Someone to Lean On: The Final Chapter

Peace and Love Everyone!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend. I have had a restful one, which was much needed.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Allegra’s journey. This was an interesting tale for me. It didn’t go in the direction I thought it would. When I created these few episodes in my head, I thought that Allegra would be the new love interest of Jesse. I had such a major crush on him. But as I wrote it, Allegra and Pablo was what came to the page.

I tried really hard to maintain the originality that it was created with. I wanted you to see it from the mind of a young teenager. I was in my first or second year of high school when this was written. Since I started my blog I decided to dust off my old stories and see what my young mind had created.

Chapter 10

3 Days Later

“Pablo, I want to call mom and tell her about our engagement. I know we have at least another year before our big day, but I want mom and your parents to know.”

“Sure, I’ll call right now. They should be at the hotel…Yes, this is Pablo Roberto, tell my dad I would like to speak to him…Hey Dad, how are you and the family?… That’s good. I’m well. Listen, put the speakerphone on in your office, and tell mom and Mrs. Rivera to come into the office. Allegra and I have an announcement. To make.” They waited for several minutes for everyone to gather. Allegra was so excited. “Is everyone there….Awesome. Well, I’ll let Allegra tell you.”

“Mom, Mr., and Mrs. Rosas, Pablo, and I are engaged to be married.” She could hear cheers. “Of course, it won’t be until after I graduate high school, so another year and a half.”

“Thanks, dad. Having all of you approve makes it more joyous… We’re relaxing today…Okay, dad, mom, Essie, talk to you all later.”
“We love you all,” chimed Allegra.

Well, several weeks past by with nothing much happening that was out of the ordinary. Alle went to school, and Pablo went to work at the hotel. After school, Alle rehearsed with Jesse for the show while Nichole steamed at not getting the lead with Jesse. Pablo’s business was going pretty well. He would wait for Alle at the office and get some much needed work done while she had rehearsals, and Jesse walked her over to the office.

There was no sign of Mr. Sutton. They had hoped that he gave up his wild obsession, but he was waiting for the right moment. He’d wait years for that chance if he had to; the time had to be perfect. When she was at her prime, that high point in her life, he would bring her to her knees and let the world see what a whore ‘sweet’ Allegra was. She would pay for his misery.

“Well, everyone, this is the last dress rehearsal before the big show. So I want to see it the way you would perform it tomorrow night. Alright.”

“Yes, Ms. Grant.”

“I can’t hear you.”

“Yeah, let’s do it.”

The costumes were brilliant. The dance told the tale of a young lady and gentleman who fell in love and were happy together until her dad found out and forbid her to see him. One night they decided to take a chance and sneak out they were caught, and the father shot her love. She was distraught at the loss of her love and would go every night to his grave. One night at his grave, she saw his spirit, and came so close, she begged it for forgiveness and offered her life as a token of their love. The keeper of broken hearts tried to take her life, but her love beg for her life. They said goodbye and parted.

Everything was perfect. The show was ready. The Rosas’, and Allegra’s mom were flying in from Los Angeles to see her perform. Pablo was there, making the evening the biggest and brightest of them all. Just in case, though, Tony and the crew were ready to get Allegra safely there and home. They weren’t taking any chances.

The evening so far was going smooth; the first act was over, and everyone was getting ready for the second act. Just then there was a knock on the dressing room door.

“Nicky, get that, please.”

“Sure, guess the star of the show needs a servant now.” She paused after opening the door, feigning surprise. “Pablo, you shouldn’t have.”

“I know I didn’t” Pablo past Nicole and walked into the room. “Alle there for you.”

“Oh Pablo, roses, they are lovely.”

“These also came for you.”

“Two dozen roses?”

“The white ones aren’t from me, but there’s a card. Here.”

They read the card.
‘To my whore of a daughter. You may not die at the end of the play, but soon after, you’ll be gone anyway. Dad.’

Alle started to shake and cry after reading the card. It scared her so much. She knew that her stepfather would try again, but the night of her first show. She was glad Pablo was with her and sought comfort in his arms.

“Are you going to be okay.”

“Yeah, I think I can finish the show. This is the last act. Let Tony know, okay. I think this is going to be his crucial move.

Allegra tried to push through the fear. “Is mom enjoying the show?”


“And what about your parents?”

“They love it too. Everyone thinks you are so lovely.”

Allegra smiled. “Thanks, I feel a bit better.”

“Okay, knock ’em dead.”

“Okay. Thanks.”

“No problems.” He kissed her softly and then left the room.

“Wow, Allegra got a lover, boy.” All girls joined in to tease her.

“Come on, guys stop. We’ve got four minutes until curtain.”

The room burst into laughter before Nicole replied. “Yeah, yeah, sure.”

The show had just finished. The performers had taken their bows and were gathered backstage, excited for their first successful show of the year when everyone heard two gunshots coming from behind them.

“Everyone remains calm, and no one gets hurt. I want one person.”

He grabbed another dancer and walked towards his daughter. “No one gets hurt if you go with me now.” He grabbed Allegra and let go of the dancer.

At the sound of the gunshot, Pablo rushed on to the stage and through the curtain. Tony and several bodyguards followed him. He couldn’t help but wonder how Sutton had gotten past the bodyguard who was supposed to be on stage with Allegra.

“Pablo, if you don’t call off your boys, I’m going to kill her right here.”
“Guys, cool out. We want him dead, not her.”

“Sutton took Allegra and left the theatre through the back door.” He shoved her into a taxi that was waiting for him. They headed downtown and got out on fifth avenue on the Westside. They walked a block or two before he forced her through the doors of a sleazy motel.
“No sudden moves,” he said, pushing Allegra onto the bed. Then he picked up the phone to call Pablo at the brownstone.

When Pablo picked up the phone, he laughed. “My dear man, you and your dear girl have caused me lots of trouble. If you want to see her alive, you come into the alley on Broadway and fiftieth at midnight. Alone?”

“How do I know she’s okay?”

“You speak with her for a moment.”

“Pablo, Pablo, I’m scared.” Sutton pulled the phone from her scratching her face.

“Enough, don’t be late.” With that, the line went dead.

Pablo hung up the phone before dialing Jesse. He answered on the first ring. “Jesse.”

“What’s up, man?”

“I just got a call; I have to go meet him tonight on Broadway and fiftieth at midnight, alone.”

“No, he’s just going to kill both of you. We got to set up a trap. Or you’re both going to go together.”

“I don’t know, man. Maybe Allegra would be safer if I went alone.”

“Safer, she’s in the hands of a lunatic, mucho loco hombre. You have to think straight. It’s ten thirty, let’s go now, and we can talk about strategy on the way. We’ll need a straight shot of him when he moves from Alle. I just pray to God; he doesn’t hurt her.”

“Amen to that one. I’ll meet you there; we have work to do.” Pablo hung up the phone and turned to his parents. “Mom, Dad, Essie, will you be okay.”
“Yes, son, take care of your fiancé.”

At the Motel

“Now my little whore, how about one more time for old time’s sake before I kill you and your man. Any special requests?”


“Oh, what is it?”

“Go Fuck Yourself!”

“Grown bold, have you?” He laughed. “My dear, that is impossible. Besides, I’d much rather fuck you.”

“Pablo is going to get you for this. He will kill you, you son of a bitch. You bastard.”

“Flattery won’t make me let you go. But it turns me on. Keep talking.”

“You are so sick. Don’t touch me.” She began to back away from him towards the top of the bed. “I will die before I let you touch me again.”

“I can arrange that,” he replied, pointing a gun at her. “But that takes the fun out of it.” He ripped her leotard, where it prevented him my entering her. He held her down and raped her again.

Allegra disappeared into her head. She often did when he was on top of her. She didn’t want to remember anything. When she came to New York, she thought she had left this part of her life behind her. But it followed her. How could her mom stand this disgusting man?

Tears filled her eyes as she tried harder to disappear. She felt so dirty all over again. He had ruined her life, over and over again. She prayed to God that he would pay for what he did to her and her family.

At the Meeting Place

It was about eleven forty-five, and Jesse and his crew were all set. They had a plan that they believed wouldn’t fail.

Tony and Jesse hid behind a pile of boxes and dressed in all black. Another guy hid in an old window in the fire escape. He was hired to take out Sutton. He was in a position that he hoped would be behind Sutton so that he wouldn’t be spotted. His role was the most crucial. The police had failed this couple; he would not.

“Alright, guys, two minutes to go, let’s do this right. We only get one chance.”

Whispers went around when Sutton arrived. They saw the two walking down the alley. Allegra was hugging herself, her shirt stained, and her skirt partially ripped. Pablo’s fist clenched. He knew what happened. He knew Allegra would require so much therapy to move past this. He just wanted to be there for her.

“Pablo, I see you followed every rule. No backup. Smart. But not smart enough ’cause you’re both going together,” he said, holding the gun to Alle’s side. They were at least ten feet apart before Sutton stopped walking.

“Sutton, can I at least hold her while we die?”

“Sure this way, I get both of you in one shot, even if you try to escape.” He pushed Allegra to Pablo. As soon as Allegra walked halfway to Pablo, a shot came from the fire escape. Sutton hadn’t had time to raise the gun; he collapsed to his knees. Allegra stood, visibly shaking, not knowing what happened. Pablo ran to her and, she melted into his embrace. They were finally safe. Her stepfather wouldn’t hurt her anymore.

Their life returned to normal, as much as it could. After Allegra graduated from high school, she married Pablo, and they gave birth to their first child, Enrique.

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