The War Is On

Peace & Love Everyone!

How are you? I am excited about a movie that is coming out October 2, 2019. I know that seems so far away. For me almost too far, but that gives me time to help you catch up.

War is a movie that pits two of Bollywood’s most sexy action and dance stars against each other, Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff. If you read my blogs you’ve read about a few of the movies they starred in. Last Wednesday I did a review of Roshan’s ‘Super 30’. My last movie review for Shroff was Baaghi 2 I believe. Both do amazing stunts and both men not only appreciate the King of Pop but they love and can dance like him.

Well both gentlemen had been whispering about a competition. One vs. the other. If you aren’t familiar ladies let me introduce you…

Tiger on the left, Hrithik on the right

Tiger is new to the scene. His first movie was in 2014. So he’s really been in the Bollywood business less than a decade unless you include the fact that he is the son of Jackie Shroff. Tiger has starred in six movies 2 short videos and a couple of tv episodes.

Hrithik on the other hand has been a part of Bollywood for much longer. I believe his first staring role was Kaho Naa..Pyaar Hai in 2000. Now, that doesn’t include roles that he played that were uncredited. After all Hrithik is the son of Bollywood’s own Rakesh Roshan, former actor, present movie producer several of which are his son’s movies.

I have pretty much seen almost all of the movies that these two men have starred in. So join me over the next three months as I review their movies and get ready for War.

See why I’m so excited.

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Until my next Wednesday, where I will review Hrithik’s second to last movie Kaabil.

Peace & Love

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