Someone to Lean On

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Chapter 7: He’ll Come True for You

She approached the door of Jesse’s apartment. Several blocks after leaving the brownstone, she ran into Tony, who brought her back downtown.

“Thank you, Tony.”

“No problem, I figured you would be back soon. Don’t worry, Pablo will come around.”

“Yeah.” Allegra knocked on the door. “Hi, Jesse. I’m back.

“What happened?”

“He’s a self-centered, arrogant son of a bitch.”

Jesse smiled, “strong words.”

“He doesn’t care, he doesn’t want me around. He doesn’t need me.”

“Yes, he does, he just doesn’t want to admit it.”

“Whatever, can I stay here tonight.”

“Sure, come in, let’s get some sleep.”

For the next two days, Allegra was sad. She just moped around the apartment and school. She really thought Pablo would have called her by then. Oh, how she wished he would come back to her.
It was now the end of the second day, and Allegra was more upset than before. She was coming out of the building right behind Jesse when someone from a fancy car called out.

“Yo, Jesse.”

“Hey Pablo, what’s up?”

“Nothing really. I’m looking for Alle.”

“Of course you are.” Jesse looked around to see Allegra walking out of the building. “Alle, someone is looking for you.”

“Oh, really? Who could it be?” Allegra looked into the car as they walked a bit closer to the vehicle. “Oh, it’s you.”

“I know I’ve been terrible. I didn’t even call to straighten things out. But I needed time to think. Can we talk?”

“I have nothing to say. I’ve said what I needed to say.”

“But I haven’t. Please, Allegra, I need to talk to you.”

“Fine. I’ll see you later, Jesse.”

“Sure, later.”

Allegra walked over and got into the car. “So talk.”

“When we get to my home. Just lay back, listen to the music. Our song is playing.”

Both were quiet in the car for the entire ride. When they reached the apartment, Allegra hesitated. “Sure, you want a hoe like me in your home.”

“You’re not a hoe. And yes, I want you here. I truly did miss you. I really didn’t want anyone else, so I just shut myself down. The beautiful girls were for physical reasons only. There weren’t more than a few. It was hard for me to forget about you. I tried. Thinking of you, and how we almost had our first child. It would have been great the three of us.” Pablo paused and smiled as if reliving the memories. “And well, everything that happened. Sorry, we tricked you like that. But we couldn’t do it any other way. Your mom knows I’m alive by now. In fact, I’ll call them sometime this week. Babe, I still want you in my life. I never stopped loving you.”

“Me neither. You don’t know what I went through the months after the incident. It was horrible. The newspapers and the reporters waiting for the trial, and then the case was dismissed. Finally, he came home. I’ve been having nightmares ever since the shooting. I keep seeing you lying in my arms. It’s been horrible.”

“Oh, babe, I’m so sorry you couldn’t come with me. We didn’t see how we could do that and not draw suspicions. But you’re here now.” He kissed her softly. “Let’s get some rest. Tomorrow I’ll pick you up after school, and we’ll go shopping. I have a business dinner, and I want you to look great when you accompany me.”

“Okay, see you in the morning.”

“Just like old times. Us sleeping together.”

“I feel safe with you.”

“Glad you do.”

“Morning, Pablo.”

“Morning Love. Did you sleep well?”

“Like a baby. I’m glad you came to get me.”

“Me also. Get ready, and I’ll drop you to school. What would you like for breakfast?”

“Remember, my favorite? You made it for me at your home.”

“Yeah, no problem,” he replied, kissing her. “Go get ready.”

Allegra loved her day after reuniting with Pablo. She had her dream of dancing, and Pablo would share it with her. When her day was over, Pablo came to get her.

“Hey Jesse, have you seen Allegra?”

“She’s coming. Glad to see you two happy. She really cares for you.”

“I know. You know I love Alle. I’ve been miserable without her.”

“Yeah, you have and just grumpy.”

Pablo chuckled. Jesse turned to look again. “Here she comes.”

This time Allegra didn’t hesitate to walk up to the car.

“Hi, babe, ready to go?”

“Sure. See you tomorrow, Jesse.”


“We’ll stop home first.”

At the Brownstone, Allegra dropped her backpack on the floor and slumped into the couch. “I need thirty minutes to finish this assignment. Then I’m yours.”

Pablo tried to focus on his work for the time, but he couldn’t help but watch her. It had been more than six months since he saw her. Or spent any amount of time with her. She was, in some ways, still that sweet innocent girl. He didn’t know how that was possible. Almost as though she locked away the bad times and didn’t think about them now that she was away from them.

When she closed her book, he realized he sat with the papers in his hand and hadn’t looked at them at all. He shook his head. “Ready to go shopping?” He asked, thinking he would have to focus on his work instead of her some times. “There are a lot of nice stores around here. Say we get you a nice sleek dressed for tonight?”

“Sounds good. So, ah, what do you do for this guy?”

“He’s my uncle, actually. I manage his hotel.”

“That seems to be a family thing.”

“Yes, my parents and uncle have built from what my grandparents started. Now, enough about that, let’s find you a dress. I want to show you off tonight. Let’s go.”

They got into the elevator and got off onto the main floor instead of the garage. “Aren’t we driving?”

“No, we’re not going far. I think it would be fun to explore the neighborhood. I already know what I would like you to wear. The couple took a leisurely stroll looking into store windows until they reached the store Pablo had in mind. “Let’s try this shop, I think we can find something here.” They walk around the store for a few minutes. What do you think of this one?”

“I like this one.” Pulling out another dress to show him. “What are we looking for exactly?”

“Something sexy but not too revealing,” Pablo replied.

“Okay, how about leather?”

“No, not for a business dinner. What about that dress?”

“A bit too frilly. But you always liked that. What about that one?”

“Oh, that is me. Close-fitting, split on the side. The lace is also elegant, and it’s my favorite color, turquoise.”

“Can I help you?” A salesperson finally asked.

“Yes, I’d like to see this dress in size eight.”

“Sure, would you like to try it on.”

“Yes, I would.”

“Right this way. It’s a charming dress.”

As she tries it on, she thinks as to whether she wants to surprise Pablo or show him now. She wouldn’t want to get a dress that isn’t right for the event. Although, she much rather surprise him with how beautiful she looks.

“This is lovely. Pablo, here I come.” She walked towards him, sitting in the back of the dressing room. How does it look?”

“You look gorgeous. Do you want it?”


“We’ll take it,” he turns towards the salesperson. “Do you have shoes that will go with this?”


“I’m a size nine,” Allegra states.

“Give me a minute. You’ll want to see how the shoes look with the dress.”

As Allegra waited, she looked at herself in the mirror, twisting and turning to see every angle. Pablo watched her watching herself. He remembered taking her shopping only once in Los Angeles for a fancy dress. Alle hadn’t wanted him to spend a lot of money on her, so she often said no to shopping trips. She had looked so glamourous that day at the hotel gala, much the same as now. The only thing different was that she wasn’t pregnant. That saddened him a bit. Still, he couldn’t help but think of how careless he had been. He would take better care this time. She needed time to finish school and have a career in dance before he gave her children.

When the sales representative came back with the shoes, he watched Allegra try them on. Yes, she is gorgeous. “We’ll take everything. Do you take plastic?”

“Sorry, cash only.”

“No problem. How much?”

“Six hundred dollars.”

Pablo pulled out six new bills and handed them to the salesperson after she bagged the shoes and dress. “Let’s go, Alle. We have to get ready quickly.

“Mark, I don’t want you here at all. You’re a disgrace to the family. And I will have no part in your scheme to try and ruin that girl’s life.”

“You don’t have to do anything. Just let me stay here.”


“I’m not asking I’m demanding.”

“How dear you! You barge in here and demand to stay here. I’ll be damned if you stay. Get out.”

“You have no choice.”

Just then there was a knock at the door. A voice called “Ms. Grant.”

“Jesse, how are you?”

“I’m fine. Open the door.”

Ms. Grant watched Mark wearily as she walked over to open the door. Jesse nodded toward her as he walked in.

“Hey, Sutton, wasn’t that beating enough for you?”

“I knew someone was behind it, but I never knew you had the guts to do something like that.”

“You don’t know me, Mr. Sutton. Keep messing with my family, and you’ll have more than just a black eye and a few bruises.”

“You talk very big.”

“My actions hurt more, believe me.”

“Jesse, where’s Allegra?”

“Safe, very safe.” Jesse turned toward Sutton. “Now, why don’t you leave. Find your way out of the building.”

“You’ve won for now. But I’ll be back, and it will all be the worst for Allegra.”

“Well, Alle, you look sensational. And for the finishing touch.” Pablo reached into the jewelry box and pulled out a necklace that he unclasps and places around Allegra’s neck.

Allegra walked over to the full-length mirror in the bedroom and looked at the jewelry sparkle. She smiled. “This is so beautiful.”

“Not more beautiful than the girl that wears it.”

“So sweet. You look great in that suit. It reminds me of that night you took me to the gala with your parents.”

Pablo smiled as he reached to take Allegra’s arm. “Let’s go. Can’t wait to show you off.”

“I think I’m going to enjoy this. My first big dinner in New York.”

“Ms. Grant, are you going to be okay?”

“Yes, I think so. Jesse, where is Allegra?”

“With her old boyfriend, Pablo.”

“I thought he was dead.”

“To her knowledge, but his parents were wealthy enough to manage to get him out of the state. He’s here, and she’s safe. Besides, I’ve got some of the brothers looking after her.”

“Yeah, well, she’ll need all the protection she can get. Mark is crazy. I think her dating Pablo really set him off.”

“I know. I pray Sutton doesn’t find her.”

“Pablo and Allegra approached the steps of a large Long Island home. It was gorgeous. There was a rock garden that reminded her of the small one at home, in L.A. She planted that garden, her pride, and joy.

Pablo rang the doorbell, and the butler came to answer the door. “Ah, Mr. Rosas, your uncle, is waiting for you in the library.”

“Thank you, Johnson. This is my girlfriend, Allegra Rivera.”

“Miss Rivera, pleasure. Shall I take your shawl.”

“Sure. Thank you.”

Johnson nodded, draping the heavy shawl over his arm. “This way to the library.”

“Uncle Xavier,” Pablo exclaimed.

“Pablo, good to see you,” the uncle replied, getting up from his chair. The two men greeted each other with a hug.

“I see you brought another young lady.”

Pablo hoped that chide didn’t bother Allegra too much. Why did his uncle do that every dinner? “This is the one I was talking to you about when I first arrived in New York.”

“Really? She’s more beautiful than you said. Allegra, I presume?”

“Yes, nice to meet you, Señor Rosas.”

“Enchanted,” he replied, kissing her hand. “Sit, please. What brings you to New York?”

“I’m studying dance at the School of the Arts.”

“Oh, well, are you a good dancer?”

“My aunt thinks so. She’s my dance teacher at the school.”

“That’s lovely.” Xavier looked up at Johnson, who had just returned to the room. “Now we can proceed with dinner. There’s only one more person, but he said he’d be late. Shall we go into the dining room?” Xavier gestured as he asked.

Pablo leads Allegra. “Uncle, whose the business person tonight.”

“You wouldn’t know him. He’s an old acquaintance.”

“Oh, I see. What’s for dinner?”

“From what Johnson says, Smith is cooking up a seven course Italian delight with a lot of seafood and pasta. Hope you’re hungry and not allergic, Allegra.”

“I’m not allergic too much. And I’m famished. Sounds great.”

As the food is brought out, Xavier addresses Johnson. “Compliments to the chef Johnson.”

“Yes, sir.”

Dinner carried on through several courses without Xavier’s guest. Allegra though the conversation diverting but lost interest after a while as the men went on about business and how to keep profits up and pull in new clients. They even discussed the options coming to the hotel business that they might be able to take advantage of. Xavier seems to spend very little time entertaining Allegra, which she thought rude. Still, Allegra was at ease. She ate and rehearse her solo in her head to account for every detail.

She wondered how many dinners Pablo came with a new woman on his arm. She couldn’t help but notice that Xavier didn’t see to have a significant other.

When the guest was announced, they were having dessert. Allegra went absolutely still not even acknowledging their presence. Also, Pablo seemed to freeze, not knowing how to react. Neither of them could figure out how Xavier knew the gentleman standing no more than a few feet from them.

Until next week. Check back for the next chapter.

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