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It took me a while to write this chapter. I had to figure out how far I would take this short story. I believe it will only last for the month of August. I have another story that fits the going back to school theme.

Hope you enjoy the next installment of Moments.

Chapter 3

“Well, looks like everything is in order.”

“Teddy, we’re only halfway through.”

“I trust you, and Dakota here is here to help you work out the kinks. I need to get back to my daughter. So work it out, no matter how long it takes. I know the rates. I expect you two to finish by the end of the week and have something solid for me.”

“But Mr. Jameson, there are a lot of legal issues that have gone unchecked not to mention your books.”

“I know you’ll get your accounting department right on that. Just get me the contract by the end of the week. Then you and Dakota here will work out the rest. I have faith in you both.” With that, Teddy Jameson walked out of the conference room, leaving everyone baffled staring after him.

He’s got to be fuckin’ kidding me. We haven’t even come up with the final plan to get him out of his contract. Lily plopped down in her chair and blew all of the air out of her lungs.

“Don’t look so sad, Lily. We got this.”

Lily didn’t reply. Yeah, right. That leaves me with you every working hour of the day for weeks even after we finished the contract. She looked up to the ceiling. Why are you playing with me? Leaving me no room to avoid him at all. Not even right.

“I need to show myself at the office meeting, and I’ve already missed the first half. You’re welcome to stay here. I need you to go through what the loopholes were for the other firm. We need to make sure we don’t leave room for them to hold on to your uncle’s company in any way. They left a lot of contracts and problems, and we need to hold them accountable.”

“Should I call for lunch?”

“I don’t do lunch at the office anymore if I can help it. Sam, please move my lunchtime at Yamada. Also, update my reservation from one to three.” Lily saw Sam smile, and she winked. “Dakota, I’ll expect you’ll have details for me in the next hour. Sam can get you a drink or smoothie. Whatever you need to get your brain working.”

“Yes, ma’am. You’re such a slave driver.”

Lily didn’t reply. She glances briefly over her shoulder before walking out of the conference room door.

The hours flew by between the conference meeting and lunch. Lily had no intention of going back to the office after lunch. Today was her meditation day, and she didn’t want to work through it as she had been doing lately.

“Lily, it’s three-thirty. You need to get going if you’re going to make it to meditation.”

“Thank you, Sam.”

“I guess I’ll get your address from Sam for dinner.” They had been so busy working. Dakota didn’t want to bring up dinner. Still, he knew she would postpone or try to avoid it for a while since she knew he was in town.

“Sam will give you the address to my favorite restaurant in Little Italy. We can meet there to discuss the last injunction filed.”

She didn’t even mention their date. Dakota knew he would have to earn her forgiveness, but when was he going to get that opportunity if all they did was work? He nodded as he watched her walk away. He wanted to smack her round plump ass.

“She’s not going to make this easy.”

“Sam, I know that.”

“So what are you going to do about it?”

“At this point, I have no idea. I figured she would at least keep our date.”

Sam chuckled. “Oh, did you?” Dakota looked surprised. “You left her without any reassurance that you still loved her. You cut all ties to her without even saying you needed space or it was over. You two had been together for over a year. She felt you were heading to something more permanent and then you just up and left.”

“My uncle needed me.”

“That’s what she thought at first. That’s why she called and answered the few calls you did make. But you stopped calling, texting and video chatting. Then some girl answers your phone. Dude, you didn’t just break her heart you dropped it over a cliff.”


“It figures. Look, she’s in pain. She doesn’t want to work with you. Damn sure not over the next month or so, but she’s stuck. The firm doesn’t want anyone else to work this. Mr. Jameson has been precise. Every time she has to look at you, Lily feels what she thought she got over. So no, if she has to work with you, she’s not going on a dinner date right now. Give her time. Show her you’ve changed.”

“Guess you better give me the address of the restaurant.”

“She lives in Soho. So.”

“She’s close then. I mean, close to the restaurant.”

“Yes, it’s her favorite. She goes every Wednesday.” Sam gave Dakota a restaurant card. “She never does meetings there.”

“That gives me some hope.”

“Yeah, okay. Good luck with that.”

Leaving the center, Lily decided that she would walk. She was glad that she went. She needed that. Whenever she missed her meditation day, she regretted it and was on edge before the end of the week. Now I have to deal with Dakota. It was so hard to focus with him there today. He was close to me on purpose. He rolled his chair close; he sat in front of me on the table as we reviewed the central contracts that his uncle had signed. Did he have to sit right in front of me so that his crotch was the first thing I saw when I looked up? Lily mentally shook herself and pulled the door open.

“Good evening, Señora Stream.”

“Good evening Victor. I’m expecting an associate to dine with me.”

“Yes, I believe he’s at the bar.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re usual table will be ready when you are.”

Lily walked over to the bar and just stood a few inches behind Dakota. He used to be able to feel her presence. Could he still? She was hoping they still had that close connection. It didn’t take more than a few seconds.

“Are you just going to stand there?”

“Just testing.”

“Yes, I can still feel you and the anger that you were trying to rein in when you saw me this morning.” Dakota still hadn’t turned around.

I didn’t want him to feel that. “So why didn’t you say anything?”

“I didn’t know why you were so angry.”

“Let’s get to work. Did you bring the documents?”


“My table is this way.” Lily walked a few feet and stood to the left of her chair, waiting for Dakota to pull it out. On their first date, he just sat down. It wasn’t until he noticed she didn’t sit that he got up and pulled out her chair. She smiled. Glad he remembered.

“You’re just gonna bust my balls for the next month aren’t you?”

Lily look directly into his eyes but said nothing.

“Lily.” He paused when her eyes widened. “Sorry that was a bit loud. Lily, please forgive me. Just let me explain.”

“Dakota, we have work to do. We need to figure out how to solve these before we can finish the contract. We can talk later.”

Lily could see the sadness in his eyes. Was he remorseful? He certainly looks so. Let’s see how much. I can’t just take him back because he says he’s sorry. She sighed before opening the first folder.

“So you know what you want already?”

“My menu here is set. My waiter has been very good at selecting from the menu for me. There are only three or four items on the menu that I eat. So once I make my reservation, it’s pretty set.” Lily had just finished speaking when Matt brought over her appetizer.

“Señor are you ready to order?”

By the time Dakota had ordered Lily had settled her mind into work mode. She would not be distracted by his begging. Unless he begs very well. That’s never been his forte.

The two of them sat side by side and worked straight for several hours. When Lily stretched, Dakota took that as a cue. “Lily, I didn’t mean to hurt you. You have to know that. I loved you. I still love you.”

Lily said nothing. She knew this was coming. She reorganized the folders making sure everything was in its rightful place and placed the papers back into the attache that Dakota brought them in.

“Babe, I’ve missed you so much.” Dakota’s hand moved to her thigh and up her skirt. He paused. When she didn’t stop him, he slid his fingers under her and stroked her clit with his thumb through her silk garment. Her eyes locked with his.

God I’ve missed this man and his touch. Yes, Dakota. She slightly parted her legs before angling her body to him.

“I am sorry, Lily. I had to go, and I couldn’t break up with you. I didn’t want to lose you. I didn’t know how to handle not having you with me. We had such a great sex life. I was ready to wife you before I got the court order.”

“What court order?”

“It was for child support.”

“But I thought you didn’t have any children from your past affairs.”

“So did I. But there it was. I couldn’t tell you unless I knew more. You would have gone with me. So, when my uncle said he needed me to look into some legal matters, I jumped at the chance.”

“We were good for a while. What changed?”

“The mother’s name is Diane, and my daughter’s name is Marisol.”

“So she is your daughter.”

“Yes, I requested a paternity test. I wanted to get to know Marisol. Thought maybe I should seriously give my daughter the chance to grow up with two parents.”

“I see.” Lily had been leaning into Dakota; she slid forward a bit in her chair. Now she pulled back.

“No, you don’t.” When Lily didn’t re-adjust her body, Dakota pulled his hand away from her folds and rested it on her knee. “We went out maybe a few times. But I couldn’t see building a life with her. My heart ached for you. I knew you’d be past pissed at me for leaving you hanging, but. I didn’t know how to make my way back. Then, one night after she got drunk hanging out with her friends, she came to pick up Marisol drunk. I didn’t want her to drive like that, so I said she could sleep in my room with Marisol. I was already on the couch. I thought I had a vivid dream about you,” Dakota’s voice dropped to a whisper, and he moved closer. “About you giving me head. I called your name, held your head to me ’til I came. It wasn’t until after that I realized why it felt different.”

“It was her.”

“It was her, and she was pissed. I felt as though I betrayed you and knew I couldn’t just run back to you.” Dakota watched Lily’s eyes for a moment. “She tried to seduce me several times after that, not to mention she answered my phone and erased your calls. She wouldn’t let me see Marisol. I took her to court for joint custody.”

“Not sure what you want me to say.”

“That you forgive me for not being upfront with you. That we can start over.”

“I can’t start over. I’ve been with you, love you. I know our connection and the feel of you.” Lily got up from the table and grabbed her things. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Can I walk you home?”

“I won’t object.” Lily didn’t miss a step. She said her goodbyes as she walked out of the restaurant followed by Dakota.

The two walked for blocks in silence. What the fuck do I do? We talked about what would happen if he slipped and let another woman give him head or fuck him. We talked about his penance. He had paid it without me knowing. I think he did. “Dakota,” she called to him. “How long has it been since you’ve been with anyone?”

“Six months.”

“Wait; what?”

“It all happened before I came back and made love to you. It happened three months after I left the first time.”

“Oh.” He paid without her knowing. He was to be without anyone or her for six months. “Is that why the last time we were intimate, you wore a condom?”

“Yes, I won’t anymore.”

Lily didn’t reply. She walked up to the steps to her apartment building and turned to Dakota.

“Can I have you, Lily?”

“Not tonight.”

“But I’ve done my penance. I’m clean. Lily, I need you.”

“I know, I feel your need. It inflames mine. But not tonight.”

“How long?”

“When the last year of our lives no longer shakes me to my core.”

“Lily.” Dakota walked up to the last two steps, closing the distance between them. He wrapped one arm around her waist and laid his other hand gently against her cheek. Dakota pulled her into him, his lips lightly touching hers. He softly kissed her, pushing his tongue between her lips to deepen the kiss. Pulling her closer so that she could feel his need for her. They pulled away from each other ever so slightly before Dakota embraced her tightly. “I never stopped loving you, Lily.”

He didn’t wait to hear her reply. Dakota let her go and raced down the steps into the Uber that waited for him.

Lily refused to watch Dakota leave, and she didn’t want to call him back. She immediately turned and walked into the vestibule of her building. She was exhausted and wanted nothing more than a warm bath and her bed. Tomorrow is another day, and she would be with him for weeks. She would be able to tell if he was hers again.

Hope you like Chapter 3 of Moments. Let me know what you think. Should Lily make Dakota suffer a little more or put him out of his misery?

Make sure to check back next Sunday for the next Chapter.

Until then…Peace & Love.

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