Countdown to War 5

Peace and Love Everyone!

Hope you all are having a good week or that it gets better. Today we look at the next part of our countdown to the movie War starring Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff.

I am an avid Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff fan. Both or these men star in movies that have awesome stunts and they are some of the greatest dancers of all Bollywood stars. I’m excited to see how writers, directors and producers create this movie. It goes without saying I’m looking forward to seeing what these two sexy men are up to.

The last few weeks I’ve been reviewing Hrithik Roshan movies. I continue; reviewing Hrithik’s Krissh. By the way there will be a Krrish 4.

Now, let me say I do enjoy this sequel. Each building on each on the other as a series should. We start in ‘Koi.. Mil Gaya’ with happy go lucky Rohit who fought to save his special friend. In Krrish, Rohit’s son grows up to save his dad from the villain. By the time we get to Krissh 3 writers have created a full on evil villain who can compete with Krrish one on one but of course being evil resorts to cheating.

Hrithik can act. It’s amazing to see him take on the characteristics each character. I love when he gets so angry he shakes. Looks so real.

Sounds wonderful so far right. But there are many flaws to Krrish. Major flaw that kept standing out to me is when children are in unrealistic situations. How did the child get in the middle of the busy street while his mom was on the sidewalk? Did she just leave him there, what in the world? The circus scene in the second movie, where they are having so much fun flame is knocked over and starts a fire. Everyone runs out. You mean to tell me, that as a parent you forgot that your child was with you and ran out without them. I get that people panic, but really. And not just one parent several. There were four children stuck in the fire. WTF?

What I love about Bollywood films are the dancing and songs. I think it make Bollywood movies unique. My favorite songs and dance for these three are Koi Mil Gaya from Koi Mil Gaya, Di Na Diya from Krrish and of course Raghupati Raghav from Krrish 3.

My favorite line from all three so far ‘Just Imagine’ from Krrish. Love that line.

Lucky for you, if you’d like to see these three movies they are available on YouTube. They were available on Netflix and Amazon but no longer. So, if you have a ErosNow account you can also watch it there to see what I’m going on about.

How do I rate these three movies? If I were just rating Hrithik it would be a 5, but I’m not. This series gets 🤩🤩🤩 out of 5 starry eyed emojis.

On a side note, I always find it interesting that superhero movies show the rights and wrongs of society. It shows how wonderful science can be, but also how scary. It makes me wonder at what point is too far? Does the end always justify the means? At what point have we gone too far? Is it with the destruction we have caused to our planet? Or when we continue to cause it in the name of whatever we feel is right?

Well, that’s it for today. Check back next week for when I review Agneepath, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and Guzaarish. The first two are not my favorites at all. Check back and find out why.

I’ll have some other movies for you coming soon. I just haven’t really wanted to see anything out. But, I’m going to check out some this weekend. So stay tuned. And of course new ones are coming.

Peace and Love

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