Moments: Part 5

Peace and Love Everyone!

Hope you have had a great week and a better weekend. Today I bring you the last part of Moments. I truly hope you have been enjoying the journey of Lily and Dakota. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions about what you’d like to read next.

Chapter 5

“Dakota, do you mind if we stay at my house?”

“Sure you want me sleeping in your bed?”

“You don’t deserve to, but I’m exhausted. Early mornings and late nights working on this contract has taken its toll.”

“Please, you do this all the time.”

“No, not like this. Your uncle’s company was a big contract for the company, but my first big contract so I took the lead. I just wanna get a hot bath and hit the bed.”

“We can talk about what we’ll do for the weekend later.”

Lily signed the check and watched as Dakota packed up the laptops. Am I really going to take this man home? I will be unable to keep him at arm’s length. I won’t be able to kiss him and have him touch me and pull away. Lily watched as Dakota packed up the laptop. 

“You ready to go?”

Lily nodded, not trusting her voice at the moment. She was fine discussing business all this week, but she was nervous about being alone in her apartment with him. She didn’t trust herself to make the right decision.

The two met their Uber and drove together downtown to her apartment. The ride was quiet. Lily sat close to him, their legs touching, Dakota’s arm around her waist. She wanted to fall asleep, but his closeness caused havoc with her desires and her emotions.

“Your apartment hasn’t changed much.”

“Why would I change it? I love the way it was decorated. I did change a few things in the bathroom.”

“How about I run your bath?”

“You’re lovely, but I can run my bath.”

“Lily, please. Let me take care of you.”

Lily smiled slightly and nodded. Now he wants to take care of me. Kinda feels like the old Dakota. I’ve missed that. As he ran her bath, Lily grabbed a bottle of wine and two glasses. She hesitantly walked into the bathroom, watch his every move. She placed the glasses and the bottle on the floor by the tub and went to change. She didn’t want her favorite suit on the floor. 

“Lily, it’s perfect. What are you doing?”

Lily walked into the bathroom wearing a short silk robe. Her hair unpinned, and her twists put into a high ponytail. “I just wanted to change. You don’t have to stare.” She watches Dakota. He now stood before her, shirtless.

“It’s been a long time since I have seen you like this. It still stops my heart.”

“You’re so dramatic.” Lily walked closer to him and untied her robe, letting it drop to the floor. His eyes roam possessively over her body. Dakota took a step away from her and extended his hand. Lily takes his hand and steps into the tub. Dakota hands her a full wine glass and kneels beside her.

“To a job well done with my partner at my side.”

Lily smiles at his words, and they clink glasses. ‘My partner at my side,’ he’s laying it on a bit thick. Still, I’m more than flattered. How long should I let him watch me before I fulfill his desire to be close to me?

Lily looked into Dakota’s eyes. She could see the desire pooling there. She could only imagine how uncomfortable he was. She knew he wanted to touch her, be near her, but he hadn’t made a move to satisfy his need.

“Dakota, you can join me if you want.”

“I would like that.” He stood and undressed before stepping into the tub. He was about to ask where she wanted him to sit.

“I want to be close to you, Dakota.”

He nodded and stepped to sit behind her after she slid forward. Lily waited for him to open his arms and pushed her body back and against him. Dakota wrapped both of his arms around her, and Lily rested against his chest.

“I’ve missed this, Dakota. I’ve missed you.”

“Lily, you don’t know how long I’ve waited to hear those words.”

“You would have had to wait if you’d have called.”

“I wanted to be ready to be whatever you needed. I just needed some time. I didn’t want to tell you to wait for me or move on.”

“So you selfishly left me in limbo and heartbreak.”

“I am truly sorry.”

Lily was silent for a moment, enjoying how it felt to be in his arms again. Then she sat up and turned her body to face him. She moved away from him and folded her legs to rest her head on her knees. 

“Are you back now? Are we going to be together or am I just a stop for you? Are you going to leave me and not call or contact me for six months to a year again?”

Dakota looked into her eyes. “Lily, I want you in every way possible. I want us to be a couple again. I want a life with you.”

She didn’t respond at first. She watched him. “You’ve never lied to me Dakota so I will take you at your word. But if you ever disappear on me again, I won’t take you back.”

Dakota smiled. “I won’t disappear on you. You’ll know my every step.”

There was an emotional silence then. Lily looked at him, sitting in front of her, knowing in her very soul that he meant what he said at that moment. She sighed. 

“Come on, let’s shower and get some sleep.”

Lily smiled, “as long as you promise to hold me. I’ve missed your touch, Dakota.”

“Of course. I’ve missed touching you.”

Lily opens her eyes; her head still resting on Dakota’s chest. She was tucked into his side, his arm around her waist. Lily was trying to pull away gently.

“Last night was real. Please don’t second guess us,” he murmured, his eyes still closed. He moves over to hold her, run his arms over her hip and behind as he watches her reaction to his touch. They kiss and fondle each other but don’t have intercourse yet

She offers to make him breakfast

‘If I deserve breakfast, why won’t you let me make love to you?”

The question throws Lily, and she stares at him. She hasn’t left the bed yet and sits on the edge.

“I’m hungry.”

‘Are you really? I thought you were avoiding being close to me. He reaches over to touch the small of her back. “Come to me, mi Amor.”

He turns to face her and pulls her into him. Their eyes lock. “I love you, lily. I just needed time. I’ve missed you.” Lily doesn’t react. So he says, “sorry I didn’t call. I want you, can I have you?”

 Lily brings her body closer to his. “You’ve never lost me.”

Hope you’ve enjoyed Lily and Dakota’s journey. I’ll leave what happens after up to you.

Check back next week to see what what I write about next.

Peace & Love

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