Peace and Love Everyone! Hope you’ve had a great week and an even greater weekend.

I’ve been enjoying writing the thoughts of Lily so far. It’s not an easy feat though. I have to make sure that it doesn’t bring you out of the story or create confusion. So far so good. Before I go on any further, here is the next installment of Moments.

Chapter 2

Lily walked briskly into the building glad that the elevator had just opened. Hold it together, hold it to-gether, just make it to the office. As she pressed the twentieth floor and turned around, she saw Dakota walking towards her. He had just made it into the building when the elevator doors closed. She let out a breath. Thank God. There was no way I’m riding the elevator with him. Why was I holding my breath? Damn him. She closed her eyes and imagined herself screaming. Once she was done, she took a deep breath, just in time for the door to open on her floor. Smile and get to your room. She donned her smile and walked into the office with her shoulders back and head straight ahead.

“Good Morning Ms. Stream.”

“Morning,” was all she replied as she walked purposefully towards her corner office.

When she walked by, Sam was at his desk. He had opened his mouth to say good morning when he noticed her eyes. He looked around to make sure no one was watching before he grabbed the box of tissues and followed Lily into her office.

She plopped down at her desk and held her hand out for a tissue. She could feel the hot tears streaming.

“You saw him?”

Did he seriously ask me if I saw him? No way. “Samuel, you knew?”

“Look at your text.” Sam paused and waited for her to do so. After seeing his message being the first, she eyed him suspiciously as she opened the text.

“Why was the warning not in the note?”

“I found out after I sent the note that he was representing Mr. Jameson. He’s his great-nephew.”

Likely story. Lily dropped her head to the desk with a ‘bunk’ and raised her hands above her head. I give up. I can’t fight him off for twelve hours furthermore a week.

“Lily, what’s the matter. I mean, besides the obvious?”

“Who am I spending the next week with working? Who do I have to make sure has a smooth transition from our adversary to us over the next two weeks?”

“Jameson.” Sam paused, and his eyes went wide.

Finally, my brilliant assistant gets it. Almost two weeks with the man I love who doesn’t love me. The stuff dreams are made of. “Oh, Mr. Smarty Assistant is no longer batting three hundred.”

“Lily, I didn’t know.”

Lily looked behind her and under her desk before looking back at Sam.

“Sorry, Ms. Stream, I know I’m to address you professionally until we leave the building.”

Lily nodded before reaching for a tissue.

“You’ll have to pull it together.”

No fucking kidding. Pull it together, when the first discussion we’ve had in six months is how he misses our morning calls. How am I not more of a basket case? “Sam, you don’t understand.”

“Don’t I? Who do you call in the middle of the night when you’re alone? Who has to deal with the pretending to be your significant other when you can’t avoid your family? I understand. And love me or not, I have to be real. You need him. And the way his eyes searched the room and office for any hint of you, means he feels it too. Stop being so stubborn. Let the man apologize, and the two of you move on.”

“You can’t be serious. I’m not going through that again. Dakota has no idea how his leaving made me feel or how he hurt me.”

“Then tell him.”

“As if that’s all, there is to it.”

“Isn’t it?”

Lily didn’t reply for a while. Why should there be any confusion? He went to California after a hot and blissful night together. He barely called. The calls and text got less and less. Then he cheated. What’s there to be confused about.

“Just tell him,” Sam replied. There was silence again. He could see her hashing out her dismay in her head. “Get it together either way. Dakota just stepped out of the elevator.”

Lily dabbed at her eyes and took a deep breath.

“Hi, Sam.”

“Hi. Ms. Stream, I’ll be right outside.”

Lily looked pleadingly at Sam. He mouthed ‘you’ll be fine,’ before walking to his desk.

“Lily, I had no idea that you were hurting.”

“So inappropriate. This is neither the time nor the place for this. And don’t try to use my feelings for you to get over.”

“I know it’s not the place, but I didn’t think you would say yes to dinner. And I wouldn’t use your feelings, that would be absolutely stupid. You’d skewer me just to make a point.”

Lily smiled. “Glad you remembered. I don’t mix business and pleasure. Although, I’ve used my feminine wilds to throw a man off his game.”

Dakota chuckled. “I remember Paul. Poor guy.” They both laughed, and it eased the tension in the room. “So, dinner?”

“This isn’t a public discussion, Dakota.”

“You’d trust me in my suite?”

“I can have something catered tonight.”

“God forbid you cook for me.”

“You haven’t earned nor do you deserve me cooking for you.”

“Good, we’re all here.” Lily looked up to see Mr. Jameson at her door.

“Shall we head to the conference room?” Sam was up from his desk and behind Mr. Jameson right after he greeted them.

“Thank you, Sam. We’ll be right there. See if Mr. Jameson wants anything.”

“You’ve got to stop calling me Mr. Jameson, Teddy please.”

“Okay. Teddy, we’ll be right in.”

Lily and Dakota waited for Teddy to leave the room before he turned to her. “So your home, 7pm.”

Lily didn’t reply but gathered her papers for the meeting while Dakota watched her, perched on the end of her desk. When she looked up, their eyes locked, and she forced herself not to smile. Was she really going down this road? If it didn’t work, she was going to fire Samuel. Well, she actually wouldn’t, but she would speak with him angrily for a week. “I don’t think you deserve the chance.”


I can’t make it that easy on you dear Dakota. “I’ll hear you out. If I don’t like what you say, I’ll throw you out with no dinner.”

“Alright, Cruela wanna be.”

“Be grateful.”

“Oh, I am. Let’s go.”

“You remember where the conference room is. Go on, I’ll be there soon.”
Lily watched him walk away. I love that view. To hold his hot ass in my hands as he has his way with me… Lily smiled. Stop it! She mentally yelled at herself. She’s already gone headfirst down the rabbit hole. Lily sighed again before checking her makeup. She grabbed her papers and walked toward the conference room.

Maybe he can have his way with me and then I put him out without dinner. What a slippery slope that was.

Thank you so much for reading. Hope you’re enjoying Lily’s journey.

Let me know what your thoughts are. Until next Sunday…..

Peace & Love

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