Hrithik vs. Tiger Review

Peace and Love Everyone!

Well, the wait is over, and I finally saw War. I have so much to say about this action-packed movie, and it’s not all good. I’m still trying to figure out when I became so critical of movies. It’s all fun and games, right?

First, let me say that I made a colossal error seeing it in NYC. I figured it was a good idea because I’m already in the city on Sundays, so why not see it at the only NYC theatre that is showing it — sounded like a great idea. Except, I don’t like that theatre. The theatres are separated by floors, so we had to go up to the sixth floor by narrow escalators. That’s not such a big deal, but I was late. For some reason, everyone was out this past Sunday, and I couldn’t find parking for twenty minutes. I had all but given up. I decided just to go home when I found parking on the busiest street in Midtown. Then why do people sit in seats that aren’t theirs? I had to disturb people who were comfortable on both sides of our chairs to settle in.

My lovely student told me that the first twenty minutes was dreary, just a meeting. But I assume that meeting set the foundation for the whole movie. Not to worry, I caught on. This isn’t a mind-bender. And that couldn’t have been all, I had to have missed Tiger and Hrithik dancing together because I never left my seat and I didn’t see it. For that, I would go see the movie all over again.

War was a fast-paced action movie after the meeting, of course. It has car chases, a motorcycle chase, and some severe parkour over rooftops. Tiger was killing that parkour. But, it seemed a lot all packed into one movie. There were not enough fight scenes. I still kind of loved it. And yes, Bollywood has what it takes to emulate American films. Kudos, I never had a doubt.


Big Reveals coming, so STOP now if you don’t want to know.

IF you continue, you’ll know most of the movie plot.

Okay, so if you’ve continued it’s on you. Why does War remind me a lot of Bang Bang with the whole renegade spy thing? It might have something to do with Hrithik being the star. It’s like a combination of Fast and Furious movies. But I guess the Fast and Furious series has set the bar and all films must follow suit. But did they have to copy the snow scene from The Fate of the Furious? Of course, not the same ending at all. Now every car chase movie, people are drifting like Tokyo drift. And Hrithik dropped out of a plane in a jeep. Really? He doesn’t stay in it all the way down, he parachutes.

I feel so cheated by this HrithikvsTiger thing. Tiger’s character isn’t even Tiger’s character by the end of the movie. They pull a Don. Yes, I’m referring to Shah Rukh Khan’s Don movie. But wait, that’s not what pisses me off. How the hell does Saurabh all of a sudden get Tiger’s skill’s when he puts on his face? WTF. To me, that’s a significant movie, faux pas, and many movies do it. Being a fan of both actors, it made me mad. All of a sudden, you’re good enough to do the things you couldn’t do at the beginning of the movie. Seriously? Now there are time lapses in the film, but it’s less than a year, roughly six months. You’re not going to be a prizefighter, ripped, and flying through the air in six months. It’s not humanly possible, so to me, the premise doesn’t work. Now the actor who plays Saurabh is ripped, so that part may work, but not Tiger ripped.

And way to spoil the ending before we get there. When we get down to the final fight scene, I already knew who was going to walk away, it wasn’t a surprise at all. I wasn’t sitting on the edge of my seat with each blow. I wanted to be surprised, but with the plot created that way, I was unhappy.

There was only one fight scene between Tiger and Hrithik. Why? We should have gotten a teaser to the end.

Now they left it open for a new movie, but there won’t be a Tiger 😢. It would really be unbelievable. But honestly, I’ll buy it.

Hrithik, I loved all the way through this movie. He was cool. Although, I thought he’d fallen in love with the girl, and that isn’t the case at all. Just a spy doing his job, so there is no romance here. A Bollywood movie without romance, sigh.

With all the love and hate I have for this movie, I will only give it 🤩🤩🤩 and a half starry eyes emoji. Kind of disappointed.

Well, that’s my review. I hope it’s helpful.

Sad to say, this will be my last review for a while. I enjoy writing, but movie reviews aren’t really my focus, and I need to focus on writing my novel. You’d be surprised how much time writing a blog takes, and that is the time I need to develop all the ideas rattling around in my brain. I will continue with my Sunday short stories and updates. So, I’m not leaving altogether. I’ll give updates on my IG and FB page when a movie review is coming up again. Possible for the summer. Otherwise, I’ll just do an IG story.

Someone To Lean On, fan fiction for Fame will continue for Sunday.

Until then…

Peace & Love.

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