Someone to Lean on

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Someone to Lean on is a fan fiction tale based on the tv show Fame from the 1980s. It was one of my favorite shows and I wondered how I could add a few episodes to it. I wrote this story during my teen years and I wanted to keep the innocence that it was created with, so I’ve changed some things but not a lot.

I hope you enjoy the next chapter.

Chapter 8

When Johnson announced Sutton, he walked further into the room.

Pablo finally found his voice. “Uncle, what is he doing here?”

“He wanted to invest in the hotel. He owns a big company.”

“I don’t know about a company, but that’s Allegra’s step-father. The man I told you about.”

“I see. Well, sir, you are not welcome in my home. Johnson, please show him out.” Sutton laughed at this demand. He made no move to follow Johnson, but reached into his pocket brandishing a gun.

“Mr. Rosas, it is not so easy to get rid of me as Allegra and her lover have witnessed. My dear Pablo, you got my daughter pregnant and tried to take her away from me. This time, I’ll make sure you stay dead. My dear Allegra shall pay for her constant betrayal.”

“You know Mr. Sutton; it’s disgusting what you did to your daughter. Terrorized a child, abused and molested her as if she is your possession. You raised her, you and your wife, but you act as if you are her man. What kind of man would rape his daughter? It is a disgrace. I will not have you in my home. Kindly leave.”

“No, I don’t’ think so. We’re going to be here a while, and I will get my revenge on your nephew and his girl.” Sutton smiled at Allegra and chuckled to himself.

Allegra drew closer to Pablo. She began to tremble. “Pablo, I’m so scared.”

“I promise I’ll die first before I let him lay a hand on you again, ” he replied, embracing her. That didn’t make her feel any better knowing that she thought he had.

Without anyone seemingly aware, Tony came up behind Sutton and wrapped his arms around Sutton’s throat; keeping him in a chokehold. Sutton gasp for air and he dropped the gun.

“Well, it looks like your batting average is still zero,” said Tony.

“I’ll get you both next time.” Sutton’l said in a strangled voice. “Tony won’t always be there to save you.”

“But I’ll get rid of you first. Pablo take Allegra home.”

“Thanks, Tony, man.”

“No problem, I know you’ll cover me. Call when you get home. I’ll wait here for the police.”

“You got it.”

The phone rang in Ms. Grant’s apartment. “Hello.”

“Hi, Ms. Grant. This is Jesse.”

“Yes, Jesse.”

“Yes, listen, I just got a call from my man Tony. He caught Alle’s father.”

“Really, where?”

“Pablo’s uncle’s home. He tried to pass as a businessman. He was holding them at gunpoint. But Tony got the jump on him. We have to meet them at the police station in less than an hour. I’m on my way, be there in half an hour. He wants us to ID him for breaking into your apartment also.

“I will be there, thanks, Jess.”

“Thank God we’re home safe. What would we do without Tony?”

“Let’s not talk about it. Say we hit the sack.”

“I’m not tired.”

“Who said anything about sleeping.” Pablo winked at his beloved. “Let me call Tony.” He walked into the living room to call. But the phone just rang. He guessed Tony hadn’t arrived home yet.

“Did you get him?’

“No, He’s probably still at the police station.”

Allegra slipped off her heels. “I love you so much.”

“I love you, Alle.”

“Unzip my dress, please.”

“My pleasure. Turn around.” His hands ran over her skin as he removed her dress. “You look just as beautiful, he continued. His hands sliding over her behind.

“You’re naughty,” she replied as she turned and embraced him. Make love to me.”

“I would love to.” He picked her up and laid her gently on the bed before undressing.

“I still dream about being with you, making love to you. About getting to be with you again. Allegra, I tried to force myself to forget how much you mean to me. But I’m so happy you’re here.”

“I’m glad that I’m here also. But enough talk,” Allegra replied, kissing Pablo passionately. She longed to be loved by him again. She felt blessed that she got another opportunity to be with him.

The next morning they both got ready to leave. Pablo had to go into the office, and Allegra went to school. They were planning on a Friday night together. Pablo wanted to go dinner and dancing tonight, and Allegra was looking forward to it.

He dropped Alle off in front of the school. “Remember, ask Jesse to bring you over to the hotel after school. If he can’t; you know where to reach me.

“Okay, bye, honey.”

“Bye. See you later.” They kissed each other, and she got out of the car, closed the door behind her.”

“Allegra, so tell me how do you know Pablo.”

“Well, Nicky, I used to be his girl when he lived in L.A., so I reunited with him when I came here. Does that answer your question?”

“Yes, but I don’t believe you.”

“You believe what you want, Nicole. I know the truth, and Jesse knows its true.”

“Really, now?”

“Nicole, please, you’re so full of shit. It isn’t funny. You’re jealous cause I’m spending time with your honey. So step off lady cause it won’t work. Jealousy doesn’t become you, makes you look like a jerk.”

“What’s going on, Alle?”

“Nothing, Jesse, just explaining something to Nicole. Nice chatting with you.”

“Jesse, I figured that your cousin would be as nice as you. But apparently not.”

“Nicole, Allegra is as a matter a fact, just like me. So why don’t you tell me what happened.” Nicole began to speak. “Allegra, you first.”

“Oh, that’s just great. Just forget it, Jesse. You both are sickening.”

“Yo babe, if you can’t handle it, forget about us.”

“Oh, okay, okay. It’s late, let’s get to class.”

“Oh, Jess, can you walk me over to Pablo’s work after school.”

“Sure.” Trying to make amends with Nicole, Jesse asks, “Hey Nicole, why don’t you come. You can meet Pablo, and then we can go to Lou’s.”

“Sure. Hope you don’t mind, Allegra.”

“Not at all. You’re welcome to come, Nicole.”

After school, Nicky and Jesse walked Allegra to the hotel near Columbus circle. The hotel was a tall and ornate building. Even though it was old, it was beautiful. Allegra imagined that the clientele was very particular.

They walked to the front desk. “Can I help you.”

“Yes, I’m here to meet with Pablo Rosas. Tell him Allegra’s here.”

“Ah, yes, he said to expect you. I’ll let him know.”

“Thank you,” Allegra replied.

Pablo walked out of the office to greet them. He gave Allegra a quick squeeze and a kiss on the cheek. Then he turned to greet Nicole and Jesse.

“Thanks, Jesse, man. I owe you a lot.”

“No sweat, man. You’re both fam, and I want to see you both happy. I want to introduce you to a friend of mine, Nicole. Nicole, this is Pablo.”

Pablo smiled and nodded his head.

“Pleasure to meet you, Pablo.”

“Yes, same Nicole. I’ve heard a lot about you from both of them.”

“Really?” Nicole asked. Pablo nodded. “I hope they were good things.”

“Most of them.” Nicole glanced at Allegra. “You assure too much, Nicole.”
She smiled gravely.

“Hey Pablo, wanna join Nicole and me at Lou’s?”

“Sure. I’ll meet you there. I want to go home and change.”

“Cool, see you at Lou’s.”

“Ready to go home, Allegra?”

“Do you really wanna go to Lou’s?”

“Sure, don’t you?”

“No, not really. Nicole and I haven’t really gotten along since day one. Hanging out with her doesn’t excite me. I know Jesse likes her, but she might make a play for you.”

“You don’t have anything to worry about.”

“Not my feelings I’m concerned for.”

Check back next week for the next installment.

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