn’t anything special. Some places include gas, electric and water others don’t . The more expensive the more facilities on the premises. For example, gym, pool or dog run.

Now if you are just clearing six figures you’re paying more than half your monthly pay check. Many may say that you should live within your means. Find some place cheaper. Okay, but unless you want to live in someone’s basement (NYC), that isn’t happening in a nice neighborhood. We all want what’s best for our children. Just because you don’t make 6 figures doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be safe. We all do. As good citizens in this country, who live by the laws and pay our taxes I don’t see why we should be denied this.

I feel the need to mention that the house my parents bought in the 1970s is basically unattainable as a single parent. If I was married, we may make enough money to cover it. It would still be a struggle with both of us not making 6 figures but possible.

Some might say move to another state or a more affordable place. That’s not the issue. No matter where you go the cost of living being lower means lower wages. The cost of living being higher means high wages. In both cases it’s not enough for most people to live comfortably with their income.

If I told you what many people make now I made in 1996. Oh yeah. When I graduated from college and went to work for a temp company I made $12 an hour. Granted I was living in Los Angeles, CA. Renting an apartment was expensive but not so bad between my husband and I. When I took a maternity leave, his salary was not enough. It’s been more than twenty years. Why are people still making the same money? The cost of living sure isn’t the same as 20 years ago. Many people make less few make more.

Why should companies make more than they need while their employees suffer and struggle. Not to mention most companies don’t give a pension or retirement fund. Or you have to be there more than 5 years. The times vary.

So how do we rectify the problem? We need to demand that our senators and congressman raise the minimum wage to $15 across the US. Then they need to establish how citizens gain regular raises.

This took forever to write this this week. Next WTF on Monday. I will have a movie blog up Wednesday for Super 30 staring Hrithik Rosahn. Hopefully, a romance blog for Sunday. Stay tuned.

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