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Hope you’ve had a great week and an even better weekend. We’re nearing to the end of my short story ‘Moments’. Only one more chapter to go. I thought of continuing the story but, I feel it’s meant to be a short one. I hope you’re enjoying Lily and Dakota’s Moments in time.

Feel free to let me know what you think.

Chapter 4

Why did I let him kiss me? Touch me? Now the feeling remains. I can feel his lips against mine; his thumb pressing against my flesh. Lily walked into her apartment slowly, her thumb rubbing back and forth against her bottom lip. Oh Dakota. Lily placed her bag on the couch and headed straight for her room. She needed a hot bath. Perhaps rose petals are just the thing for tonight.

She ran the bathwater before going to her wine fridge. She walked lazily through her home to the kitchen to grabbed her favorite brand of Moscato and her largest wine glass. I’ll text Sam to check on me in an hour. Wouldn’t want to fall asleep in the tub.

Lily put a few drops of geranium oil in the bath and dropped in a hand full of petals. Then she popped the cork on the wine bottle and filled her glass before getting in. Best tub a girl could have. It was worth every penny.

Her center throbbed, and her heartache for Dakota. She wanted nothing more than to have him with her. Still, Lily knew she had to tread lightly for her own sake. She didn’t want to get wrapped up in him not know what he was looking for or if he genuinely wanted to be with her. She couldn’t deal with giving in only to have him leave with no connection to him.

“Good Morning. You look lovely and cheerful today.”

“Shut up, Sam.”

“Is that how you treat you, a life saver. Lucky I called when I did.”

“Yes, thank you. Hugs and kisses.”

Sam scowled at Lily. “He’s here. At least half an hour before you.”

“Really, and I’m early today.” Lily winked at Sam before she walked into her office.

“Good Morning, beautiful. Didn’t know if you wanted to work in the conference room or not today, so Sam gave me his workspace in your office.”

“That was very nice of Sam.”

“I could sit opposite either of you in my cushy chair. Thank you, Lily.”

“You deserve it.”

“So today’s agenda gentlemen?”

“We finish the contract. My uncle is leaving New York tomorrow, so our deadline is tonight.”

“Guess it’s a good thing we ironed out the details at lunch last night. We’ll have to work through lunch today. Sam, make sure to call in the lunch order today by eleven. Working hard makes me hungry. Also, make a reservation for the private dining room at that new place we heard about and let Mr. Jameson’s secretary know. Make it for six-thirty.”

“I’ll get the lunch menu for you, Dakota. Mrs. Stream, for dinner, do you mean Shun? Also, do you need your usual smoothie by ten.”

“Yes, that’s it. You can go half an hour either way if there’s an issue with the time I picked. And I will need that smoothie.”

They tossed about ideas to settle any issues that Jameson would have with the standard company contract. The partners had already explained what the company would and wouldn’t accept. She did her best work when she was at ease. Thankfully Dakota seemed relaxed today. He didn’t push me. It was nice to feel his eyes on me, and the few times he ran his hand over my legs under the table.

When five o’clock came around, they had finished the last of the contract and were taking a breather.

“You don’t have to watch me like that.”

“Lily, what are you talking about?”

“Please, you’ve been looking at me as though I’m your next meal. Not to mention, please keep your hands to yourself.”

“You know you love my hands on you. Glad you noticed me watching you. I have to burn your image into mind for when you make me sleep alone again tonight.”

Lily smiled. “You’re right. I have always loved your touch, but we’re in my office so I’d appreciate you keeping your hands to yourself.”

“Okay, but I was hoping you’d let me be with you tonight.”

“I bet you did. There is no way you’re saying, ‘Lily I’m sorry’ and I’m going to jump in your arms and be like ‘I’m yours.’”

“Well, a man can dream.”

Lily laughed and returned to sit at her desk. Don’t want him thinking I’m easy. He needs to learn there are consequences for his actions. But I guess I don’t have to be too hard on him. It was the mother of his child. I’m not sure how I would have told him if the shoe were on the other foot. Lily sighed, and she rummaged through her purse. Damn I feel like I’m punishing myself too. I need to feel him.

“Ms. Stream, do you need me to come with you to Shun?”

“No, but you are my assistance so you can come with us.”

“Great, because I made a reservation for five in the private dining room.”

“That’s fine. I have yet to use half of my expense account. And as the partners say, ‘it’s there to spend on the clients. Don’t want them to reduce my account for next year.”

“Got it. We had to take the six o’clock reservation. That’s when Jameson would have dinner with us. So I’ll print and tag everything, you get your mind in gear.”

“My brain switched off ten minutes ago. It needs about thirty minutes.”

Sam chuckled. “Okay, I’ll call a cab. You make sure you have everything.”

Lily closed her eyes and began rubbing and pinch the bridge of her nose. She didn’t pay any attention to the movement in the room. She figured Dakota was packing up his computer. To her surprise, he had walked over to her and began massaging her temples.

“Thank you for the magic fingers, but…”

Dakota didn’t let her finish. “No buts, I’m glad to help out any way I can.” He stopped massaging her temples and moved his hands to her shoulders. Lily barely felt him bend over. “There is so much more of me that I would love to give you,” Dakota whispered in her ear before he nipped the top of her ear with his teeth.

Lily jumped. She would have sprung out of the chair, except he’d pushed her chair as close to the desk as he could comfortably get her. I cannot do this. Creator, I need your strength. You know how I feel about this man, and he is seriously pushing up on me.

Dakota moved to the right of her chair and turned it towards him. He knelt in front of her. “Babe, I am truly sorry that I left you hanging. I’m sorry that I didn’t let you know what was going on with me. I knew you would be hurt, but you would have given me the time I needed. Still, I can’t take working with you and having you act as though my touch doesn’t affect you. You say it does, but I’m not getting the reaction that you usually give me when I sneak touches and kisses. I’m just getting that cold stare and your promise of another night in a cold empty bed.”

Lily said nothing for several minutes. He was holding her hands in her lap. I know this mother fucka is not doing this to me. I could scream. Lily closed her eyes and pictured herself, screaming at the top of her lungs from the balcony of her office. Now Lily Stream pull yourself together. It’s time to get this contract signed. I’ll consider letting him come home with me.

Lily pulled her hands from his and rolled her chair back and stood up. She fixed her skirt as she watched him. Dakoda just stared, dumbfounded by her reaction. She could see it all over his face. I needed to give him a little hope. Lily winked and smiled before turning to leave her office.

“Come on, Dakota, we have to get to the restaurant before your uncle.”

Lily, ordered drinks and an appetizer and took a deep breath just before Jameson was lead to the room by the host. “Mr. Jameson, thank you for coming. Would you like to order a drink.”

“I told you to call me Teddy. And yes a scotch, neat.” The hostess gave a quick nod and walked away.

“Teddy, we’ve created a contract that we think is beneficial to all parties involved.”

“Dakota, what do you think?”

“Best work I’ve ever seen. We’ve covered all the issues and started working on the legal problems.”

Jameson took the contract handed to him by Sam. He skimmed the pages before he proceeded to sign all of the pages flagged with blue tabs. Again he glanced over the pages. Everyone waited for his reaction.

“Excellent. I knew you two would make as great a team as you had in the past.”

“In the past?”

“Yes, I know who you are to my nephew, Ms. Stream.”

“Lily, please. You can’t expect me to call you Teddy and you call me Ms. Stream.”

“Lily, I knew that if he came back and you two started working together, he would be able to apologize and you two move on.”


“Sorry, I’ve overstepped, but since I’ve said this much. You’ve completed the contract before I left the city, you’ve earned a couple of days off. Relax, get to know each other again. I’ll contact you next week for updates on the next steps.”

“Teddy, I.”

“Enjoy the rest of the dinner, please.” With that, Jameson got up from the table and left the private room.

Lily was shocked. She didn’t think Jameson knew that much about the situation. He’s ordering me to take a few days off. I’m not sure how comfortable I am with working for ‘family’ if they are all in my personal life.

“Well, that was interesting. Mr. Jameson has signed all the tag lines,” stated Sam as he reviewed the contract. “So now you two have to sign it.” Sam passed the agreement to Lily first. “Ms. Stream.”

Lily went through the pages with pink tags to initial and sign where she needs to before passing the contract to Dakota. Then she looks at Sam who nods and mouths ‘relax’ to her.

Relax he says; he’s funny. How can I relax when my loins, heart, and brain are going in different directions. I want to be with Dakota, but a long-distance relationship? How are we going to manage that.

“Thank you both. I’ll see you in the office tomorrow. Well actually, I’ll see you in the office next week since today is already Wednesday and you’ve been ordered to take a couple of days off. I’ll get the court documents for New York filed and review everything that Dakota needs to take back to California with him.” Sam winked at Lily and smiled. Then he nodded at Dakota before picking up his attache and leaving the conference room.

“We’ll make it work Lily. Since we’re working together, we’ll need to fly back and forth to complete these cases. We’ll work out what comes after that. I want you. I don’t’ want to be without you.”

Lily said nothing. * I’d like to try a relationship with him again. I miss Dakota so much. But what if? “Let’s enjoy dinner, and I guess I’ll go with you after I pick up some things from my place.”

“Of course, it sounds wonderful.”

Join me next week for the last chapter of ‘Moments’. Will Lily give her heart to Dakota again?

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